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Freaky romance: Kazakh bodybuilder intends to marry sex doll

Freaky romance: Kazakh bodybuilder intends to marry sex doll

18 Mar, 2020 RT

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has sent social media into a frenzy after announcing that he intends to marry his plastic girlfriend Margo, whom he treats like a real lady.

The silicone sex doll has its own Instagram page run by Tolochko where ‘she’ shares details of their intense wedding preparations.

The athlete, who claims to have been inseparable from Margo since their first meeting, said that he even learnt to cook khinkali – the favorite dish of his plastic girlfriend.

The first picture of the unusual couple emerged on social media in May 2019 with Tolochko promising to soon introduce his new girlfriend to followers.

It remains unknown how serious Tolochko’s intentions are, but the athlete gladly accepts invitations from Russian TV shows where he speaks about his love affair.

The bodybuilder said that after appearing on TV, Margo received numerous negative comments which caused her to develop a complex and forced her to undergo plastic surgery.

There are still no comments from Kazakh officials whether marriage between a man and a sex doll can be officially registered.

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