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Catholic Leader on Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mary ‘Unties One Knot After Another’ of Men’s ‘Many Wrongs’. Denies power of Christ over pagan worship of the ‘Queen of Heaven.’ False prophet spreading mystery religion.

Blog note: I thought Jesus Christ saves men? This ‘queen of heaven’ seems to be more important than Christ and his offer of salvation through the forgiveness of sins. I have read my KJV Bible over and over and I don’t find any mention of worshiping a ‘queen […]

Modern Day – NEOM Babylon Chapter 17. Nimrod, Semiramis and the Rise of the First Babylon.

Forward Babylon. Mystery Religion Babylon. Mystery System Babylon. Seat of the beast. Ten horns, Ten Kings. The whore. The great city. Seven mountains. Mother of Harlots. Ships and ship captains. Great, fantastic wealth. Living deliciously. Fornication. The world’s great religions. Cataclysmic destruction. Burning mountains thrown into the sea. […]