Gog/Magog Coalition Update

Facing east: What Asia means to the Israeli LNG energy market. The world’s largest LNG importers are the “Kings of the East” – Japan, Korea, China and India – are a huge potential market for Israeli gas. Gog/Magog knows these markets and is salivating, but doesn’t have the LNG to sell them. Israel is a ‘tempting great spoil’.

Blog note: I have previously written and suggested that the Gog/Magog Coalition (Russia, Turkey, Iran, et.al) will come to ‘take great spoil’ in Israel (Ezekiel 38-39). This is known prophetically as the ‘Gog/Magog Battle’ in which God supernaturally protects Israel and destroys 5/6 th’s of Russia’s, Turkey’s and Iran’ military forces. Until recently, the ‘great spoil’ was a mystery given that Israel occupies a land once considered ‘desolate and barren’ by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain, the famous American writer). In his estimation, Israel was a barren, dry land with tumbleweeds and had nothing of consequence or significance. That was back then. Within the past couple of years or so, MASSIVE amounts of natural gas have been found in the areas controlled by and contained within Israeli sovereignty. God knew what he was doing when he gave this particular patch of land to his chosen people. It is estimated that the Israeli natural gas fields could be the largest, or among the largest on earth. Because of logistics, this gas can only be extracted and transported as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Gog of Magog (Russia/Putin) is the number one suppliers of natural gas to Europe and is completely dependent on European consumption of natural gas over harsh winters. Currently, Putin is struggling to find more natural gas sources. It appears that he could sell as much as he could get his hands on, but he doesn’t have enough. He also knows how BIG the markets are with the “Kings of the East” (China, India, Koreas, and lesser Asian countries). But again, Putin doesn’t have anywhere near the vast volume of natural gas resources that Israel has (the country with un-walled villages and cities).

At some point in the very near future, the Bible in Ezekiel 38-39 tells us that Gog/Magog will come against Israel. The motives appear to be murky, but two special countries voice a concern or pose a question to Gog/Magog “have thou come to take a great spoil.” Eschatologists believe that these two countries are represented by the United States and Saudi Arabia (Mohammed bin Salman). The Bible is silent on why the United States is either unwilling or unable to come to Israel’s defense. Given the close relationship between Trump and Netanyahu today, for the US not to come to Israel’s defense would be extremely odd. However, geo-politics can change in a heartbeat. I will not overly speculate on what circumstances could exist that would cause this scenario.

However, the prophetic lens is a little clearer regarding Saudi Arabia (Mohammed bin Salman) and Putin’s/Russia’s current “Bromance.” This past week’s ‘high-five’ between the two at the G20 Summit pretty much sums up their relationship. When it comes to crude oil (black gold) the two are BFF’s (best friends forever) and have golden handcuffs holding the two of them together. Putin and MbS have the most control over Middle East crude oil production of anyone in the world. Putin is the self-proclaimed “Energy Czar” of the world. Nothing happens in the major oil markets of the world without Putin and MbS authorizing it or knowing about it. These two evil dictators are inextricably linked together by their extensive oil agreements, arrangements, investments and interests. One will not come against the other for any reason, militarily or diplomatically. At the G20 Summit, Putin acted like the Khashoggi incident was a non-event and publically made a great endorsement of MbS. With the ‘high-five’ it was almost as if he was saying “Hey, MbS … you got away it! Way to Go!” (then the high-five). Putin himself has come under strong suspicion of killing several of his own in London earlier in the year.

The case I’m making is that when the Gog/Magog coalition comes towards or into Israel, all Saudi Arabia (MbS) is going to do is to half-heartedly voice a question or state an obvious fact. MbS has absolutely no reason to severe his golden-handcuff relationship with Putin/Russia over the tiny nation of Israel. Yes, MbS owes his current existence to Israel and the United States, but loyalty gets easily Trumped (pun intended) by money, cash-flow and gold. Friendship and friendly relations only go so far, and then money takes control. Ethics and morality also go out the window when BIG Money is on the table, President Trump is a prime example of this. Their God is the almighty dollar.

So, there you have it. For whatever reason, the U.S. is unable or unwilling to come to Israel’s defense. Saudi Arabia (Mbs) doesn’t dare lift a finger against this ‘BFF’, but he has to say something … after all, the world is watching.

The pressure is getting stronger on Putin/Russia regarding Natural Gas. If Israel is successful in building a pipeline to Southern Europe, this could cause European countries to bypass buying from Russia (via sanctions and lower pricing) to purchase their winter fuel from Israel and perhaps also Egypt. This would literally ‘hammer’ Russia’s economy. This will not happen under Putin’s reign of energy terror. Conversely, Putin doesn’t have the means to supply the ‘Kings of the East’ with natural gas. He KNOWS that they are the world’s largest importers of natural gas. If only he could get his hands on a tremendous amount, or ‘great spoil’ of natural gas. Maybe if he comes against Israel to take this ‘great spoil’ no one will notice or perhaps come to Israel’s defense. Putin knows that his BFF (Mohammed bin Salman) is not going to come against him. So, who will defend the tiny little country known as Israel against the COMBINED forces of Russia, Turkey, Iran (et.al). Putin, at some point, has to think that this is a ‘slam-dunk’ (using a basketball metaphor).

