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Scornful Men that Rule Jerusalem’: 21 (3×7) days of Chaos to Start as race to form an Israeli government begins. ‘Emphasis and Intensity x Divine Completion to Plan or Purpose.’ A ‘Prophetic Discernment.’ What say you? MUST READ. Redemption Draws Nigh.

‘Scornful Men that Rule Jerusalem’: 21 (3×7) days of Chaos to Start as race to form an Israeli government begins. A ‘Prophetic Discernment.’ What say you? MUST READ.

We are in the last leg of the marathon in which there are 21 (3×7) days to form a government, with potentially any Knesset member able to lead the charge.

By YONAH JEREMY BOB   NOVEMBER 20, 2019. Jerusalem Post.

We are in the last leg of the marathon in which there are 21 (3×7) days to form a government, with potentially any Knesset member able to lead the charge.

(Night Watchman Discernment Note: three = God’s divine emphasis and intensity, seven = God’s divine completeness to his plan or purpose. God is in control and this is happening for His reason, His plan and His purpose for the redemption of Israel during the coming seven year Tribulation).

Will all hell break loose? And what crazy scenarios could transpire? Before we go to the crazy (and unlikely scenarios), it’s important to nail down the basics.

As of Thursday morning, ‘anytime in the next 21 (3×7) days’, a 61 MK majority is now entitled to submit a written request to President Reuven Rivlin to give the role of forming a government to a specific MK, who agrees to it in writing.

Rivlin then is charged with giving the mandate to form a government within two days.

Once Rivlin gives the MK the mandate, this MK would have 14 (7+7) days to form a government.

If either during the 21 (3×7) days, no 61 MK group puts forward someone to receive the mandate or if someone given the mandate fails, the law says that the president must immediately inform the Speaker of the Knesset.

Once the president has informed the speaker, they and the country are obligated treat this notice as if the Knesset has voted to disperse itself which brings about elections to be held on the last Tuesday before the expiration of 90 days from when Rivlin was told that no government can be formed.

Those are the basics – now the “what ifs.”

What if Rivlin takes an active or campaigning role to form a government?

Could he use his status as president to undermine Netanyahu within the Likud or Gantz within Blue and White in order to help form a government since the two of them seem unable to close a deal?

Could he help engineer unexpected splits in other smaller parties to form a mishmash coalition that would never have happened under normal circumstances?

While the answers to these two questions are both “yes” – anyone in the Knesset can do this and Rivlin has no special constitutional powers beyond any other MK’s, other than his status as president, that gives him an edge for achieving a strange new coalition.

In fact, indications have been that Rivlin feels burned by the failure of Netanyahu and Gantz to work out a deal after he took an activist position in suggesting a compromise between them regarding the rotation for prime minister, and how to deal with Netanyahu’s legal problems.

Asked to discuss wild scenarios, Hebrew University rector Barak Medina said that one possibility could be that 61 MKs decide to increase the time for forming a government beyond the 21 (3×7) days.

Though this is a gray area, he said that 61 MKs theoretically have the power to change aspects of the electoral system and timing as long as they do so before the 21st (3×7) day – or before new elections become automatic.

Earlier this year, some parties tried to see if they could form a government mid-election season and the Knesset legal adviser vetoed the idea as illegal since the public was already promised elections.

However, even if it would seem problematic to extend the 21 (3×7) days while in the midst of coalition forming negotiations, Medina thought this might survive a legal challenge in the courts as long as 61 MKs voted on the extension before day 21 (3×7).

He said that bigger changes than extending the time would only be allowed by the courts to impact a later election.

In other words, the current political parties have their legitimacy from voters based on the assumption of what the current electoral system is. Had the voters known the system would change, they might have voted differently. This prevents a direct election between Netanyahu and Gantz, or to say that the leader of whichever party wins the most votes automatically becomes prime minister – at least until a later election.

IDC Herzliya professor Adam Shinar rejected most of these scenarios to make changes to the electoral system as anti-democratic.

He also said that even if a third election were not ideal, if that was what is needed to break the political deadlock then it could be said to be democracy working things out – however messy it might look.

Neither Shinar nor Medina thought that Rivlin or Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein could simply stall after 21 (3×7) days and decline to move forward with elections in order to get MKs more time to negotiate.

Medina said that if either of them stalled, that Central Elections Committee chief Hanan Melcer could step in to schedule an election day.

Thus, in all likelihood, the only two paths available are a new government in the next 21 (3×7) days or a third election.

But the country has never been in this situation before, so ‘No one knows what might happen next. Hold on tight.’

