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SEA OF GALILEE RISES SIX INCHES OVER THE WEEKEND – WATCH. 71 Bible verses indicating Jesus walked in and came from this region. Seven is God’s completeness to his divine plan or purpose. Ten is God’s allness or completeness of things on earth. 7 x 10 = 70. The extra one is an exclamation point! God’s word is perfect in his ability to illustrate where his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, came from. Make no mistake.

Blog note. Jesus indicated that ‘fearful sights’ (various natural disasters) would occur leading up to the time known as the Tribulation and Great Tribulation (a combined seven year period of great destruction on earth). Although these types of things have occurred in the past for centuries and thousands […]

Chapter 16. Eternity & Infinity.

Eternity & Infinity Mathematics can be used to understand both Jesus Christ and God. Symbols can have either/or/all mathematical, symbolic and logical meanings depending in the context being used. Alpha (capital: Α, lowercase α; Ancient Greek: ἄλφα, álpha, modern pronunciation álfa) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of […]

Chapter 47. The Great CONVERGENCE of Biblical Signs and Prophetic Summary.

  Event Date Description Prophetic Ref. Biblical Ref. False Prophet speaks Many – Past Present Future Lies, deception, false doctrine, false worship, idol worship, coalesces world religions, power, influence, wealth, government, secular alliances, cover ups, denials, Mystery Religion Babylon Rev. 13:11-17 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse 08/21/2017 Total solar […]