Christian Persecution Update

Ancient Romans Thought Early Christians Were Cannibals

Blog note. Today’s authorities in China, North Korea, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere would shut down the communion service, close the church and physically persecute the priest/pastor/clergy and the church members. Our world today is just as malevolent towards Christians, as it was during ancient Roman Times. In many cases, its worse. End of note.

Ancient Romans Thought Early Christians Were Cannibals

As we’ve learned, the refusal of early Christians to acknowledge the Romans’ traditional pagan gods meant that they were considered to be atheists. It turns out that the Romans also had another negative impression of Christianity.

The ancient Romans believed that Christians were cannibals! This stems from the fact that they “drank” Christ’s blood and ate of his body during their communion services. The early Christians invited Roman authorities to come and observe their communion practices to prove that they weren’t literally eating human beings or drinking blood.

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