A ‘Prophetic Discernment’:

  1. The sentence before was NOT my statement, but the statement made by the writer of this article in the November 20, 2019 issue of Jerusalem Post. I emphasized it.
  2. I confess that I have virtually little to no understanding of Israeli politics, the election process or how the business of ‘the scornful men that rule Jerusalem’ is conducted. It is an enigma known only to God. I believe most would agree.
  3. God is in control, and ordains how, when, where and why things develop, occur and are completed. There is a plan, a reason exercised by His will. ‘One’ of his 7 objectives during the coming tribulation is the salvation and redemption of the people of the Jewish Faith. ‘Those who worship the true God, but rejected their true Savior over two thousand years ago.’ God’s plan, during the tribulation, is to restore the House of Israel to Him, to provide for their redemption through their ‘final’ belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior and to complete the promises He made to them over thousands of years ago. They will come to realize that for two thousand years, they made a ‘mistake’ in rejecting Christ. They will also realize they made a ‘mistake’ by trusting in MbS, and in all the lying policies and in the confirmed false peace agreement that he made with them which has led them to a false sense of ‘peace and safety or security.’ MbS is the deceiver – man of lawlessness and son of perdition, and turns on them during the midpoint of the tribulation known as the ‘Abomination of Desolation.’ He – the prince – enters the ‘holy of holies’ in the rebuilt 3rd temple (way was paved to build it via MbS/Arabic/Islam confirmation to do so – under religious tolerance, coexistence, brotherhood, fraternity and inter-religious dialog – 5 satanic doctrines – mystery religion – put forth by Pope Francis and Islam’s Grand Imam.)
  4. Yes, MbS is a beast and THE beast. He is the coming 8th King from the line of the House of Saud. His father, is the 7th King and will rule a short time. His five (5) year reign is complete come January, 2020. MbS is a ‘Crown Prince’ of the bottomless pit – House of Saud – five (5) satanic influences of evil power, influence, control, corruption and money. He is ‘Crown Prince’ among 5,000 (5) evil Saud princes from the House of Saud. He is the ‘confirmer’ of the covenant of false peace and security among the many ‘MENA” nations. Middle East / North African Countries. They are virtually all Arabic and Islamic/Muslim (‘those who worship the dragon and the beast.)
  5. Just as a man’s and woman’s status change when they get married to ‘husband and wife,’ their status can change again when they have a son or daughter and become ‘parents.’ Likewise, the ‘beast’ is the beast until the midpoint of the tribulation when he performs his ‘Abomination of Desolation’ in the rebuilt Third Temple. At this point, he also becomes the ‘Antichrist’ because of his demand that the world worship him exclusively. At this point, he is completely possessed by Satan. Yes, you read that correctly. MbS is not the Antichrist right now, he is still a beast, will continue being a beast throughout the tribulation and will also be conveyed as the Antichrist at the midpoint. Sometime in mid-2024, perhaps sometime in mid-June. (2020-2027). He is the Beast and Antichrist. He became the Crown Prince in June of 2017. Seven – 7 – years from that point is June, 2024. Midpoint of the Tribulation. God takes seven (7) years to reveal the Antichrist. First, from when he became the beast in 2017 and lastly when he also becomes of Antichrist in 2024 (2017-2024 = 7 years).
  6. Three (3) equals God’s emphasis and intensity.
  7. Five (5) equals Satanic influence and power over man(kind).
  8. Six (6) equals evil mankind (6), the False Prophet/Francis (6) and the Beast/Mbs (6). All three combined = 666. A literal, linear and numerical representation of the most evil that has ever been on planet earth.  All physical, literal ‘men.’ Yes, even more evil than Hitler’s era, or anyone else’s era. God emphasizes that this is true with His three (3) reflections on how evil men have become.
  9. Seven (7) equals God’s divine completion to his plan or purpose.
  10. Ten (10) equals God’s completeness to all things physical on earth, when used in Godly context. 10 is also a doubling (5+5) of complete evil physical influence on earth when used in context with evil and Satan.
  11. Twelve (12) equals the divinely constituted organization and government of God in heaven or on earth. This is in context to God’s divine Lordship, Governance and Control of the heavenly/angelic realm and also of the physical realm and governments on earth. Yes, Satan has influence of nations, governments and men (for now, for the last 7 years). HOWEVER, God is above Satan and has supreme authority, governance and control. God can ‘over-ride’ anything that Satan wants to do or of whom he wants to influence. God has the final, de-facto Rule and Authority and Lordship and Glory.
