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A year on from Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Saudi Arabia (and the rest of the world) is lurching towards hysterical chaos. Even the secular world watches what the Beast is doing. Two witnesses is a ‘confirmation’ of a matter.

A year on from Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Saudi Arabia (and the rest of the world) is lurching towards hysterical chaos. Even the secular world watches what the Beast is doing. Two witnesses is a ‘confirmation’ of a matter.

Robert Fisk   Monday 30 September 2019. The Independent.

The Saudis are taking a pasting. Video pictures from the Houthis of Saudi soldiers and their allies killed or surrendering inside the Saudi border town of Najran represent a devastating blow to a kingdom which is constantly threatening war against Iran. 

If it can’t protect its own armed forces inside Saudi territory, what is the point of wasting time menacing Iran with military action over the massive destruction of the oil facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais almost two weeks ago?

This is the same Saudi Arabia which kidnapped Lebanon’s prime minister Saad Hariri, bombed thousands of civilians in Yemen and tried to wipe out Qatar’s independence. Not to mention the little matter of chopping up Jamal Khashoggi almost one year ago in the country’s Istanbul consulate and then secretly burying bits of his body, for which Mohamed bin Salman – perhaps the worst crown prince in Saudi history (world’s greatest beast, evil dictator and future antichrist)– now takes national (but not personal) responsibility.

The news that King Salman’s (7th King in the line of Saud – ‘short while’) personal bodyguard has now been murdered in Jeddah – betrayed by a “friend”, (Israel – betrayed by a “friend” –Most Blasphemous Sin, MbS in Jerusalem) we are told – only adds a hysterical note to the chaos within the country.

Are the Americans now going to be asked to act as mercenaries for this bizarre kingdom? (Revived 10 nation EU military coalition will be the Beast’s mercenaries for an ‘hour’ and act with a ‘single purpose or mind’ to do the beast’s bidding during the upcoming tribulation – fight located Islamic terror cells, enforce and then destroy the ‘mystery religion’ promoted by Francis, fight with and on behalf of the Beast at Armageddon. Three (3) military operations indicating ‘emphasis and intensity.’ ALL are short, for ‘one hour’).

Clearly Saudi Arabia’s own armed forces, clotted with jet fighters, missiles, American – and British – assistants, are as hopeless as they always were. Remember how they couldn’t defend themselves from Saddam after his invasion of Kuwait in 1990, which brought a pageant of international armies to “protect” them? (forshadowing the beast’s need for a ‘revived 10 nation military coalition from the EU’ to ‘protect him’).

The Iranians may have concluded that Donald Trump – in the immortal words of American columnist Nicholas Kristof – is “the mother of all bunny rabbits”, but it seems pretty clear that Trump’s decision to tear up US commitments under the Iranian nuclear deal is a colossal disaster. 

He’s now supposed to defend a vicious monarchy that threatens war against Iran for its (Houthi?) attacks on Saudi’s major oil installations – but with what? Does he bomb Iran and then ask it not to shoot back? At American ships? At US troops in Saudi Arabia?

In fact, this whole wretched saga is beginning to look less like “War in the Middle East” and more like “Carry On Up the Gulf”. We are supposed to take Iran seriously. But can this be done when it’s principal opponent – a kingdom which spoke of “cutting off the head of the snake” (Iran) – behaves like a buffoon? (‘cutting off the heads of the tribulation saints’ by those who worship the dragon and the beast).

It may be too soon to say that this is the ultimate crisis in US-Saudi relations; we know how Saudi money can quieten the entire world’s morality (NEOM Babylon – great city rules over the kings of the earth) over the dissection of poor Jamal. Since our very own Downing Street buffoon takes the Saudi side, there’s no point in waiting for comment from the UK. (Brexit – a divided European region over its role in dividing Jerusalem and making it their concern and  business of politicians).

But pretty soon, the Americans or the EU are going to have to do what Eisenhower did when he sent Dulles off to admonish Eden during the 1956 Suez War and say: “Whoa Boy!” (America will ‘back off’ and  disengage either because it is unable and/or unwilling – America’s power has declined).

Meanwhile stand by for the next episode in the “Carry On” saga. (seven – 7 – year tribulation, God’s divine completion of His plan or purpose). Another Saudi roar of defiance at the Islamic Republic? Another oil tanker snaffled off to Bandar Abbas? More drones – coming 30 (6×5)  at a time – deep inside Saudi territory? Or just more bombed wedding parties or prisoners’ bodies in the dust of Yemen? 

I’d bank on the latter. It will be another attempt to destroy one of the poorest countries in the world by one of the world’s richest. (‘who can fight against or make war with the beast’, who has a 10 nation army watching his back and will act with one purpose of military mind and will give their will to him to do his bidding.)

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