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Increasing Government Repression, Control and Distress of Nations: The evil of government agents becoming ‘all-knowing.’ Applying a spiritual layer to intel agencies’ power, reach, repression, dominion, detention.’

Increasing Government Repression, Control and Distress of Nations: The evil of government agents becoming ‘all-knowing.’ Applying a spiritual layer to intel agencies’ power, reach, repression, dominion, detention.

By Craige McMillanPublished November 22, 2019 WND

Omniscience – being all knowing – is one of the qualities that makes God, God. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). It is the quality of knowing everything about everyone, even that which we have hidden from others.

Fortunately, God is also good. He does not use his deep and intimate knowledge of us for evil purposes. I’ve sometimes wondered what it must be like for God to know all the secret desires of men and women in today’s depraved world? It can’t be pleasant!

The problem of omniscience outside of God’s hands raises an interesting question about our intelligence agencies, both here in America and those of foreign nations. These secret government bureaucracies through their 1. clandestine relationships with2.  internet search engines, 3. social media platforms, 4.mtelephone infrastructure and 5. satellite monitoring have come as close as is humanly possible to knowing everything about everyone.

Omniscience, infinite knowledge about each and every one of us, has been the devil’s dream from day one. The argument for intel agencies having all this knowledge about all of us is that it can be used to prevent another 9/11 terrorist attack. Except … having the knowledge didn’t prevent 9/11. Nor did it prevent the other domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Is it possible that our intelligence agencies don’t view preventing terrorist attacks as their job? Perhaps over time they have come to view having the “right” political leaders in office as their job. After all, the politicians they know are willing to pursue an agenda – albeit a secret one – the agencies want to pursue.

Maybe even the “wrong” politician can be guided down the path these agencies want to pursue – provided the agencies have some information about the person’s secret proclivities, information that should it leak out would ruin the person’s career or even end his or her life in prison. In this case, even the “wrong” elected official can be the “right” one.

That being the case, does having the “right” politician in office also include removing the “wrong” politician from office, even if We the People elected that individual? Given the events of the last three (3) years surrounding Donald Trump’s election and presidency, it certainly seems that way. Didn’t Sen. Chuck Schumer tell Trump as much with his “six ways from Sunday” warning?

Evil sometimes overtakes us suddenly. More often, however, the process is gradual. We hardly even notice it happening – and if we do, we placate ourselves with the certainty that we are preventing something far worse through our actions.

Our modern intelligence agencies arose out of war. That is a condition where a nation’s very survival or existence is at stake. Knowing an enemy’s intent is invaluable to achieving victory over them. Once the war has ended, however, it is easy to see how valuable knowing another nation’s political intentions could be to our own nation’s foreign policy. Our leadership would know the real intent of our adversaries before entering into treaties and other agreements.

If we know what another nation is really planning, it might seem helpful to nudge them along in the direction we want them to go. Perhaps that means taking sides in their domestic squabbles. Maybe it is arming one side in the dispute. Or might it mean electing the “right” political leadership inside their nation. Does it also include removing the “wrong” political leadership?

If it is beneficial to interfere in foreign nations, maybe it would help domestically, too. Maybe framing a newly elected president for the very actions you are committing to facilitate his removal from office is the lesser of two evils. Maybe the will of the voters is less important than the continuation of your secret agency’s secret plans.

By having intimate knowledge of the new president and his advisers, it would be easy to set up a crime that never occurred. So easy. So very easy. Is that what happened

The Fourth Amendment to our Constitution was meant to guarantee that the government cannot gain access to our private papers (where we put our thoughts all those years ago) without enough evidence to convince a judge that we may have committed a crime. Without a warrant, our Constitution gives government no ability to collect anything private about anybody, let alone collect and store everything about everybody – forever. The Bible tells us clearly that even God forgives and forgets – for Christ’s sake.

The founders were brilliant, but it was their knowledge of human nature and history that has saved us, at least until now. Today we have to ask the question: Can a nation whose citizens are ignorant of both humanity and history use the tools the founders left for us to save the world from tyranny?

Perhaps the impending darkness is why the Creator has stepped into the fray. Evil will not hesitate to use its already obtained secret knowledge about national leaders to blackmail and control the entire world.

The “Left Behind” novel series lulled the Christian Church into a deep slumber, from which it has yet to awake. In fact the Bible portrays the Gates of Hell as barred shut against the onslaught of the Church. “Jesus came back, ‘God bless you, Simon, son of Jonah! You didn’t get that answer out of books or from teachers. My Father in heaven, God himself, let you in on this secret of who I really am. And now I’m going to tell you who you are, really are. You are Peter, a rock. This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.'”

God has given His Church power over the evil that now assails our world. Will the Church awaken from its multi-generational slumber and use that power? Or have the churches become too enamored with their sales of fire insurance in the world to come?

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