Update of Lawlessness and Violence

‘Nations under Distress’, Increasing Civil Lawlessness, Anarchy, Chaos, Unrest and Violence: Many Cities Under Curfew as Protests Sweep U.S. Fifth (5) night in a row. Five (5) largest cities ordered curfews; Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia. ‘Fighting a Pandemic within a Pandemic.’

‘Nations under Distress’, Increasing Civil Lawlessness, Anarchy, Chaos, Unrest and Violence: Many Cities Under Curfew as Protests Sweep U.S. Fifth (5) night in a row. Five (5) largest cities ordered curfews; Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia. ‘Fighting a Pandemic within a Pandemic.’

The New York Times. May 30, 2020. Updated 13 minutes ago.

George Floyd Live Updates: Many Cities Under Curfew as Protests Sweep U.S.

Standoffs intensified across the country on Saturday. In Minneapolis, officials were anticipating a fifth night of unrest.


As protests escalated, mayors ordered people off the streets in some of America’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cities across the country faced another night of unrest after a day of escalating protests.

Minnesota’s governor activated all National Guard troops, but declined the Army’s offer to deploy military police.

Tension rose at protests in Los Angeles, where memories of Rodney King are still raw.

An anguished nation watched the unrest with a mix of hope and horror.

Trump blamed ‘left-wing groups’ for the violence, and Barr threatened rioters with prosecution.

In Atlanta, protesters and curiosity-seekers visited CNN headquarters to see the damage.

For those on the right, concern both about George Floyd’s death and the destructive protests that followed.

Cities across the country faced another night of unrest after a day of escalating protests.

Demonstrators returned to the nation’s streets in sweeping fashion on Saturday, amassing outside City Hall in San Francisco, shutting down highway traffic in Miami and attempting to topple a statue in Philadelphia, in a show of national anger and sorrow over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died Monday in the custody of the Minneapolis police.

But officials feared that the most dangerous standoffs were yet to come in Minneapolis on Saturday night, where officials were bracing for a fifth night of unrest.

The demonstrations have spread to at least three dozen cities across the country in the days since Mr. Floyd, 46, died after being pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer who held his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes while Mr. Floyd pleaded, “I can’t breathe.” The protests continued to surge after the former officer, Derek Chauvin, 44, was charged with third-degree murder on Friday, reflecting long-simmering anger over racism and police brutality that extend far beyond a single case.

“I’m fed up,” Jarrell Slade, a 26-year-old school counselor, said at a protest in Washington, where hundreds gathered outside the Justice Department and marched down the National Mall on Saturday afternoon. “I’m tired of going on social media, talking to my friends and family, and having everything be centered on black death.”

In Chicago, protesters scuffled with police on Saturday afternoon, burning at least one flag and marching toward the Trump International Hotel and Tower before dispersing somewhat. About 3,000 people took part in the protests, according to local news reports. Some vandalized police vehicles and left spray-painted buildings in their wake.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, said on Saturday that she supported the demonstrators’ right to protest but urged restraint.

“We’re going to give people space to express themselves,” Ms. Lightfoot said at a news conference. “That’s what we do in Chicago. But we won’t tolerate lawlessness, period.”

Later in the day, she joined mayors across the country, imposing a 9 p.m. curfew.

President Trump on Saturday urged officials in Minnesota to “get tougher” on the protesters and offered greater military support, a move that would represent a significant escalation in the government’s response to the tensions. Gov. Tim Walz declined the Army’s offer to deploy military police units, but said he had activated all 13,000 of the state’s National Guard troops and warned that Saturday night’s protest could be the largest and most destructive yet.

Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis urged protesters to stay off the streets Saturday night. “We need you to stay home tonight to be able to respond to those who are trying to loot and burn our city,” he wrote on Twitter.

The massive crowds represented a sudden departure for cities that had previously been under lockdown orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, and officials quickly found themselves shifting from one crisis to another. In Louisville, Ky., where protests have centered on the death of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was shot dead by white police officers who entered her home in March, Mayor Greg Fischer imposed a curfew and called in the National Guard.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric M. Garcetti also issued a curfew, a day after the police made more than 500 arrests. And Mayor Carlos Gimenez of Miami-Dade County, Fla., ordered a countywide curfew beginning at 11 p.m. after at least one police car was set ablaze in downtown Miami, by the Miami Police Department headquarters.

