Tag: Genetic Verification by DNA

Genome. Now We Can 3D Map It. The more we learn about the structure of the human genome, the better equipped we’ll be to eventually write a genome of our own.

Blog note: The science of genetic engineering is steadily marching forward. Once the “Restrainer” (Holy Spirit) no longer restrains the evil one, there will no longer be any ethical or moral restraint in the use of this technology. The technology is not evil. It is the hand that […]

Mastercard Rolls Out Biometric Authentication Mandate Ahead Of European Regulations – 2020 New Exciting Biometric Technologies

Blog note: This article provides technological proof and supports the prophecies in the Bible’s book of Revelation that a one world government and cashless, electronic financial transaction system will be implemented by a coming world leader. A digital, biometric validation and verification system is part of the puzzle […]