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These Are Among the Strongest Militaries in The World (Israel)

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It will be little Israel watching as the Gog/Magog (Russia, Turkey, Iran, et.al) come against it “to take great spoil”. God supernaturally intervenes so that Israel will come to know him again, and so as the world (heathens) will know the glory of God.

Little Israel against the world. The world seeks to ‘divide’ Jerusalem via a ‘two-state’ solution between them and the Palestinians. Jerusalem has become a ‘burdensome stone’ and a ‘cup of trembling’ for all the nations of the world because of the military and geo-politics involved between many nations. The Bible also indicates at some point (probably very soon) that Israel with accept an agreement (covenant) for ‘peace and security’ to protect it from its hateful neighbors. The word of God also indicates that this will be a false covenant, one made with death and hell, and backed by lies and deceit. Additionally, it will be ‘enforced, confirmed, mandated and strengthened’ by the beast/antichrist at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period. This will be at the start of the beast/antichrist’s one world government.

The agreement (covenant) serves several purposes; 1. It maintains a false sense of peace and security in the region, 2. It helps to solidify the beast/antichrist’s political authority on the world stage, 3. It protects Israel long enough to enable them to build their Third Temple so the beast/antichrist can commit the ‘abomination of desolation’ in the temple half way through the Tribulation. The beast/antichrist deceives them because he allows them to conduct their animal sacrifices for their atonement of sins. Israel will agree to anything, that which allows them to rebuild their temple and conduct their ancient religious practices. Unfortunately, the Jews are deceived by this world leader, who is deceivingly and falsely protecting them for his own evil intentions. Halfway through the Tribulation, when the occurrence of the “abomination of desolation” takes place in their rebuilt temple, they will come under sudden attack to be destroyed. A remnant will escape and be supernaturally protected in what is believed to be the city of Petra (Rock City).

In all of these prophetic events, Israel’s military does not play a role. They are protected supernaturally by God. God does this so they will turn their eyes, minds and hearts back to him. They can’t place their protection and security with any international agreements, political alliances, allies or ‘false messiah’. God alone is their protection. This process will also work for their benefit in having them to come to the conclusion that they placed their allegiance with the ‘wrong messiah’ (beast/antichrist) and come to accept Jesus Christ as their true savior. Over 2,000 years ago, they rejected the head corner stone. Now they will know who the rock solid, head cornerstone of their faith.

End of note.

These Are Among the Strongest Militaries in The World


After 2,600 years, Israel became a nation once again on May 14, 1948. Since then, tensions have been high between the small country and the surrounding enemy nations. Because of these, Israel has beefed up its military and now has one of the strongest militaries in the world.

Although small, the country’s military is mighty. They have 160,000 active members in their military, and they have 630,000 in reserve along with 691 air vehicles, 4,170 tanks, and 66 ships. The Israel Defense Forces require every 18-year-old male and female to serve and work to protect the borders and the citizens of the country. Israel spends $16 billion per year on its military.

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