In New York City, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets for a third day, gathering at marches in Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and outside Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. In the late afternoon, protesters in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn confronted the police in a series of street melees, hurling empty bottles and pieces of debris at officers who responded with billy clubs and pepper spray.

Police in Miami deployed tear gas against protesters downtown, who had earlier blocked traffic on Interstate 95 in both directions. Mayor Francis Suarez had said earlier on Saturday that city officers would not wear riot gear, and officers showed a mostly hands-off approach to the demonstration until night began to fall. Tear gas was also used to disperse crowds on Saturday evening in Jacksonville and Orlando.

Many of the hundreds marching through Center City in Philadelphia on Saturday were doing so peacefully, with fists raised and signs held aloft in anger over Mr. Floyd’s death. But there were reports of destruction as the afternoon wore on, and the mayor issued a curfew for 8 p.m.

At least 13 Philadelphia police officers were injured in connection with the protests, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw told reporters at a news conference on Saturday night. Four police vehicles were damaged, and numerous stores were gutted, according to local news reports.

Protesters had spray-painted a statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo and were trying to topple it. Mr. Rizzo, a former police commissioner who died in 1991, cultivated a law-and-order image that included raiding gay clubs and once forcing Black Panthers to strip naked in the street. He remains a figure loathed by many in Philadelphia for his harsh tactics. The current mayor, Jim Kenney, had announced plans to move the statue to a new location.

In Tallahassee, Fla., the driver of a red pickup truck struck a crowd of protesters, in a fleeting but terrifying episode that officials said did not end in serious injury. The protest there came days after the Tallahassee police fatally shot Tony McDade, a black transgender person whom the police had identified as a suspect in a stabbing.

In Minneapolis, about 300 to 400 protesters gathered outside the home of the Hennepin County attorney, Mike Freeman, holding signs and listening to speakers, including the mothers of children killed by the police, according to a neighbor, Clare Padgett. It was the fourth day of protests outside the home of the prosecutor, who charged the police officer who pinned Mr. Floyd but has not pressed charges against other officers who were on the scene.

Minnesota’s governor activated all National Guard troops, but declined the Army’s offer to deploy military police.

Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota activated thousands of additional National Guard troops to send to Minneapolis but declined the Army’s offer to deploy military police units, as days of protests over the death of Mr. Floyd threatened to boil over even further on Saturday.

Mr. Walz, a Democrat, acknowledged that officials had underestimated the demonstrations in Minneapolis, where despite a newly issued curfew, people burned buildings and turned the city’s streets into a smoldering battleground on Friday night. He compared the havoc to wars that Americans have fought overseas, and said he expected even more unrest on Saturday night.

“What you’ve seen in previous nights, I think, will be dwarfed by what they will do tonight,” he said.

Pentagon officials said that Defense Secretary Mark Esper and General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke Friday with Mr. Walz, to express “willingness” to deploy military police units. The governor declined the offer, the officials said, and has since activated all of the state’s National Guard troops, up to 13,200.

Nonetheless, the U.S. Northern Command has put several military police units on four-hour status, which means they could be ready to deploy in four hours, as opposed to a day.

Commissioner John Harrington of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said that there had been “tens of thousands” of people in the streets on Friday, more than any other night since Mr. Floyd’s death on Monday set off a wave of protests that have become increasingly destructive across the country.

Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis, looking weary after four days of outrage in his city, pleaded with residents to go home and stop burning down the local businesses that he said were even more vital in the middle of a pandemic.

“You’re not getting back at the police officer that tragically killed George Floyd by looting a town,” Mr. Frey said. “You’re not getting back at anybody.”

The protest on Los Angeles’s affluent West Side began peacefully on Saturday and stayed that way for nearly three hours. Activists handed out water and food, and a crowd marched on Beverly Boulevard, chanting slogans against police brutality and waving placards.

And then it took a violent turn.

Suddenly a police car was smashed and on fire, black smoke billowing into the blue sky. A young man threw a skateboard at a police officer, and frightened men and women rushed away in every direction. Police helicopters hovered overhead, and convoys of police S.U.V.s raced to the scene.

As tensions rose on the fourth day of protests in Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd, Mayor Eric M. Garcetti declared an 8 p.m. curfew.

