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California Catholics seek to consecrate state to Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blog note: I am not condemning or mocking the Catholic Branch of Christian Faith. I believe virtually all denominations and branches of Christianity have theological discrepancies and challenges they face (to some greater or lesser extent). My point in blogging this particular article has to do with the over-excessive adoration, worship, idoling of a statue (graven image). I know the ‘queen of heaven’ plays a prominent role in this particular religion, just as the ‘queen of heaven’ played a prominent role in the paganistic religion of Nimrod/SemiRamis’ time (Tower of Babel and Babylon). The role of worship and adoration and deification of this statue is almost identical to that of antiquity. What’s missing? Something seems to be missing. Oh yeah, not much mention (only once) of Christ or Jesus. Jesus Christ seems to be lost in the shuffle behind all these various proclamations and pronouncements. I have to admit, I am not Catholic. Virtually almost all of my inner circle of friends are. What amazes me is how much of a mystery Catholicism seems to me as a true form of worship of Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation. I don’t understand the emphasis on all of the statues and graven images/idols. I don’t understand the profound adoration of someone called the ‘queen of heaven’ at the expense of the true worship of Jesus Christ. I don’t understand all the work and effort to place and promote queen statues and graven images everywhere. I don’t find any of this in my Bible.

Not to offend anyone, but this strikes me as twisted form of pagan Christianity. I don’t understand the devotion to the papacy and the Catholic organization. I thought Christ was God’s representative in human flesh on earth, not Popes. At any rate, I could on … but I won’t. I know these things have been debated and argued on endlessly. Still, it’s all a mystery … a mystery religion … a piece of the end days Mystery Religion Babylon. Whereby many of the major religions of the world get melded into an evil smelling soup of spiritual fornication. This theme is well described in the book of Revelation and is propagated by a human being known as the False Prophet. End of note.

Thu Nov 29, 2018 – 8:06 pm EST

California Catholics seek to consecrate state to Immaculate Heart of Mary

November 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Catholics in California are working to consecrate the state to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Plans are ongoing for gatherings at Catholic parishes statewide at noon local time on Saturday, December 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The event begins with Mass, followed by a walk to a designated location where the rosary and prayers of consecration will be prayed. Catholics not near a participating parish are asked to gather, preferably near the California coastline parallel to the San Andreas Fault, and pray the rosary and consecration prayers on their own.

“We are a group of Catholics whose love for our Lord and Mary has inspired us to consecrate California to Our Lady,” the group behind the consecration effort, BVM Blue Mantle, says on the event website. The Consecrate California site offers event specifics, including participating parishes and prayers for use in conjunction with the event. They claim several priests and a number of bishops as supporters, along with noted Catholic individuals and groups.

They seek the Blessed Mother’s intercession against numerous moral evils in the state.

“Why consecrate California?” the group asks on its website.

“To defeat the culture of death, abortion, euthanasia, and natural disasters,” the information says. “For the sick, elderly, unwanted, and for an end to the violence, sex abuse, drugs, alcoholism and sex trafficking.” “Our Lady of Fatima explained how the graces of consecration to her Immaculate Heart would be enough to prevent war and to avoid the loss of thousands of people’s lives,” it continues. “Imagine what these graces would do for California!” The idea for the consecration came from Glendale resident and film writer Angelo Libutti, the Catholic Herald reports. The thought came to him last year while he was in Adoration, following a stressful workday where he’d been criticized for his pro-life views.

Libutti had personally consecrated himself to Mary and experienced “radical changes in my life,” the Catholic Herald report said. This led him to believe that a statewide consecration would be just the thing for the rampant immorality and secularism in California. It was shortly thereafter that he organized the first statewide consecration last December. Libutti thinks both this year’s and last year’s consecrations represent the laity’s desire for the state to be consecrated to Mary and their unity in the cause. For the consecration to be official, California’s two metropolitan archbishops, Jose Gomez of Los Angeles and Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, must support the effort and one of them would have to personally perform the consecration of the state. Libutti has spoken to both archbishops, and says they like the idea of the consecration. He is hopeful that their schedules will allow them to take part this year.

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