Increasing Doctrines of Devils, False Practices, Evil Dogmas, Paganism and Humanism: SPEND A WEEK IN THE ‘BLACK ROCK DESERT’: A LOOK AT WHAT REALLY GOES ON AT BURNING MAN FESTIVAL. Is this 2019 A.D. or 2019 B.C.? You can’t tell the difference. Burning Man Festival has become one of the most popular (occult/pagan) festivals in the world. MUST READ! ‘Black Rock’ City. $1,500 (5+5+5) tickets.

Increasing Doctrines of Devils, False Practices, Evil Dogmas, Paganism and Humanism: SPEND A WEEK IN THE ‘BLACK ROCK DESERT’: A LOOK AT WHAT REALLY GOES ON AT BURNING MAN FESTIVAL. Is this 2019 A.D. or 2019 B.C.? You can’t tell the difference.

August 28, 2019. Popular Everything.

 Another Burning Man has come and gone. This year’s 70,000 (7) attendees that showed up to spend nine days living in the desert proves just how much the event has grown since its founding in 1986. Burning Man is an annual, nine-day expression of art, celebration, and bonfires in the Nevada desert. Artists and partygoers from all over the world hop into their campers and trek to Black Rock City to let out their creativity and celebrate freedom from their everyday responsibilities.

The Burning Man Festival has become one of the most popular (occult/pagan) festivals in the world, each year attracting people of all ages, ethnicities, interests, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Are you fascinated by Burning Man but never thought to make the trip? Spend a week in the desert with us, and we’ll show you what really goes on.

It all started in 1986 in San Francisco as a small function arranged by Larry Harvey, Jerry James and a group of their friends. Harvey, an artist, made a 9-foot tall wooden sculpture of a man and decided to burn it a nearby beach as a bonfire for the Summer Solstice.

From 1986-1989 Burning Man was held in Baker Beach in San Francisco. In 1990, a separate event was planned by Kevin Evans and John Law in a large remote, dried-up lake, called a playa. This area is known as the ‘Black Rock’ Desert and is located about 110 miles north of Reno, Nevada.

Humble Beginnings

Although the event’s origins are as old as the 1980s, Burning Man did not operate under a legal event permit until 1991. The gathering opened to the public in 1996, by this year the festival had grown to 8,000 attendees.

The original Burning Man had a total of 20 attendees in 1986. By 2014, this number was an astounding 65,922 people. Today the gathering has grown drastically over the years with more than 70,000 people attending Burning Man in 2018.

Trade Agreement

For most of its history, Burning Man was a for-profit event. However, in 2014 (‘6’ years ago), ownership was transferred to a non-profit organization called “The Burning Man Project.” Harvey decided the corporate ideal was against Burning Man values. The only things you can purchase with money are ice and coffee at center camp.

Co-founder Larry Harvey said, “Burning Man is like a big family picnic. Would you sell things to one another at a family picnic? No, you’d share things.” All items are exchanged based on “gifting” – yes, even things from vendors. The community supplies food, drinks, and trinkets, in exchange for things you’re willing to share!

Celebrate Newbies!

If it’s your first time at the festival, be prepared to get dirty immediately. When you enter the gate to Black Rock City, you’ll be asked to raise your hand if you’re new to Burning Man, or if you are a “Burning Man virgin.” And then those first-timers are expected to drop their bags and dive onto the ground, roll around in the dust and yell, “I’m a virgin no more!” Yes, this is really a tradition!

Cover Up

Dust gets absolutely everywhere. Everyone will inevitably be covered from head to toe in the fine soot that rises from the dry playa. But it’s so much a part of the experience, and most attendees quickly get accustomed to this situation.

Except its not really dust or sand – it’s the alkaline remains of a dried-up lake. The particles are much lighter than regular dust or sand, and it’s almost white, it’s also very fine, so it gets everywhere. You’ll find this white stuff in all the nooks and crannies of your car, tent, clothes, pillow, even your eyelashes.


The alkaline residue is lighter than regular sand—is almost white—and so fine that it gets everywhere! You know you will be filthy while staying on the playa, but what are your options for bathing? Good news, there is a bathing station. However, you will be joined by other bath buddies. First, you have to share lather and wash others; in the end, you get washed by others.

You’ll go through an organized rotation of being first a rinser, scrubber, and soaper until you finally get to be scrubbed by fellow burners. You should have no problem making friends here! And when you get home; be prepared to spend a week washing yourself and everything you brought with you!