“Go home,” Mr. Garcetti said. “Let us put the fires out. Let us learn the lessons. Let us re-humanize each other.”

In San Francisco, a march drew about 1,000 people but remained peaceful, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. In Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf called on demonstrators to stay home after violent demonstrations on Friday.

In Sacramento, police officers surrounded the State Capitol as protesters pelted them and their horses with oranges and water bottles.

Before the mayhem started in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, several hundred people reflecting the diversity of the city — white, black, Latino, Asian-American — had protested peacefully.

One young woman, Brianna Valencia, attracted a crowd in the middle of Beverly Boulevard, kneeling on the ground and yelling the names of Mr. Floyd and Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed in a police raid earlier this year in Louisville, Ky.

“This is literally the moment my whole life has prepared me for,” said Ms. Valencia, 22, adding that growing up in Los Angeles she had witnessed both police abuse and her family’s financial struggles.

The death of Mr. Floyd and the unrest it has provoked has tugged at painful memories in Los Angeles of the Rodney King beating in 1991 and the riots that occurred the next year after the acquittal of the four police officers involved in the case.

Mr. Garcetti said he was not considering calling for the deployment of the National Guard, which patrolled the streets of Los Angeles during those riots. “This is not 1992,” he said.

The mass demonstrations, some peaceful, some destructive, touched off an anguished debate on Saturday among commentators, pastors and scholars about the role of protest in forcing political and social change in America.

In the pages of the nation’s newspapers and on social media, some watched in horror and others with a sense of hope as protesters took to the streets following Mr. Floyd’s death.

The singer Selena Gomez said she had spent the last 24 hours “trying to process this all.”

“Nothing anyone says can take back what has happened,” she wrote on Twitter. “But we can and must all make sure to take action. Too many black lives have been taken from us for far too long.”

Shana L. Redmond, a scholar of music, race and politics at U.C.L.A.’s Herb Alpert School of Music, described receiving tearful calls from loved ones in Minneapolis with “tears running too fast to pause at sadness.”

“They are hot with rage and anger at the condition of Black people in that place and in this world,” she wrote on Twitter. “This is not a drill. This is our terrifying, murderous present. #MinneapolisRebellion.”

Some who sympathized with the protesters voiced concern that the destruction could undermine the goal of forcing social change.

“I understand our frustration, rage and anger but it’s of no benefit when we hurt ourselves in the process,” Jamal H. Bryant, the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga., wrote on Twitter. “I urge adamantly for the fixing of this corrupt justice system and I pray profusely for the black businesses adversely affected!”

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republican in the Senate, who has called for the arrest of all four officers involved the arrest of Mr. Floyd, urged calm.

“I know well the anger and frustration felt throughout communities of color right now,” he wrote on Twitter. “But violence is not the answer. Violence takes the focus off #GeorgeFloyd and the real issues at hand, and gives those who prey on division more fuel. Make your voices heard, not bricks and fire.”

Brian Merchant, an author, noted how the nation was briefly distracted on Saturday by the launch of a rocket built and operated not by NASA but SpaceX, the company founded by the billionaire Elon Musk.

“The symbolism of a billionaire-owned, for-profit space company launching astronauts high above the heads of thousands of people protesting state brutality and oppression amid a global pandemic and economic collapse should not be lost on anyone,” he wrote.

On Blavity, a website geared toward black millennials, an editorial argued that the fires in Minneapolis reflected “the rage of Black protestors fed up seeing the lives of our brothers and sisters robbed by racism.”

“We are fed up because we are forced to fight a pandemic amid a pandemic,” the editorial said. “We are being disproportionately killed by systemic and overt racism at the same time — and are expected to accept these deadly conditions.”

In The Los Angeles Times, an editorial argued that the country should focus not on the looting but on the repeated instances of the police killing black men.

“And no, police violence does not justify the rampages that erupted in Minneapolis,” the editorial said. “But as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out more than a half-century ago, ‘a riot is the language of the unheard.’”

Trump blamed ‘left-wing groups’ for the violence, and Barr threatened rioters with prosecution.

President Trump on Saturday blamed the unrest in cities across the country on “Antifa and other radical left-wing groups,” drawing a distinction between “peaceful protesters” and other, more violent demonstrators.