If he can get his hands on Israel’s natural gas, he can keep his monopoly going with the increasing European need for natural gas AND supply the world’s largest untapped markets (Kings of the East) with Liquefied Natural Gas! Taking or plundering the ‘great spoil’ would kill two market problems for Putin in one fell swoop.

God says otherwise.

End of note.

Short note. Is it Israel’s ‘great spoils’ that draw the Kings of the East into the area at the end of the Tribulation? Are they starving for energy due to what’s happened on the earth for the preceding seven years? Do they come with armies to take a great plunder, but then find themselves arriving on the scene at the same time of the Day of the Lord and the armies of heaven arrive to earth? Instead of fighting against the beast’s 10 nation army, do they turn around and fight with the beast’s 10 nation army against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords on his triumphant return to earth in glory? End of note.

Facing east: What Asia means to the Israeli LNG energy market. The world’s largest LNG importers are the “Kings of the East” – Japan, Korea, China and India – are a huge potential market for Israeli gas. Gog/Magog knows these markets and is salivating, but doesn’t have the LNG to sell them. Israel is a ‘tempting great spoil’.

Israel’s growing natural gas stores create an unprecedented opportunity to penetrate the vast markets of the East

DEC 3, 2018, 12:50 AM. Times Of Israel

The future of Israel’s gas exports to Europe depends largely on the progress of the talks between Israel and various European countries. Much has been written about the possibility of laying a gas pipeline to Cyprus, Greece and Italy. During his recent visit to Bulgaria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held meetings with representatives of several Balkan countries regarding the purchase of Israeli gas.

However, at this time, it is important to look eastward as well, to the vast markets in Asia. Asia is home to the world’s largest energy importers. The growing economies of India, China, Japan and Korea need to import increasing quantities of natural gas and, for strategic reasons, to diversify their sources. This presents an opportunity for Israel to penetrate these markets.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has long recognized both the opportunities and the challenges created by Israel’s tremendous gas discoveries, and a special energy envoy, Ron Adam, was appointed several years ago. Mr. Adam works in coordination with the Ministry of Energy to formulate an Israeli energy diplomacy and to promote gas exports, taking into account strategic and diplomatic aspects, by identifying potential markets and locating global companies interested in coming to Israel.

On 25 November, Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz announced a second round of tenders for exploration blocks in Israel’s economic zone for gas and oil exploration and production. So far, the reservoirs discovered hold about 900 billion cubic meters of natural gas, with an estimated potential capacity of another 2,000.

Israel recognizes Asia’s growing importance on the world stage, and the strengthening of ties between Israel and Asia should be expressed not only in increasing exports, establishing free trade zones with Asian countries, operating direct flights, attracting investments and increasing tourism but also in the field of energy.

Israel’s ambassadors in Asia were asked to contact the relevant officials in the countries in which they are serving, for the purpose of locating international companies capable of deepwater drilling and production; identifying potential markets and customers for Israeli gas; and locating companies that specialize in natural gas liquefaction (LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas).

Mega-corporations in Asia are likely to be interested in Israeli gas and should be encouraged to come to Israel to explore and produce it. In April 2018, Israel granted an exploration and production license to a consortium of Indian companies to operate in one of the blocks that opened in the first round of tenders. Gas companies in other countries are already expressing interest in the blocks that opened in the second round.

It is clear that Israel will not be able to export gas to the Asian continent via a pipeline because of the distance. Therefore, Israel will have to authorize Asian companies to come to Israel to develop the reservoirs, set up an offshore LNG facility, and ship the gas to Asia.

The world’s largest LNG importers – Japan, Korea, China and India – are a huge potential market for Israeli gas. Large companies from Korea, Singapore and Australia have developed expertise in natural gas liquefaction. For Israel, a number of liquefaction options are available in existing facilities in Egypt, or perhaps in Cyprus, as well as in a future offshore facility in Israel. Experts on the subject have no doubt that, by 2025, most of the world’s natural gas trade will be in liquid gas.

The enormous energy reserves that have been discovered on our shores, the advanced technologies that enable deepwater gas pumping, and the decisions made in recent years by Prime Minister Netanyahu and the finance and energy ministers to open the sea to gas exploration provide a tremendous opportunity for the Israeli economy. In addition to ongoing commercial activity with countries in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, it is important that we take advantage of the current momentum to boost the ties between Israel and Asia’s major economic powers and to encourage investment in the growing Israeli gas market.

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