Desert Life

The event comes to play in the summer solstice, in late August, and everyone knows it gets hot in the middle of the desert. The weather is super-harsh; the temperatures during the day can reach over 100 (5+5) degrees. But besides the fact that deserts get cold at night, Burning Man is held on an elevated plateau.

The area is 4,000 feet above sea level, so nighttime temperatures can drop as low as the 30s. The land is flat, so blinding windstorms are common. The whole Burning Man zone is known as the “playa,” and it’s incredibly dusty.

Dress Up!

Don’t be boring! Express yourself! Wearing a unique costume is an absolute must, whether it’s some form of make-up, a crazy hat, or even just a mask—to stand out is a must for any burner! The wilder the costume, the better!

Burning Man is the place to be artistic and express yourself to the limit. You will be shocked to see what some in the community will wear. Some burners spend months or even plan for their costumes a year in advance.

Love is in the Air

This event is all about love. Firstly, ditch the handshake at Burning Man, the custom is to greet people with a hug. There’s even a camp that trades hugs called “Hug Deli,” which trades varieties of hugs. And don’t forget the kissing booth, get ready to pucker up with strangers!

There is also a legend that judges will grant a kiss to the creators of the best art exhibits. To top it off, there are even swinger-themed camps and nude camps for those who are curious

Wedding Bliss

Every wedding should be a memorable one. For many couples who attend Burning Man together, Black Rock City is a popular choice when they choose to tie the knot. The Burning Man community has a specialized team for that. The idea is that the wedding is a spiritual one, where the vows matter more than a license.

Burning Man features an official pyramid style temple, where couples can say “I do” before a chosen religious official or justice of the peace. Legally! There are no legal requirements concerning what you must do or say at your wedding, and the couple can create any sort of ritual, game, or party they wish. But before heading to the playa, simply stop by the Pershing County Clerk’s office first to get a marriage license, so that the wedding will be legit!

Silicon Valley and Hollywood Hang Out

Although Burning Man started as a low-key, grassroots bonfire, in the last decade it has become a hot spot for Silicon Valley moguls. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Drew Houston of Dropbox and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have all played in the desert. (World’s obscenely ‘rich’ and spiritually ‘bankrupt’ – those who are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.)

Celebs such as Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Alexander Polinsky, Susan Sarandon, Katy Perry, and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio have also attended the festival. Everyone is welcome to the playa regardless of their status, but they need to leave their ego behind. (worldly ‘rich’, spiritually ‘destitute.’)

Staying Fit

Fitness enthusiasts will not be left out at Burning Man! The festival hosts roller skating, pole-dancing sessions, meditation classes, dance parties and there is even a marathon. A great opportunity to party and stay in shape.

Get ready to stretch in the desert! Yoga is a common practice on the playa. Feel free to join in on a class or start a class of your own. Spontaneous events pop up throughout the desert to be ready to have some fun!

Out of This World

The sky in the desert has minimal light pollution and is extremely dark at night which makes it perfect for stargazing. Views from the ‘middle’ of the Black Rock Desert are spectacular. In 2014 (6 years ago) a group of desert burners built an observatory, this Black Rock Observatory allows fellow burners to see the rings of Saturn and six (6) moons of Jupiter. You can see billions of miles into the outer solar system with a parabolic mirror.

Everyone is Welcome

As Burning Man is becoming more popular, families are a big part of the community. Everyone is welcome; young and old. It’s quite common for burner parents to bring their young children. Anyone under 18 (6+6+6) must be accompanied by a guardian, and children under 12 (6+6) are admitted for free.

Young burners even bring their older parents to experience something they have never seen in their lifetimes. It gives them a chance to bond as a family and it may help some reminisce back to their hippy days.

It’s a Community

The Burning Man official website stresses that Burning Man is actually not a festival. It is a community; a cultural society that ‘connects each individual to their creativity’. Black Rock City is a temporary city made for the purpose of the event. It is Nevada’s third-largest city for one week.

Burning Man does not arrange any entertainment for the event, but instead encourages fellow burners to perform for the community. Art is expressed in all ways. Be prepared to see some strange and amazing things. This city is all about expression and creativity.

Art is Everywhere

The entire city comes together from the collective efforts of all the burners. Thousands unite to build a city and create unforgettable scenery. People from all walks of life collaborate their creativity and artwork. The desert sky sets the perfect scene for some of the most unique creations.

Those who want to take part in the Burning Man festival can choose to participate in many different ways. Many create art installations, mutant vehicles, host theme camps or create performance art.

Best Way to Get Around

Biking is the ideal method to get around Burning Man. Attendees often dress their bikes in elaborate ways, decorating with furs, feathers, and paint so they don’t take someone else’s bike by accident.

