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Increasingly Perilous and Dangerous Times, November 2019: MIGRANT CRISIS LAID BARE. Shocking video of suspected migrants ‘struggling to breathe’ rescued from lorry in Essex. Videos.

Increasingly Perilous and Dangerous Times, November 2019: MIGRANT CRISIS LAID BARE. Shocking video of suspected migrants ‘struggling to breathe’ rescued from lorry in Essex. Videos.

EXCLUSIVE Brittany Vonow November 24, 2019

THIS is the shocking moment suspected migrants stagger out from the back of a lorry, struggling to breathe.


The men can be seen falling to their knees as they are rescued on the side of the M25 in Essex.

The disturbing footage is just the latest to lay bare the migrant crisis that sees desperate men and women risk their lives to reach the UK. 

Heartless human traffickers are also cashing in on migrants’ dreams of a new life in Britain – charging tens of thousands of pounds to smuggle them over the border.

Just last month, 39 Vietnamese nationals were tragically found dead inside a refrigerated container, sparking one of Britain’s biggest murder investigations ever.

While police have been left scrambling to lay charges against those involved, the families of the victims have been left reeling from their devastating loss.

And just three days ago, Essex police were again put on high alert as they were called to reports of a lorry near Waltham Abbey, filled with ten (5+5) migrants.

Witness Bill told The Sun Online: “I had pulled into look at my car and I saw some commotion.

“I looked up and there were people standing behind the lorry and the police came flying up.”

The 29-year-old said he couldn’t believe his eyes as police began to help the men out of the back of the lorry, believed to be Polish, on the side of the M25.

He said: “It looked like they were struggling to breathe, there’s no ventilation in the trucks.

“They were just down on the floor, it was mental.”

The footage shows at least two men fall to their knees as they gasp for breath.

At least one person was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

Ten (5+5) men were ultimately arrested on suspicion of immigration offences, while the lorry driver was also detained by cops. It is unclear where the men came from.

Even today, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution rescued a group of around 10 (5+5) suspected migrants – including children – from a boat.

The vessel was found in the English Channel, with authorities bringing them ashore at Dover.

They will now be processed by Border Force officials.

As of June (6) this year, people traffickers have already sneaked 550 (5) migrants across the Channel. The disturbing figure was on track to double last year’s tally of over 500 (5) people arriving in the UK.

Since the Vietnamese migrants were found in October, Essex Police have launched a massive investigation which has seen a number of people charged.

The lorry driver Mo Robinson, 25, from Northern Ireland, has been charged with a string of offences, including over 36 (6×6) counts of manslaughter.

Today, 23-year-old Christopher Kennedy was also charged with human trafficking over the tragedy.

But the migrant crisis has continued unabated with fears around 1,200 (6+6) would-be migrants are still living in makeshift tent villages in woodland on the outskirts of the Calais port.

The Sun located another migrant camp in France, where Vietnamese migrants had forked out £25,000 (5×5) to get from China into Germany.

They were finally driven to France, left in the muddy camp to wait for a chance to get into the UK.

And Calais is not the only port struggling with an influx of migrants ready to risk their lives to get to the UK.

The tiny port town of Ouistreham regularly sees migrants running after trucks in a desperate attempt to reach Britain.

Harrowing footage captured by the Sun Online showed how one was even dragged after a truck as he tried to get inside. 

Meanwhile, Zeebrugge, the Belgian port where the ill-fated container holding the 39 Vietnamese victims travelled through, regularly sees migrants throwing themselves over barbed-wire fences to sneak into containers.

If you saw anything in relation to the Waltham Abbey truck call cops on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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