Update of Lawlessness and Violence

Fathers Had Too Many Rights In Ancient Rome

Blog note. It seems that we (the ‘modern’ world) have surpassed what the Romans considered ‘insane.’ Once they realized that murdering your own family members was probably not a good idea, they passed laws indicating that a parent could only kill their children (sons) for committing crimes. We have taken it one step further and kill our children (abortion) who have committed no crime (unborn babies are innocent). We execute our unborn before they even had a chance to enter the world. Many view the Romans as an uncivilized, barbaric people who wantonly enjoyed watching killing (gladiators in the arena). Yet today, the world murders ‘millions’ of its future citizens in the coliseums of abortion clinics. We make the Romans look like actors in a sit-com. How the anger of God is being stirred today! How much longer until his wrath is poured out? We can legally murder our own unborn sons for committing no crimes. End of blog.

Fathers Had Too Many Rights In Ancient Rome

In the early days of Ancient Rome, there weren’t many laws prohibiting fathers from doing whatever they felt so inclined to do. He could force marriage or divorces, sell kids into slavery, and even had a right to abuse — and sometimes kill — his family members.

Fathers could abuse their children for misbehaving and sometimes the abuse was so bad it turned into murder. In those days there were no laws against this, but eventually, after the first century BC, they decided that that was insane. After they applied some laws to the situation, fathers could only legally murder their sons for committing crimes.

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