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Let me ‘address’ the 800lb Evil Beast that is sitting in the ‘corner room’ of the World’s Government Leaders. Past ‘Discernment’ indicates that ‘most’ Eschatologists believe(d) that the Beast won’t be ‘REVEALED’ UNTIL ‘AFTER THE RAPTURE.’ THIS IS TRUE! The Beast/Antichrist WILL Be Revealed to an ‘unsuspecting, sleeping, deceived’ world when he ‘CONFIRMS or ACCEPTS’ the false seven year ‘peace’ covenant. So … how is it ‘he’ is being revealed now? The ‘confirmation’ has NOT occurred, and we and the Holy Spirit are still ‘here.’? Let me answer….  “This is an extremely important discernment.”

Paul Rolland | Night Watchman | Night Watchman Ministries |MbS Confirms (7) the False Peace Covenant For Seven Years Daniel 9:26-27 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people [Palestinians, Arabs/Muslims] of the prince [Beast, Antichrist] that shall come shall […]

(7) The Fall of America Starts from Within; Why (7) Are Male Athletes Collapsing on the Field? (7) Son of Lebron James the Latest Victim of Heart Failure. ‘THE COMING (7) INFRARED VACCINATION MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM.’

Revelation 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and POWER was ‘GIVEN’ him (Prince, Beast, Antichrist) over ALL kindreds, and tongues, and NATIONS. The Antichrist; ‘A King of Dark Sentences’ (political language, false agreements, deceiving covenants, lies, back-room dealing, deception, intrigue, announcements and […]

Mark of (7) the Beast Developments in the ‘Last Days’; Banking on biometrics: (5) The future of customer authentication. The REAL Reason Why People Will Take The MARK (Watch This So You DON’T Take It). Lion of Judah Video. (5) ‘BEWARE, THE ‘MAN-BY-SATAN’ (MbS)’

The conflict between democracy and autocracy as a battle “between liberty and repression” and “between a rules-based international order and one governed by brute force.” Paul Rolland | Night Watchman Ministries | MbS and His Mark of the Beast Coming Soon ‘666’ Mark of (7) the Beast Developments in the ‘Last […]

Revelation 13: The significance of 666 in Revelation. ‘13’ is the biblical number for ‘Destruction.’ ‘6’ is the biblical number of a ‘man.’ The Beast / Antichrist, The False Prophet / Pope, Evil Man’kind. The most evil that has ever been on the Earth, past- present – future.

7’ Paul Rolland, Night Watchman, Night Watchman Ministries: Evil mankind (6) + evil beast/antichrist (6) + evil false prophet (6) = 666 (a literal number represented by the number 6, repeated three times in a linear row.) 666 The infamous, “Mark of the Beast” and “number of his […]

The First (7) Rider or White Horseman of the Apocalypse; ‘The WORLD Has Seen Nothing Yet.’ He (7) is ‘Warmed UP and Ready To Go.’ He’s a figure who the Bible repeatedly points to arising in the end times or ‘latter days.’ Video.

Four-fold Results of Christ Opening the First Four Book Seals on Earth: Commentary: Conquering nations, multitudes of peoples, tribes and tongues requires warfare. The beast/ antichrist goes out to conquer and create war. A subsequent result of wars is the destruction of lands and crops, and the processes […]

Updated Covid shot should be ready by ‘latter part of September,’ HHS secretary says in letter to manufacturers. The (7) ‘latter days’ set the stage for the coming ‘Infrared (7) Vaccination SMART MARK’ of the BEAST SYSTEM. They are “preparing an ample supply of doses for the 2023-24 Covid-19 vaccination campaign.” (7) “Updated Covid-19 vaccines are in the works.”

Paul Rolland | Night Watchman Ministries | MbS and His Mark of the Beast Coming Soon ‘666’ University tells (7) students to take COVID jab or withdraw. (7) Some colleges refuse to end the tyranny Updated Covid shot should be ready by ‘latter part of September,’ HHS secretary […]