“I understand the pain that people are feeling,” Mr. Trump said, speaking from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after observing the launch of a manned SpaceX rocket. “We support the right of peaceful protesters, and we hear their pleas. But what we are now seeing on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or with peace. The memory of George Floyd is being dishonored by rioters, looters and anarchists.”

While he called George Floyd’s death “a grave tragedy,” Mr. Trump also said that residents affected by violent protests were the “main victims of this horrible, horrible situation.”

Speaking on the South Lawn of the White House earlier in the day, Mr. Trump criticized the authorities in Minnesota for allowing protests to turn violent, and offered the help of the military to contain further demonstrations.

“They have to get tougher, and by being tougher they will be honoring his memory,” the president said, adding: “When I saw the policemen running out of a police station for that police station to be abandoned and taken over, I’ve never seen anything so horrible and stupid in my life.”

His comments, paired with a series of tweets on Saturday, threatened to inflame an already tense situation that has played out in protests across the country and in front of the White House.

In one tweet, he called demonstrators who gathered at the White House on Friday night “professionally managed so-called ‘protesters’” and suggested that his supporters would march outside the White House on Saturday.

“Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE???” he tweeted.

Asked later whether the tweet might have invited more violence, Mr. Trump demurred. “These are people that love our country,” he said of his supporters. “I have no idea if they were going to be here, I was just asking.”

“By the way,” he added, “they love African-American people, they love black people.”

Attorney General William P. Barr, who has vowed a swift federal investigation into Mr. Floyd’s death, also weighed in on Saturday, issuing a stern warning to left-wing “agitators” who he said were exploiting the protests to pursue their own goals.

Mr. Barr, at a brief news conference, warned that protesters who cross state lines to “incite or participate in violent rioting” may be violating federal laws and that the Justice Department would pursue cases against them.

The United States attorney in Minnesota is investigating the actions of the police officer who pinned Mr. Floyd to the ground for possible violations of civil rights laws or other federal crimes.

In Atlanta, protesters and curiosity-seekers visited CNN headquarters to see the damage.

After hundreds of demonstrators poured into the streets of Atlanta on Friday night, smashing windows, vandalizing a large CNN sign and clashing with police officers, a more muted crowd arrived at the scene on Saturday — some out of curiosity, and some to continue protesting.

Bianca Billups, 31, stood holding a sign for the cars passing by to see: “White Supremacy Did This.” She had been there for hours, she said, and she had also been at the protests on Friday evening.

“They think people are out here causing havoc because they can,” she said. “People drive by here and they’ll see this and think, ‘Those people are so reckless.’ No, those people are scared and they’re in survivor mode. They’re done. They’re fed up.”

Ty Harris, 41, walked up with a hat and scarf covering his face; both said, “Make America United For Once.” “I think this is the spark that’s going to change life as we know,” he said.

On the edge of Centennial Olympic Park, a series of people came up to speak into a shared microphone. “They want you to fear,” said one man who added that he had been stopped by the police some 20 times because, he said, he looked “suspicious.”

Some of the buildings near the CNN Center, the epicenter of the Friday protests, had smashed windows and were protected by fencing.

Joscie Beachum, a 27-year-old Atlanta resident looking at the damaged CNN Center, said, “I just don’t know what good this did.”

“I felt sad they felt the need to tear apart a historic place in Atlanta, but I also think we’re better than that,” she added. But, she said, “They felt this was the only way they could get their point across, and that’s sad.”

Officials issued a 9 p.m. Saturday curfew for the city, calling it an “unusual and extreme step.”.

For those on the right, concern both about George Floyd’s death and the destructive protests that followed.

In her typical appearances on Fox News, Jeanine Pirro, a former Republican district attorney, reserves her highest dudgeon for castigating liberals and lamenting the demise of law and order.

But on Friday’s “Fox & Friends,” Ms. Pirro’s voice nearly broke as she described the agonizing final moments of George Floyd, the black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer ignored his pleas and pinned him to the ground during a routine stop.

“George Floyd was begging, saying he couldn’t breathe, saying please, please,” Ms. Pirro told viewers. “This man who put his knee on the neck of George Floyd does not deserve to be free in this country.”

