Chapter 41. Pending completion or fulfillment: Destruction of Damascus.

… “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1).

May 8, 2018. Damascus, Syria is a battleground between government troops and rebels. Syria is also home to Iran’s military and terrorist proxies. The Damascus area is known to house military complexes and store missiles and weaponry. Syrian state-run media said Israel struck a military outpost near the capital Damascus on Tuesday, saying its air defenses intercepted and destroyed two of the incoming missiles. The reported attack came an hour after President Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, calling Tehran a main exporter of terrorism in the region. The official news agency SANA said without elaborating that the attack occurred in the countryside in Kisweh, just south of Damascus, an area known to have numerous Syrian army bases. Syrian TV earlier reported large explosions in the area. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the missiles targeted depots and rocket launchers that likely belonged to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards in Kisweh, killing nine people.

Syria said Tuesday that Israel carried out an attack on a military base south of Damascus, which was used by Iranian forces. According to reports, Israeli fighter jets entered Syrian airspace and struck Iranian missiles aimed at Israel. The Israeli military said it identified what it said was unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria, and it believed those forces were preparing for an imminent retaliation against Israel. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights attributed the attack to Israel and said it killed at least 15 people, including eight Iranians. Earlier, the watchdog said at least nine fighters loyal to the Assad regime had been killed. The state-run Syrian News agency quoted medical sources as saying two civilians were killed.

Some believe that Damascus will be completely and quickly destroyed in one night as opposed to a gradual destruction. Regardless of the amount of time it takes to destroy Damascus, the Bible is clear in that it will become a “ruinous heap.” The picture is a snapshot that suggests that at least a portion of Damascus has already become a ruinous heap in the past months.  I don’t believe anyone could live there. I don’t believe $Billions of dollars will be forthcoming to rebuild the city. Bashar Assad’s palace is still intact in the Northern suburbs of what is left of Damascus. Other areas of Damascus are still believed to have functioning military operations for government forces and Iranian toadies. With the continuing and escalating confrontations between Israel and Iran, it is just a matter of perhaps months, until Damascus becomes a complete and total “ruinous heap.” Assad is the insane, evil dictator who has killed his own people with chemical weapons and is widely considered a political stooge or puppet of Russia/Putin. He is being kept in power and propped up by Russia and Iran, so Russia can maintain its foothold in the Middle East (as the U.S. pulls out under Donald Trump). Iran’s strategy is to also keep Assad in power so they can have a military presence in Israel’s border or front yard. Damascus is the home base for Iran’s military presence in Syria.

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