Sure you can travel by foot but having a bicycle makes commuting around the barren desert much easier. Many people transform their bikes into amazing works of art.

Community Workshops

There are plenty of workshops to join while on the playa; including holotropic Breathing, DIY energy machine, gong meditation, laughter yoga, radical improv, (introduction to open relationships and polyamory)

There are various workshops throughout the day. A great way to stay entertained and avoid the desert heat midday. Partner yoga is also extremely popular, there is no shortage of partner options! This is a great ice breaker when meeting new people.

The Rules

In 2004 co-founder Larry Harvey created 10 (5+5) strict principles as part of the Burning Man framework. These rules must be followed while in the city 1) Radical Inclusion: This states that anyone can be a part of Burning Man. All strangers are respected and welcomed. 2) Gifting: The event is devoted to giving; something in exchange is not expected.

3) Demodification: Creating a social environment by resisting capital exploitation through sponsorship or advertising. 4) Radical Self-reliance: A gifter should respect the rights of the recipient. 5) Radical Self-expression: Only an individual offering a unique gift can determine its content.

The rules continue, 6) Communal Effort: Promoting and producing cooperation and collaboration. 7) Civic Responsibility: Responsibility for public welfare. 8) Leaving No Trace: Respecting the environment, cleaning up and leaving no physical trace of any activities in nature.

9) Participation: Everyone is invited to work and play. 10) Immediacy: Creating an immediate experience; one that overcomes barriers of our inner selves, the reality around us and participation in society.

(Night Watchman Note: These 10 (5+5) ‘rules’ or ‘values’ sound eerily familiar compared to Pope Francis’ currently promoted ‘mystery religion’, ecology – inclusiveness – brotherhood – community – equality – humanistic solutions – public welfare – collaboration through ‘inter-religious dialogue’ – all ‘spiritual/religious’ values are willed by God, human rights, migrant (visitor rights), socialism – rejecting capitalistic sins, Read the section included in this analysis regarding Pagan ‘weddings.’ Do you see the connections between paganism and what the False Prophet is currently promoting to the world’s uneducated, outside of ‘Silicon Valley’ – those who are ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth)

Sites You Will Never Forget

Every year will see different, outrageous art pieces you will never forget and will blow your mind. But don’t worry after the event they continue to live on. At the end of the festival, many of the pieces of artwork get a second life.

The only objects that are burned are the (Man and the ‘main temple’) The other artworks are sent to various locations to be put on display at various exhibitions and museums. Some of these works of art are also rented out to other festivals, private parties, and cultural events.

The Most Incredible Sunsets

You will see some of the most beautiful sunsets and surprises ever.  Surrounded by a sky as if it were painted by watercolors with a pirate ship sailing by… this the fantasy you will get while staying in the playa.

Beauty and art are all around you. The possibilities are endless. Artists are encouraged to build and bring works that pay homage to themes. This ship is actually a means of transportation called a mutant vehicle or “art car”. This is a motorized creation that shows little or no resemblance to its original form. (same as the transition from Lucifer to Satan).

The Man

As per tradition, on the last night of the event, a sculpture of a man is burned. Although the original man was approximately eight feet tall, by the second year he had grown to 15 (5+5+5) and doubled to 30 (6×5) feet by the third year and 40 (8×5) feet by the fourth year. In 2014 (6 years ago) the burning man rose to 105 feet, the largest in its history. The only objects that are burned at the event are The Man and The Temple.

(Night Watchman Note: Before the temple burns, Burners write a message to loved ones that have passed on and toss it into the flames. Also, a ‘wicker man’ is a pagan relic or idol that was made out of wicker, a straw like material, and burned for various pagan beliefs and reasons. ‘Burning Man’ is almost a complete replication of this ancient, pagan practice…but with a ‘modern’ twist to it.)

Crow’s Eye View

This aerial view of the ‘Black Rock Desert’ is astounding evidence proving how much Burning Man has grown. What was once a few tents and flags in the desert is now the size of a city in the US

This year the nine-day gathering in the desert now draws close to over 70,000 people and includes memorizing costumes, unforgettable art installations, spontaneous musical performances, and ‘lots of partying’. It is crucial one follows the 10 (5+5) principles in order to fit into this community because according to burners, it’s ‘how you live life’.

Coming Full Circle

One of the intriguing art installations present at this year’s Burning Man festival was “Stone 27,” an interactive collection of 27 stones, suspended in mid-air. Created by Benjamin Langholz, it invited attendees to ascend the stair before reaching the top and descending back down again.

