Category: False Prophet Update

Pope, Abbas discuss Jerusalem at first meeting after U.S. embassy move.The Dispute over Jerusalem: Why is this deal so important to Bible prophecy? Why is the false prophet deceived about what God promised the Jews?

Blog note: Seems that the false prophet missed the class day where God promised (made a covenant with) the Jews regarding their eternal home and eternal capital. God made it … he can give it to whomever he wants. The false prophet is Bible illiterate. End of note. […]

Cdl. Zen: Vatican is helping China’s Communist govt. ‘annihilate’ underground Church. The fruit of the false prophet rottens further.

Blog note: “Fruit of the Spirit.” The manifestations of compromising with evil (Communist Chinese Dictatorship) and signing covenants and agreements with hell. The agreement was to bolster the Pope’s political standing with world leaders and did NOTHING to help the true, underground Christian Church. The is agreement with […]