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Bilderberg Conference. The False Prophet sends a top diplomat to compromise with the world’s behind-the-scenes elite. Mystery Religion growing for the Tribulation. Part 5 in a series.

Blog note: In the spirit of transparency, I am not Catholic … nor was I brought up with Catholic Doctrine. I am not attempting to be mean, hateful or politically incorrect. Those who read my comments know that my comments are aimed towards the top of the wolf pack, or the Alpha wolf leader of the ravenous wolf pack. The doctrine and theology indicated below and taken into totality with other behaviors, actions, comments and policies instituted since the arrival of the newest and latest Pope, it would seem that part and parcel of a ‘mystery religion’ is forming on earth. Which is why is it impossible to write just one blog and comment on how off base or ‘non-biblical’ things have become in the great temple of Rome. In reality, a series of blogs and ‘blind-openings to the let the light in’ are required. The following thoughts are from my bucket of “I looked in my KJB Bible and I can’t find it or mention of it in God’s inspired word.”

  1. global shadow government.’ This blog post is not about analyzing a ‘conspiracy theory’. Let’s get that out of the way. Regardless of your take on the efforts of a group of people who want to create a ‘one world government’, it is clear and obvious that even a minimal understanding of this group is that it is composed of the extremely wealthy and those with political clout from throughout the world. It’s kind of a ‘whose who’ list of those behind the scenes and headlines. Enough said about that. The point is … that Pope Francis sees a strong need to have a ‘dialogue’ with these people. He must expressly want his Cardinal to hand deliver the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to them! (not). I have blogged relentlessly that this Pope worships power and influence. He acts and talks more like a politician and diplomat, than someone who is supposedly representing Christ on earth and communicating and sharing the gospel of salvation through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection. Sending a Cardinal, on behalf of the Pope, is like a president or prime minister of country sending a top diplomat to a foreign political meeting. What game is the Pope playing? Why does he seem to need diplomacy with this group instead of what should be his primary mission?
  2. culture of the encounter/engage a dialogue with the world.” Translation, this means Pope Francis is edging his presence onto the table of secular power brokers. Pope Francis craves political power and influence. He does NOT want to be left off of the table and conversation/dialogue with these people. What are they possibly ‘dialoguing’ about? God only knows. Secular, political solutions to the world’s problems influenced by the evil one himself (or his top demonic ‘spiritual diplomats’)?.
  3. building a culture which privileges dialogue.” This doesn’t need a translation. This is a culture or effort that places high value on talk, and no action or decision. Making a decision results in having to take action. This Pope is ‘all talk’ and ‘no action.’ Need we anymore evidence than what Pope Francis is NOT doing regarding the sexual abuse crisis that lies directly outside of his bed chambers? This Pope likes to talk, and talk, and make speeches, and ‘pontificate.’ He has been extremely successful in word-smithing his way out of jams and the troublesome spotlight shown on the sins of his ravenous wolf pack. Pope Francis doesn’t have to do anything (take action) if his religious sounding / self-righteous speeches pacify the millions who worship his position and office. He gives the world the deception that he is doing something, or will do something, but is really just giving the problem ‘lip service.’ Taking action invites conflict and may thin-out his herd of wolves. The Vatican is desperately in need of priests worldwide to be able to continue the financial and spiritual fleecing of the world’s poor. This is what is at stake if this Pope ‘forces’ out a large number of his foot soldiers, lieutenants, captains and generals of his righteous global forces or contingent.
  4. “building consensus and agreement.” At its heart, this is a compromise. Any effort to build a consensus and agreement ALWAYS involves some form of compromise from all the parties involved. What is the Pope willing to compromise on? Did anyone notice when the Pope compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ when he signed an agreement from hell with Xi Jinping of China? Francis spooned up with Xi over a political agreement (packaged in religious speak) while true Christians are being harassed, imprisoned, threatened and worse in China including Church closures. Why is Xi Jinping not threatened by the Pope or Catholicism? But Xi is threatened by true Christianity? It appears that part of this Pope’s political agenda is to cut some type of deal perhaps with the emerging shadow power elite? Time will tell. The trend has been for this Pope to always compromise on the true gospel in order to gain or increase his stature among the political elite, power brokers and leaders of the world’s countries. His agenda is politically and satanically based. The true gospel is not at the heart of his agenda.
  5. “the goal of an inclusive society.” Inclusiveness means the acceptance of everything … even if it is evil. Pope Francis’ goal is to be inclusive of everyone in every religion and in every political persuasion (communist, socialist, dictatorship, democratic, capitalistic, et.al). Jesus Christ came to do the opposite. He came to save men from the world’s false religions, evil laws and practices. He came to save men from themselves and the inclusiveness that kept them in bondage to sin. He came to create a ‘peculiar nation’ (true group of believers) out of the multitudes of peoples. He came to show right from wrong and not that everything was ‘right.’ He did not come to promote people belonging to the inclusive society of the day but rather he promoted inclusiveness in his future kingdom through his forgiveness of man’s sins via his death and resurrection. This is the true inclusiveness of salvation, this is offered to everyone on this planet. This Pope offers a false, evil, deceptive inclusiveness based on politics and word-smithed objectives and doctrines. All talk and no substance. Evil deception. Who is able to discern this?
  6. “Strategy.” Pope Francis has his own ‘strategy’ which comes directly from hell. God’s strategy was divine and eloquent. God’s “strategy” was to send his only son into the world to save it, not to unify it politically. The Pope wants to save the world through politics, his office of the papacy, humanism and deals/agreements brokered in hell with leaders like Xi Jinping of China. The Pope’s strategy uses men. God’s strategy uses his son the Lamb, Jesus Christ.
  7. “Listed the aims of pontifical diplomacy.” Diplomacy is a term used extensively in a political context. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not diplomatic. It is not a compromise. Salvation is not derived from diplomatic compromise. The free offer of salvation through Christ is cut and dry. There is no compromise in getting to heaven or being saved. There is no bargaining, deal-making or diplomacy involved in accepting Christ’s offer. It is free, no diplomacy needed. If Pope Francis has diplomatic and political goals (which he does), how far is he willing to go with his diplomacy concerning the true gospel of Christ? The answer to this question is why he is called the ‘False Prophet’ throughout the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

 End of note.

Bilderberg Conference. The False Prophet sends a top diplomat to compromise with the world’s behind-the-scenes elite. Mystery Religion growing for the Tribulation. Part 5 in a series.

Catholic News Agency, June 7-10, 2018

Dubbed by critics to be a kind of “global shadow government.” Cardinal Parolin’s participation may be an expression of the “culture of the encounter” encouraged by Pope Francis. The pope has often asked officials to engage a dialogue with the world. Receiving the Charlemagne Prize May 6, 2016, Pope Francis stressed that, “today we urgently need to engage all the members of society in building ‘a culture which privileges dialogue as a form of encounter’ and in creating ‘a means for building consensus and agreement while seeking the goal of a just, responsive and inclusive society.’” The cardinal’s participation in the Bilderberg Group could be part of a strategy of dialogue the Holy See is engaging with the small influential elite group. It is noteworthy that last year, Parolin took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and there he delivered a speech in which he listed the aims of pontifical diplomacy.

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