(Night Watchman note: this is a satanic mimicry or ‘play’ on his attempt to reach the throne of the ‘most high’ but instead is thrown back down to the depths of hell. Likewise, men try to reach or ascend to heaven by their own works or accords, but will not reach heaven and instead be thrown back down into hell because of their sin, rejection of Christ as their Savior and rebellion against God – in thought, word and deed. The use of ‘stones’ is also symbolic in that Satan uses stones in many of his deceptions of mankind. The ‘black stone’ (black meteorite with 15 black hearts) in lslams most ‘holy’ Mecca Mosque. The ‘Black Cube’ in Mecca. The ‘Black Stones’ of the Vatican’s false prayer app to ‘Miriam.’ The ‘Black Wizard’ rock in the US. The ascension stones of ‘Black Rock City.’ The ‘Black Knight’ alien satellite or spaceship delusion. The ‘Black Heart’ of the ‘Black River’ LGBT pride poppy. ‘Black Stone’ Baphomet Idol/Statue. Evil men’s minds and hearts are as heavy and dull as black stones. It is better for an evil man to have a stone tied around his neck and thrown to the bottom of the sea, than to face the wrath of the Lamb on the day of the white throne judgement. Interestingly, ‘Burning Man’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Although the moniker ‘burning man’ sounds ‘cool’, it is anything but that. In truth it is ‘hot’ and most of these poor souls (that are financially wealthy if they can afford $1,500 tickets) will not find their place in heaven for eternity. Everything at this ‘party/festival’ in the desert is pagan, a rebellion against God and how He would have men live. The festival is also a rejection and omission of Christ. Lastly, the ‘playa’ is a triumph of man’s humanistic worship and desire ‘do as thou wilst’. Five satanic influences of humanistic values include; ‘extreme’ self-expression, self-determination, self-illumination, self-enjoyment, self-worship. It is a physical representation of man’s efforts to create a subjective, flexible, non-objective, false moral reality. A physical manifestation of relativism, with man at the center of it and not God/Christ. ‘Do as thou wilst, in mind, body and spirit.’ This has been Satan’s modus operandi since iniquity was first found in him. They call it a ‘playa’ and yes, Satan is playing them for everything they are worth, including $1,500.)

Formed around a central suspension pillar, these elevated rocks acted as a climbing frame of sorts, encouraging people to do more than stare at it! The art piece was positioned in the playa and was one of the smaller, more minimal works of art present this year.

Appealing to All Walks of Life

Burning Man isn’t just fun for the young and carefree, despite the provocative antics that take place it also caters to families and children. As seen here, many parents aren’t afraid to bring their little ones along with them on the journey. It’s an excuse to dress up after all!

The festival even encourages the whole family to join, as children up to 12 (6+6) years old given entrance free of charge. While the festival organizers admit its not necessarily the easiest task, they compare the experience to camping with children. They even have a “Black Rock Explorers” program for kids that acts as an on-site day-care/summer camp.

A Giant Talking and Walking Puppet

Something you’re unlikely to have ever seen before unless you were one of the lucky few who were in attendance is a giant talking and walking puppet. “Stepping Forward,” (‘Backward to 2019 B.C.) a moving art piece suspended mid-air with the help of a construction vehicle, is a 20+ feet tall marionette puppet, created by Carros de Foc and Miguel Angel Martin Bordera.

She is an interactive piece as well, requiring the help of fellow attendees to pull on her strings to move her arms and legs. She was paraded across the playa during the day, before retiring to a bed on the playa at night. They also changed her outfit every day, making her the ‘living doll’ of the festival.

(Night Watchman note: Satan is pulling the strings of the men who are pulling the strings of the ‘puppet.’)

Clean, Organized Camping

Most of the festival-goers arrange for planned camping in registered camps. Even if you prefer to do your own thing and not enlist anywhere, you’d still struggle to find a space available to set up a tent! Space gets filled up by the first day with thousands of revelers.

Despite the influx of people into the Black Rock Desert, they have a strict MOOP policy. MOOP, which stands for “Matter Out Of Place,” dictates that the playa should be in the same condition as it was before – so no littering of any sort. This desire to return the desert to its original state makes Burning Man one of the most ecologically-aware festivals in the world.

A Head That’s Sure to Mess With You

Another trippy art installation that featured this year is this giant smiling head, a 40-feet tall “meditating mind” that reveals crystalline stained glass at the side of its skull. Created by the Pier Group, people would cue up for a chance to go inside, which revealed it’s well-kept secret – its a 3 story maze!

