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Chapter 13. The Role of Technology – Six (6) Tools Used to Deceive Mankind.

“Knowledge will be increased.” (Daniel 12:4 ) Global Monitoring, Biometric Scanning. Genetic Manipulation, Sequencing, Splicing. (CRISPR). Global Communications. Digital, Cashless, Electronic Financial Transactions and Processing. Globalized and interconnected, networked data warehousing and I.T. Systems. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Robotics, 3-D Manufacturing Technology. Six Man-Made Technologies Used by Satan/Beast/False Prophet: […]

Chapter 8. God’s Abundant or Doubled Organizational Arrangement. Twenty-four (24)

Twenty-four (24) is a ‘doubling’ of twelve (12). This represents a mathematical doubling of His divine organization. Twenty-four References to the Apostle John being Spoken To. Twenty-four Attributes of the new Jerusalem: Twenty-four Heavenly Elders. Twenty-four References to the Lamb. Twenty-four Roles of Holy Angels. Twenty-Four References to […]