Rumors and Threats of Wars

War, Rumours and Threats: Top U.S. Commander Warn of More Attacks by Iran in the Middle East

Top U.S. Commander Warn of More Attacks by Iran in the Middle East

‘The attack on the oil fields in Saudi was stunning in the depth of its audaciousness,’ General Kenneth McKenzie said. Netanyahu: Iran planning ‘additional attacks’

Noa Landau Haaretz Nov 24, 2019

U.S. Central Command chief General Kenneth McKenzie spoke over the weekend about the probability of a large-scale attack by Iran in the Middle East. “My judgment is that it is very possible they will attack again,” General McKenzie said in an interview ahead of an international security conference on Saturday.

“It’s the trajectory and the direction that they’re on,” he added. “The attack on the oil fields in Saudi was stunning in the depth of its audaciousness,” he said speaking in a series of interviews. “I wouldn’t rule that out going forward.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted McKenzie’s remarks at the opening of a cabinet meeting Sunday and said that Iran was planning “additional attacks.”

McKenzie “said that Iran is planning another attack. It’s true – additional attacks,” Netanyahu added. “But Iran doesn’t only attack its neighbors and us [Israel], Iran also attacks its citizens. In recent week they have massacred hundreds of Iranian citizens.”  An Amnesty International report last week said that more than 100 Iranians were killed during the protests in Iran.

Netanyahu called on the international community to pressure Iran and to “support Israel when its acting against this aggression.”

Netanyahu also discussed Iran while on a military tour of Israel’s north. Israel works to thwart “deadly weapon transfers from Iran to Syria” and “Iran’s attempts to turn Iraq and Yemen into bases for launching rockets and missiles at Israel,” he said while touring Mt. Avital, accompanied by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. 

“We are implementing all the necessary activities in order to prevent Ian’s entrenchment in the area,” Netanyahu said. 

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