Even right-wing stars like Rush Limbaugh hedged their assessments early on, as the officer’s lethal force drew more condemnation in some corners of the right than the ensuing riots and the burning of a police precinct. “I can’t find a way to justify it,’’ Mr. Limbaugh said of the officer’s actions.

The chilling circumstances of Mr. Floyd’s death — particularly the graphic, indisputable video of his arrest — have, at least for now, posed a political quandary among some conservative politicians, media stars and President Trump, whose usual instinct is to focus on blaming liberals for promoting lawlessness.

The ongoing protests in Minneapolis and around the country may still alter conservative views. On Fox News on Friday night, Tucker Carlson began his show with a graphic calling the Minnesota protesters “Criminal Mobs,” and wondered aloud why Republicans were not reacting more intensely against the violence in Minneapolis. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham condemned the demonstrators for, in Mr. Hannity’s words, “exploiting” Mr. Floyd’s death.

The intensifying protests came after the authorities announced that the officer who pinned George Floyd to the ground had been arrested and charged with murder on Friday, a development that activists and Mr. Floyd’s family had called for but also said did not go far enough.

The officer, Derek Chauvin, 44, was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, charges that come with a combined maximum sentence of 35 years.

An investigation into the three other officers who were present at the scene remains ongoing.

Mr. Floyd’s relatives have said that had wanted the more serious charge of first-degree murder.

Third-degree murder does not require an intent to kill, according to the Minnesota statute, only that the perpetrator caused someone’s death in a dangerous act “without regard for human life.” Charges of first- and second-degree murder require prosecutors to prove, in almost all cases, that the perpetrator made a decision to kill the victim.

A lawyer for Mr. Chauvin’s wife, Kellie, said that she was devastated by Mr. Floyd’s death and expressed sympathy for his family and those grieving his loss. The case has also led Ms. Chauvin to seek a divorce, the lawyer, Amanda Mason-Sekula, said in an interview on Friday night.


Read the full article on the charges against Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who pinned down George Floyd with a knee to the neck.

Reporting was contributed by Tim Arango, Mike Baker, Peter Baker, Julian E. Barnes, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Audra D.S. Burch, Helene Cooper, Manny Fernandez, Thomas Fuller, Matt Furber, Michael M. Grynbaum, Maggie Haberman, Shawn Hubler, Annie Karni, Michael Levenson, Neil MacFarquhar, Patricia Mazzei, Shawn McCreesh, Sarah Mervosh, Jeremy W. Peters, Frances Robles and Rick Rojas.

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I don’t believe that the book about MbS reference in this article, just being released NOW, is a coincidence of timing. As the ‘great spiritual apostasy’ or ‘falling away’ has occurred, the ‘SON OF PERDITION’ is being revealed. He is the ‘Man of Lawlessness’ and ‘Beast’ and ‘Son of Perdition’ now, and will ultimately be revealed as the Antichrist, midway through the coming tribulation when he commits the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ and declares himself to be God and to be worshiped accordingly. YES, you read that correctly. I say this in all sincerity, humility with a clear and sober mind, after great research, analysis, prayer and discernment. Surely, I am not the only person on God’s planet earth who watches and sees this? Don’t take my word. Do you own research, do your own prayer. Consider the Great Convergence of Signs that is occurring. Yes, coronavirus is one of the ‘signs’ as it is a form of pestilence. Consider the lunatic pontifications from the False Prophet. Consider what NEOM (Babylon) represents. Never heard of NEOM? I suggest you ‘google it’ and read for yourself. Consider that the covenant of ‘peace and security’ has ALREADY been revealed, but it has not been ‘ratified’ or ‘CONFIRMED’ yet by MbS for all those countries affected by the agreement … MENA (Middle East / North African nations). All of these nations, are for the most part, either Muslim and/or Arabic. ALL are beholden to Saudi Arabia, and MbS, for one reason or another. IT ALL FITS TOGETHER!!!

Revelation 17:8-11 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. (emphasis added).

‘Seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.’ = NEOM Babylon sits on the 7 tallest mountains in the Midian Mountain range in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia. Tallest mountain is Mount Sinai. These mountains are scarlet and purple colored due to volcanic origin and related minerals deposited in rock. NEOM is a $500 billion technological/hedonistic paradise. No mention or acceptance of Christ.

‘And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.’

The seven and eight kings are in reference to the genetic lineage (bottomless pit of evil) of the House of Saud. These are ALL the modern kings since the foundation of modern Saudi Arabia.

