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Bombshell: China’s Catholic Church pledges loyalty to Party after Vatican deal

Blog note. I have posted many articles over the past month concerning severe persecution of Christians, Churches, and “home” churches at the hands of Chinese authorities. Crosses have been taken down and pastors have been threatened that they must preach a gospel that is friendly towards the communist party and its leadership. The communist party feels threatened by the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, the Catholic Church comes along and mysteriously is given a green light by Chinese authorities. What compromises in the true gospel will have to be made to maintain the Catholic Church’s “acceptance” by the ruling authorities? My belief is that the true gospel of Jesus Christ will become so watered down and twisted to suit the authorities that it will become an abomination and part of the mystery religion in the Tribulation, as referenced throughout the Bible’s book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. My KJV Bible indicates that my loyalty should be to Jesus Christ. Yet, the Catholic Church is pledging loyalty to a political party? There is no other way of saying this folks, this deal between the Catholic Church and Chinese Officials is a deal made in hell. End of note.

China’s Catholic Church pledges loyalty to Party after Vatican deal

Reuters. September 23, 2018.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s Catholic Church reaffirmed its loyalty to the country’s ruling Communist Party on Sunday, while welcoming a landmark deal struck with the Vatican on appointing new bishops.

The Vatican on Saturday signed an agreement giving it a long-desired and decisive say in the appointment of bishops in China, though critics labeled it a sellout to the government.

China’s around 12 million Catholics have been split between an underground Church swearing loyalty to the Vatican and the state-supervised Catholic Patriotic Association.

The Catholic Church in China said it would “persevere to walk a path suited to a socialist society, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.”

It “deeply loved the motherland” and “sincerely endorsed” the agreement, hoping relations between China and the Vatican would improve further, it added in comments on its website.

The Vatican has said the accord, a breakthrough after years of negotiations, was “not political but pastoral”, and hoped it would lead to “the full communion of all Chinese Catholics.”

But prospects of such an agreement had divided communities of Catholics across China, some of whom fear greater suppression should the Vatican cede more control to Beijing. Others want to see rapprochement and avoid a potential schism.

(Reporting by Adam Jourdan; editing by John Stonestreet)

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