  12. House of Israel… ’21 Days’ for ‘those scornful men that rule Jerusalem.’ Three (emphasis and intensity) x Seven (divine completion to His plan or purpose). This is the ‘third’ (3) attempt at Israel trying to ‘form a government.’ This is unprecedented in their history, so I’m told.
  13. There are eleven references in this article to “21 Days.’ 21 days from November 20, 2019 is December 11, 2019.
  14. There is one final, unique reference to ’14 days’ (7+7).
  15. The eleven ’21 Days’ PLUS the one ’14 Day’ reference = twelve (12) references to God’s divine governance and control of His chosen people, ‘The House of Israel.’ God supremely rules the governance of angels in heaven, and the governance of men and nations on earth. The House of Israel is obviously included in God’s supreme governance on earth. He WILL fulfill His promises to the children of Israel and to those who rule the Apple of His Eye – Jerusalem. Also to ‘those scornful men that rule the city Jerusalem.’
  16. November 20th + 21 Days = December 11, 2019 + 14 days = December 25, 2019 (Christmas Day, 2019!!!). Yeah!!! Imagine that!!!
  17. With the confusion and distress of nations in the world, the confusion and distress of trying to form a government in Israel and with the confusion and distress of trying to keep a region from going to war … the ‘Deal of the Century’ has fallen out of the world’s short attention span.  Make no mistake, the confirmation will be revealed at the divine perfect time.  Currently, the plan calls for five (5) years investment and ‘roll-out’ of various development projects to benefit the Palestinians, Israel and the ‘region’ (the Many or the MENA). This is Satan’s plan, not God’s plan. God says the plan will be confirmed for ‘seven’ years. Again, in accordance with His divine completion to His plan or purpose. The seven (7) year tribulation – week of Jacob’s trouble and distress – is unquestioned and well understood. God wills, in His plan, that it will take seven years for Israel to gain their redemption, through their corporate remnant salvation through Jesus Christ. There are also six (6) other plans or objectives that deal with evil men, the beast and the false prophet, during the seven year Tribulation. The Church, True Bride of Christ is not mentioned, because it is NOT here. It has been ‘raptured / harpazo / rescued’ prior to the start of the seven year tribulation. It is God’s will that the Bride of Christ should NOT suffer the wrath that is determined for and applied to evil men during the 7 year tribulation. Just as a father who loves his children and pulls them out of harm’s way of the forest fire that is coming, before it can kill them, while they are playing in the back yard. He takes the children to a safe place, far away, where the fire can’t reach them or the evil one who lit the fire.
  18. The ‘doctrine of imminence’ is the scriptural admonishment that Jesus Christ can return ‘at any minute’ to rapture/rescue His Church, His Bride, before the Tribulation. But no man knows the day or the hour. The same is said about Christ’s second, physical, literal return at the last day of the tribulation known as the ‘Great Day of the Lord.’ No one will know what day that it is. Both the rapture/harpazo and the Day of the Lord are two totally separate events. The rapture/harpazo is right at the beginning, prior to the onset of the tribulation and the Day of the Lord is exactly at the very end, last day of the tribulation. They are ‘bookends’ to the seven year tribulation. Christ comes like a ‘thief in the night’ to steal away His Bride from this evil world and the evil one that currently rules the world. It will be quiet, secret, unheard and occur in the ‘twinkling’ of an eye. One 100th of a second. HOWEVER, at the appearing on the Day of the LORD, the WHOLE world will see Christ in His Glory and anger and wrath. He will come roaring like a lion and not like a lamb at His first ‘visit’ to the world to start the process of redemption and salvation for fallen mankind. Every eye will see that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Evil men will have no doubt, whatsoever, in their hardened hearts and minds as to who Christ is and why he has come. The rapture of the Bride is quiet and stealthy, the second coming, second return of Christ is ‘bombastic’ and ‘loud’ and ‘terrifying’. Make no mistake.
  19. What happens on December 25, 2019? Besides the Western world celebrating Christ’s birth date in a lukewarm manner, and the rest of the world ignoring it. I don’t know. No one knows the ‘day’ or the ‘hour.’ Jesus Christ says to be watchful, hopeful, patience, obedient and busy about His work. The lamps should be filled with oil and burning bright in anticipation of his sudden, rapturous return for his Bride … when he comes ‘like a thief in the night’ to get her and steal her from the evil one that rules this world.
  20. So, between NOW and December 25, 2019 we should continue to be about the Lord’s work (whatever it is He would have for us to do). And to be anxiously awaiting His return. Could He come for us within an hour after you reading this? Yes. Could He come Christmas Day evening at 11:59PM, right before the start of 2020? Yes.