At the time John the Apostle was in the Holy Spirit and given a ‘vision’ of the future, 5 of the Saudi Kings were already dead (fallen). He was shown the sixth king, and told that a future 7th and 8th king were coming. The sixth king was a ‘sign post’ of the beginning of the ‘end times’ prior to the tribulation. The 7th King ‘short while’ in current King Salman, the last son of founder Saud. Mbs, Mohammed bin Salman is ‘Crown Prince’ and will become the 8th king (goes into perdition). MbS is the ‘Beast’ who rules during the seven (7) year tribulation and great tribulation (last 3.5 year period.) MbS (Beast now), becomes the Antichrist midway during the 7 year tribulation, at the occurrence known as the ‘Abomination of Desolation.’

Proof of the ‘line of’ of the 8 kings.

Kings of Saudi Arabia (1932–present)

 1.        King Ibn Saud. 9/22/1932 – 11/9/1953. Kingdom founded by conquest. Had six (6) sons that became Kings of the Kingdom. Six (6) is the number of evil man/men. The ground work for this kingdom was being created at the same time as the ground work for the State of Israel. Satan started establishing his ‘chosen people’ (those who worship the dragon and beast) at the same time God was re-establishing his ‘chosen people’ (the Jews) over the 1930’s to late 1940’s. 1 of the 5 ‘fallen/dead’ kings.

2.         King Saud. 11/9/1953 – 11/2/1964. 2 of the 5 ‘fallen/dead’ kings.

3.         King Faisal. 11/2/1964 – 3/25/1975. 3 of the 5 ‘fallen/dead’ kings.

4.         King Khalid. 3/25/1975 – 6/13/1982. 4 of the 5 ‘fallen/dead’ kings.

5.         King Fahd. 6/13/1982 – 8/1/2005. 5 of the 5 ‘fallen/dead’ kings.

6.         King Abdullah. 8/1/2005 – 1/23/2015. The king ‘that is.’ This is the 6th king revealed by the Holy Spirit to John the Apostle. He is the signpost for the ‘season of the times’ of the latter days, prior to the tribulation. A sign for the evil Gentile nations.

7.         King Salman. (King 2015 – ?). 1/23/2015- (2020?) This is the 7th and ‘future’ king revealed to John the Apostle who will reign for a ‘short time or while’. If his reign lasts 5 years, from 2015 on into 2020, it will truly reflect a short reign and be representative of Satan’s influence on men and kings. King Salman is the LAST of the six (6) sons of Ibn Saud to be King of Saudi Arabia.

8.         Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. He is the 8th and final ‘future’ king revealed to John the Apostle. He is the ‘beast’, comes from seven (7) kings/lineage before him and goes to perdition. His reign is over the seven (7) years of the tribulation. Born 1985, he will be 35 (7×5) years old in 2020. Seven (7) denotes God’s divine completion to His plan or purpose. Five (5) denotes Satanic influence of men and kings. God’s influence over men in greater than Satan’s influence over men 7>5. Notice that MBS will be the FIRST king who is NOT a direct son of founding King Ibn Saud in 1932. Becoming the 8th king, MBS represents a ‘new epoch’ a ‘new future’ for the kingdom that forms an ideological break from the past. Eight (8) denotes a new beginning, new timeline, new season, new plan. God is addressing the evil status quo of the House of Saud (bottomless pit of evil, wealth, influence, power, corruption) and ushering in the time of great wrath, the tribulation for Gentile nations. From a spiritual perspective, MBS not being one of the six (6) sons of the founding King Ibn Saud, now holds claim to being the son of perdition under the power and influence of the dragon (Satan). MBS has no allegiance to his family tree, tradition, other family princes and historical political protocol. Only an extremely evil, pathological soul manipulated by Satan would turn on his own family. In Satan’s plan, he used the ‘bottomless pit’ of evil House of Saud to raise MBS, the beast, the son of perdition to be in the positions he both currently and in future, will hold. Just as Jesus Christ had an earthly family tree and lineage, Satan used the House of Saud as the earthly family tree, lineage for his son of perdition, the beast, the coming Antichrist.

