Economic Collapse

Global Economic Collapse: We Are on the Brink of the Second Great Depression (not ‘recession’). 40 minute video. Well explained. Must Watch if you are ‘economics’ minded. ‘Confirmed/Agreed.’ ‘Like the pains of woman in labor.’

Global Economic Collapse:  We Are on the Brink of the Second Great Depression (not ‘recession’)

November 25, 2019 by IWB

Recent conversation between Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones. Their part is about the first 40 minutes. In this video, Ray highlights some problematic similarities between our times and the 1930s. Panelists provide ‘Macro’ level awareness of how the ‘system is broken.’

Greenwich Economic Forum

Yahoo Finance Video November 1, 2019

The Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) is a global alternative investment industry conference that convenes some of the brightest minds in global finance for discussions on global trade, capital markets and investing. GEF is C-suite level event of 400 leaders and executives at a waterfront setting in Greenwich, CT.

‘Three’ Correlations / Similarities between the 1930’s and 2020. (Using a ‘natural disaster’ analogy, think of the following as …)

  1. Large Wealth Gap / Large Political Gap ( think increasing ‘famines/floods’)
  2. Absence of Effective Monetary Policy Worldwide. Monetary and Fiscal Policy are ‘out of whack’ WORLD WIDE. No coordination. (think increasing ‘wildfires’)
  3. Change in the ‘world order.’ (Trade, Technology, Geo-Political, Capital, Financial) (think increasing ‘earthquakes and hurricanes’).

‘ALL increasing like the pains of a woman in labor.’

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