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You Shall Have No God Before Marx and Lenin. They must only believe in the Communist Party and follow the ideology of Marxist atheism. increasing the level of punishment for Party members with religious belief or sympathies

You Shall Have No God Before Marx and Lenin 01/22/2019 PIAO JUNYING. bitterwinter.org The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on its members who secretly believe in God. Devotion to the Party must be absolute. In China, Communist Party members have always been prohibited from holding religious beliefs. Last […]

Christians from India, Nigeria and Iraq detail the persecution their communities face. Persecution in ‘diverse places’, growing in strength, frequency, size and duration.

Blog note:  Christian Persecution. Jesus indicated that many would hate and persecute Christians because of His name. This has always been the case and is increasing in intensity and frequency. Psalm 25:19. Consider mine enemies; for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred. Psalm 38:19. But mine enemies […]