King Salman brought his son, MBS into the kingdom’s political arena in 2015. 2015-2020 is also a 5 year period of Satanic influence on MBS, as he has grown in power and worldwide influence and stature among not only Western countries, but among ‘Kings of the East’, and those who worship the dragon and the beast throughout Middle East / North African countries (MENA – the ‘many’ Arabic and Islamic countries).

Mohammed bin Salman (named Crown Prince, June 2017). He is referred to scripturally as both a Prince and as a King. This is extremely unique and mentioned for a very real reason. He plays a prophetic role as Prince (when he confirms the false peace covenant among many nations throughout MENA regarding Israel and the Palestinians). Please consider that many, if not all, MENA countries are either Arabic and/or Muslim and are financially and politically beholden to Saudi Arabia in one form or another. Religiously, all these countries are beholden to the House of Saud, because it is the ‘custodian’ of Islam’s ‘holiest’ sites in Saudi Arabia. All Muslims must come for Hajj in Saudi Arabia at some point in their life, if capable (those who worship the dragon and the beast). Satanic influence is woven together and throughout ALL of these counties. They will agree to MBS’ confirmation of the covenant, as Crown Prince. They dare not come against the Crown Prince’s wish and confirmation. Thus, they will abide by his confirmation. They have every reason to accept his confirmation, because of their political, financial and religious vested interests with Saudi Arabia. ‘Who can make war or come against the Beast?’

MBS also plays a prophetic role as Saudi Arabia’s 8th King. This will likely occur before he enters the rebuilt Jewish 3rd Temple and causes the Abomination of Desolation (claims to be god and demands to be worshiped as such). Poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be prince, prince wants to be king, king wants to be god and rule everything. As such, MBS will likely be the Saudi’s 8th King once he sets foot in the rebuilt Jewish temple half way through the tribulation. After all, he is already the focus of ‘those who worship the dragon and the beast.’ He now wants the Jews to worship him along with the rest of the world (via the destruction of his previous accommodation and approval of the worshipping of the false mystery religions.) It’s not enough that Satan has deceived almost 2 billion Muslims. He now wants to be worshipped by the rest of the earth by Hindus, Buddhists, et.al.  Satan destroys the false ‘mystery religion’ being propagated by the False Prophet, so he can be the only focus of mankind’s worship. These false religions served their satanic purpose by deceiving men and leading men away from Christ, now is time to throw these other false religions into the fire so men are forced to worship Satan, through MBS exclusively.

Hence, MBS’ role will have changed from beast/prince to king to Antichrist at this point. He is indwelt by Satan in order for Satan to satisfy his claim that he will rise to be like the true God and to be worshipped as such. As a spiritual entity, Satan can only possess and indwell a flesh and blood human man. Satan has done everything in his power to raise MBS up through the evil bottomless pit of the House of Saud, to become a Crown Prince, to become a King, and now that Satan has possessed him to become the world-wide Antichrist. At this point, MBS is completely under Satan’s authority and power and ensues to blaspheme God and Jesus Christ.

The timing of when MBS became Crown Prince is known (June 2017). When he becomes king is when his father succumbs the throne to MBS (this could be through death or a short political reign for one reason or another – health?). The actual timing is unimportant, all we are told is that the 7th king’s reign is for a ‘short time or while.’ His term could be 5, 6, 7 or 8 years.

Where else is there a family/political dynasty on earth that has had seven (7) consecutive kings that rule a country from the same genetic line? In the Middle East? During the time of Israel’s rebirth from a valley of dry bones to a budding fig tree? Saudi Arabia’s current 7th king and future 8th king fit the Biblical narratives set forth by the Word of God. 7th and 8th kings from the bottomless pit of evil, money, power, influence, corruption (5 Satanic influences). MBS is prince when he confirms the covenant. MBS becomes an Antichrist when he is worshiped as a mujaddid by Muslims, and then becomes the worldwide Antichrist when he is indwelt by Satan.

The timing of John the Apostle’s vision regarding the 8 Kings from the bottomless pit of the House of Saud – 5 ‘fallen’, 1 ‘is current’, 2 ‘are future’.

Why is this even a topic worth mentioning? What is the point? Is there a point? Yes, there is a point. And it is VERY important, from a prophetic viewpoint. In that, it is a ‘viewing point’ of the latter days, leading up to the tribulation. How so?

