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Francis to become first pope to visit Arabian peninsula to spread the ‘Mystery Religion Babylon’

Blog note. The truth is starting to surface. Mystery Religion Babylon is forming. Pope Francis’ visits to all the countries mentioned, and of the ones in his forthcoming visit, is a beacon towards the acceptance of all the false religions of the world. This includes paganistic Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism and all the others. I have written extensively over the past year that the False Prophet will blend the false religions together with no condemnation under the deceitful guise of “peaceful coexistence”. These are the exact words I have used, and now, the Pope is using as well. In addition to words “peaceful coexistence” notice he talks about “peace, tolerance and promotion of brotherhood”.  He speaks of inter-religious “dialogue”. He speaks of accepting other religions. From a true Christian perspective, this is acceptance of ‘Mystery Religion Babylon’ during the Tribulation.

On the surface, it is easy to be deceived by the theme of “peaceful coexistence”, “inter-faith dialogue”, “peace, tolerance and promotion of brotherhood”. Never mind that the Bible teaches us that the only true belief is that of Jesus Christ, who died for us, shed his blood for us and forgives us. If a soul does not know Christ, the Pope’s statements sound wonderful, good and noble. But from a Christian perspective, his words are deceitful because they are contrary to the themes in the Bible whereby Christ came to save men from all the deceitful, lying, idolatrous and false evil religions of the world. The False Prophet is throwing a warm “fuzzy” or blanket from hell around all the worlds religions under the wily and deceiving guise of “peaceful coexistence”.

For someone who is supposedly representing Christ on earth, he is deceiving the sheep in his church and gaining the political acceptance of the Kings in countries that don’t value the gospel of Jesus Christ in their countries. This is totally backwards and opposite of what Jesus Christ came to do on earth during his first visit. We know that Satan ALWAYS contradicts and opposes what Christ did on behalf of men. Satan hates us as much as he hates Christ and God. The False Prophet is doing exactly what Satan wants him do. To deceive and lead men astray (in these countries and in his own church) from ever knowing the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christ came to spread his gospel of salvation. The False Prophet is working to spread his gospel of “peaceful coexistence” among all religions and his gospel of “peace, tolerance and the promotion of brotherhood.” The way to accomplish this is through “inter-religious dialogues.” Getting a bunch of evil religions together at a conference and having them exchanging demonic ideas, is not going be successful in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to their attentions. They want nothing to do with Christ in the first place.

This is part and parcel of the Mystery Religion of Babylon during the Tribulation. Its fruit is growing but will probably ripen within the next five (5) years. The False Prophet is going down his list of world leaders of countries who persecute Christians. North Korea, China, India, Islamic/Muslim countries, Turkey, et.al. He has worked ‘deals’ with Xi Jinping in China, yet China is destroying Christianity as I write this. He has met with Turkey’s leader, while he converts Christian churches to mosques. He is waiting for an invitation from the ‘rocket man’ himself, Kim Jong Un of North Korea. This country is repeatedly ranked number one world wide for Christian persecution. The False Prophet already has Europe, South America, Central America and the U.S. in his back pocket because of the sizable number of Catholics in these countries. He has already succeeded in these countries by creating a “cult of the papacy” around his reign as Pope. Its all about him.

He just met with Abbas’ of the Palestinians to discuss the politics of the coming covenant of “peace and security”. What could a Catholic Pope possibly have in common with a deranged Palestinian leader? With the False Prophet, its all about his power, his influence, his spotlight, his agenda, his politics. He seems to be serving himself and someone else, but its not Christ. The Pope has a demonic habit of never acknowledging Jesus or Christ in his speeches. An analytical firm reviewed most of his public speeches and he always indicates that he “comes in his own name as the papacy”. He never mentions that he represents Christ, or that he comes in the name of Christ. He makes a conscious decision to not acknowledge the Lord and Savior of mankind.

Notice the ‘theme’ of his coming dialogue … “

“Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’. The False Prophet’s focus in on himself and not on Christ. Shouldn’t it read… Make Jesus Christ the Channel of Your Peace? The last time I heard the word “channel” being used was in the context of spiritual medium channeling. Who is he attempting to “channel”?. We also have 2,000 years of history that indicates men are not capable of bringing themselves peace. Only the King of Kings and Lord of Lords can bring peace. These seven (7) words sum up the False Prophet’s approach. It is going to increase in frequency, size, strength and duration until it is all over the earth and lasting for the first three and half years of the Tribulation. End of note.

Note. A coincidence? The False Prophet’s visit to the Arabian Peninsula coincides with the alleged time frame when Donald Trump plans to release his “deal of the century” (covenant of peace and safety) between Israel and the Palestinians in February. End of note.

Francis to become first pope to visit Arabian peninsula

Philip Pullella. DECEMBER 6, 2018 / 6:23 AM

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The first visit by a pope to the Arabian peninsula will take place in February when Francis travels to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the Vatican said on Thursday.

The Feb. 3-5 trip, Francis’ latest to a predominantly Muslim nation, will be centered around the theme of inter-religious peace.

The Vatican said the pope had accepted an invitation from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and the tiny Catholic community there. He will attend an inter-faith meeting.

In a statement, Bishop Paul Hinder, head of the Roman Catholic Arabian Vicariate of Southern Arabia, thanked the UAE government for having given permission for the pope “to celebrate a Mass at a public venue in Abu Dhabi”.

The freedom to practice Christianity — or any religion other than Islam — is not always a given in the Gulf and varies from country to country.

In the UAE and Kuwait, Christians may worship in churches and other places with special licenses. Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest sites, bans the practice of other religions.

Hinder, whose jurisdiction includes the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen, said the Mass would be held on Feb. 5.

Francis has visited Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan and the Palestinian territories and used those trips to call for inter-religious dialogue and to condemn the notion of violence in the name of God.

“The theme of the visit is ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’ – and that’s the pope’s intention in going to the United Arab Emirates. How all people of goodwill can work for peace will be a major topic on this trip,” Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said.

The theme is taken from the opening words of the Prayer of Peace of Francis of Assisi, the saint whose name the pope took when he was elected in 2013.

“This visit, like the one to Egypt, (2017) shows the fundamental importance the Holy Father gives to inter-religious dialogue. Pope Francis visiting the Arab world is a perfect example of the culture of encounter,” Burke said.

Crown Prince Mohammed said in a tweet that the pope “is a symbol of peace, tolerance and the promotion of brotherhood. We look forward to a historic visit, through which we will seek dialogue on the peaceful coexistence among peoples.”

Additional reporting by Alexander Cornwell and Nafisa Eltahir in Dubai; Editing by Janet Lawrence

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