  21. Could the Israeli’s finally form a government between NOW and December 25, 2019? Yes. Remember, they are Jewish and not Christian and don’t celebrate ‘Christ’mas.
  22. Could the ‘Deal of the Century’ or the false covenant of ‘peace and safety’ between Israel, Palestine and the MENA nations (Arab/Muslim) be finally revealed at this time? Yes. If the Israeli’s DON’T form a government, could MbS ‘go ahead’ and ‘sweeten’ the covenant to seven years to get the Palestinians to ‘bite’ on what is being offered? Yes. Could all this ‘drag out’ to sometime early into the winter or spring of 2020? Sure. Again, we don’t know the day or the hour. HOWEVER, the rapture/harpazo/redemption of the Bride of Christ and the True Church is DIRECTLY correlated (not a causation of) to the confirmation of the covenant. The rapture could occur sometime shortly before the confirmation, sometime on the day of the confirmation, or shortly sometime after the confirmation. We don’t know. In prophecy, we look through a ‘glass darkly’ and the ‘veil darkly.’ This is on purpose, and by God’s design. He wants us to ‘keep on – keeping on’ and doing what we are supposed to be doing … and looking for the season and the ‘signs of the season.’ MAKE NO MISTAKE. We ARE IN THE SEASON, and perhaps in the waning ‘twilight’ of the age of grace. The Son has set, the Restrainer will be gone and Darkness of Evil will cover the earth for 7 years. This is God’s plan to deal with evil men.
  23. What should you do? If you are not a Christian, accept Jesus Christ’s offer of salvation for the forgiveness of your sins (in thought, word or deed), through the shedding of His blood, His death and His resurrection. Believe in Him and call out to Him for salvation with your mouth, mind, heart and spirit voluntarily and with free will. He is a gentleman and will not force Himself upon you unless you ask for help and salvation. Yes, the hour is EXTREMELY late and the smart phone alarm clock app is about to shut off. Perhaps it will stop ringing between now and December 25, 2019? Or it will stop ringing early in 2020? Are you going to ‘take a chance’ that nothing GLORIOUS will happen and that you don’t believe in this and that you prefer going about doing things as you always have done? Are you going to roll over in your bed, if you have one, and ‘go back to sleep?’ Are you going to gamble with your soul? Don’t be a fool. For the almost 8 billion people on the planet, the VAST majority don’t have a clue because they have rejected the Word of God today, and for the past two thousand years in their countries and cultures. For the Christian, the rapture / harpazo is ‘that blessed hope of redemption’. The final, completing ‘event’ of our salvation. For the five (5) unsaved, unknowing, ignorant, defiant and asleep…the event will cause the five (5) profound confusion, stress, worry, anxiety and horror. A profound perplexity as to ‘what happened.’
  24. Twenty-four. A doubling of importance regarding God’s divine governance for mankind. Last Call. God repeats himself so there is no confusion or denial on what was presented, intended or heard. God repeats himself so that people can make sure of what they heard and not to be mistaken. When God warns or intends for something to happen, there is PLENTY of warning and repetition as what to expect. His Word, the Bible is divinely complete in this respect. The evidence is self-abundant and without doubt. What is there left to say? Consider the following; Israel (THE Fig Tree) became mature and celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018. The Bible is clear that a generation is between 70 years and 80 years (by strength). As such, Israel will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2028. 2020-2027 is the seven year tribulation. Correlated with the start of Israel’s 80th anniversary in 2028 is the ‘number 8’. Eight represents a divine new beginning, a new era, a new plan or a new millennium. 2028 would be the START of Jesus Christ’s new, one thousand year millennial reign on earth. This one thousand year reign is the final, one thousand year period or epoch God has planned for men in the current diaspora. Evil mankind is literally completing the first six (6) thousand years of existence from our creation, Eden and fall, to now. If Christ begins His reign in 2028, then by default, the seven year tribulation will have to have ended or be completed by the end of 2027. Thus the seven year tribulation is from 2020 through 2027. If the seven year tribulation starts sometime in 2020, then by default the rapture / harpazo / rescue of the Church and the Bride of Christ has to occur sometime before the start of the tribulation in 2020. Could the Blessed Hope and Blessed Event be imminent? I HOPE SO. Our Redemption Draws Nigh As We See These Things Come to Pass.

The Unknown Night Watchman. Count the number of pages of this letter. They are seven (7). I did NOT plan it this way. Glory be to God. The Father. The Son. The Holy Spirit. What say you?

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