First, as Christians, we know that the Triune God gave John the Apostle a vision and knowledge of many things pertaining to the days leading up to and into the tribulation and after. The Holy Spirit carried him into the future, from his particular life in time, to witness things that he then explained in his Revelation of Jesus Christ. One of the visions he was given, while in the Holy Spirit, was of the 5 kings that were fallen, a 6th king he was being shown, and that of a 7th king who had not come (but would rule for a short while at some point in the future). Lastly, he was shown a future and last 8th king known and described as the Beast who would be sent to perdition, udder destruction, the lake of fire and brimstone, the second death … alive.

I have attempted to confirm who the 7th and 8th kings are from our point in space and time, relative to the ‘season of the times.’ What about this mysterious sixth king, the king ‘who is’. Why is this king important that John the Apostle was directly being shown? And what possible prophetic importance can he have? Of the 8 kings, why would God single out this particular man?

Consider that God, through the Holy Spirit, could have shown John any or all of the Kings in future ‘real time’. He was not permitted to see the 7th or 8th kings, but only the sixth. What perhaps was God’s reason for this?

The reign of 6th King Abdullah was from 2005 to 2015. This snapshot of time and space is important because it suggests that this time frame is important for us, for Gentiles alive in the final generation. To know that we are indeed in the ‘final season’ prior to our harpazo/rapture and the onset of the tribulation, without any doubt or hesitation. We know that Israel’s prophetic time clock began in 1948. God’s prophetic time clock for the tribulation of Gentile nations suggests that it started during the time of this sixth king. It is beyond the scope of this letter to go into details about what has occurred throughout the entire earth during the time of the sixth king’s reign. Many prophetic things started being revealed over the 5 year period from 2010 to 2015. The time of the sixth king’s reign is a sign post, a flashing light, a notice of when the final season begins and is upon the earth for Gentiles. God has given signs in scripture and the heavens for Jews, and Gentiles alike. The September 23, 2017 occurrence of the ‘great sign in heaven’ is an example of a sign for the Bride of Christ. The 6th Saudi king is a Gentile and a member of the House of Saud and the bottomless pit of evil. His reign (along with all the other past 5 kings and 2 future kings) has been orchestrated by Satan during the growth of this kingdom and the discovery of its bottomless wealth (oil). To a logical mind, clear and sober, this would indicate that God is saying that the age of grace for all Gentiles on earth is coming to a close. It is not important that we don’t know if God considers 2005 or 2015 to be the beginning of the ‘season of the time before the tribulation.’ Just as God spoke generically about the rebirth of Israel, as when you ‘see the fig tree bearing fruit’, he was referring to a time frame or process developing over time. In His divine plan, things develop and take time to grow until their divine timing is ripe to be revealed. Those who can discern can watch this occur, as it happens in ‘real time’ and understand appropriately and accordingly. As God gave a general timeline for Israel, commencing in 1948, he gives a Gentile timeline commencing in 2015. This of course is BEFORE the arrival of the future 7th and 8th kings who would indicate perhaps the middle and end of the ‘Fall Season’ or Season of the Times’ prior to the rapture/harpazo for the Bride and the onset of the tribulation.’

The 5 year period from 2015 to 2020 does indeed represent a 5 year period of great satanic influence on earth of mankind and Gentiles. Time for the ‘Age of Grace’ has almost ended.  As I write this letter, there is exactly only three (3) months remaining in 2019 before the world enters 2020 and a ‘new’ decade. Time is running out before the time begins of God’s great wrath on mankind and Gentile nations. We can know this with certainty by looking at the time frame witnessed by John the Apostle of the 6th king from the House of Saud. Six (6) denotes evil man/men. Seven (7) denotes God’s divine completion to his plan or purpose. Eight (8) denotes new era, new epoch, new season, new time span, new series of events. The 7th Saud King indicates that God is finished with Satan’s status quo in Saudi Arabia and of the evil Gentile world. The 8th Saud King indicates that God is ushering in a new time of tribulation and trial for mankind, Jews and Gentiles. Remember, the seven (7) year tribulation is also referred to as the ‘time or week of Jacob’s trouble.’ A week being seven (7) years and Jacob being a reference to Jews and Israel. God is turning his attention back onto Israel, the redemption of the Jews, wrath towards the Gentile world and arranging the coming Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth.

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