This bizarre building was a hidden labyrinth featuring a variety of hidden doors and unexpected rooms. The Pier Group stated that the piece is their attempt to, “help everyone who struggles with their mind know that they are not alone, that we struggle too, and it’s ok to feel a little mad in this society.”

(Night Watchman Note: Hidden labyrinth, maze, doors, rooms and madness … just like in hell. They will not be alone, many others will be there too. A struggle, of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Bitter remorse and anguish once they realize whom they have rejected. A true description of what it will be like in the ‘society’ of hell. The ‘playa’ will have moved from a hot desert to a hot hell and there will be no cool drinks to quench their thirst. They will try to escape and will not, opening one door after another, but will only find madness in room after room after room. Being ‘lost’ and in hell will literally bring madness.)

Supply and Demand: Yoga Acrobatics

With an existing reputation for appealing to alternative communities, acro yoga is also now catered for at the festival. Having previously only offered yoga, demand has lead to the introduction of this vigorous activity. It requires two people to pull it off, with one acting as a “base” for the person on top.

There are acro yoga camps at Burning Man, offering classes from beginner to advanced as well as just shared space to practice in. There was even a Camp Space Jam that held classes in space-inspired outfits: While dress-up probably wasn’t mandatory, it’s unlikely you’d want to be the odd one out at that class!

Their Own Brand of Monster Trucks

In an art installation that gives us Mad Max flashbacks, this mutant vehicle was a traveling show as it revved passed the festival-goers along the playa. As described by the official Burning Man site, mutant vehicles are, “unique, motorized creations that either show little or no resemblance to their original form, or to any standard street vehicle.” Well, that clears it up then!

They are encouraged to be built and brought to the festival, described as being integral to the Burning Man community. “They contribute to the surreal, visual quality that binds Black Rock City together,” they assert. They certainly are unique, and we can see how they’d add to the offbeat experience.

(Night Watchman note: With its ‘mad max’ iconic apocalyptic imagery and creations, it will not be all fun and games in the sand, during the 7 year tribulation. Almost no gas. No new cars to be bought, old cars to be refurbished with whatever can be found. Mass human displacement and migration across either burning landscapes or desert terrains due to God’s wrath. Many people hanging or clinging to/from broken down vehicles having had to pay a dear price to travel on. Dirty, no showers, no perfume, no fancy clothes, rags hanging on them. One needs to look no further than refugees and asylum seekers today trying to escape countries in Africa and the Middle East. I am not speaking of an apocalyptic ‘hypothesis’ but of a ‘reality’ today. It will be extremely worse during the coming 7 year tribulation and spread to more places.)

The Craziest Costumes Left, Right, and Center

People go all out for their Burning Man experience. Costs are expected to reach $1500 or even more per person, festival-goers naturally want to dress to impress, sparing no cost or effort for the sake of their outfits. Bright colors, revealing clothing and expressive makeup are all a part of the Black Rock experience.

(Night Watchman Note: Reads like a description of an LGBT person. It also describes Satan’s attempt to be the most ‘dazzling’ among the heavenly angels. The ‘burners’ want to ‘fit in,’ be dazzling, part of the crowd and also to stand out. Satan wanted to stand out and be the brightest star amongst the heavenly crowd. LGBT take ‘pride’ in their garish outfits and also want to be accepted and fit in with the rest of society, although they also want to ‘come out and stand out’ for their rebellion against God’s plan.)

Pictured is a man in a tribal native-American headdress and chest piece, with elaborate jewelry in tow. His female companion opted for a more EDM vibe, sporting neon colors, two contrasting wigs, and a fur scarf to really stand-out from the crowd. In a place like Burning Man, everything goes!

An Electrifying Display

In something that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, an organization called “Sextant” built two huge Tesla coils that produced high powered, quality sound. The 32-feet tall coils produced electric sparks that acted as a navigational tool for lost festival-goers.

As well as having a practical purpose at Black Rock, they also acted as an interactive sculpture. People could interact with the giant coils by controlling the spark discharge rate to vary the audible frequencies. Through a keyboard, you could warp the sounds across the audio spectrum!

A Literal Hot-Pot

The dust and humidity of Black Rock Desert definitely came as a shock to the system for most attendees. This year especially saw sky-high temperatures pushing 100 (5+5) degrees, which would have been difficult to bear for the festival builders let alone the festival guests! (Note: It was burning at the burning man festival).

As one of the flattest surfaces in the world, the Black Rock desert does benefit from strong winds to cool off the brave attendees, however, the dust in the air makes eyewear at Burning Man must-have. More often than not, you’ll see people wearing sunglasses or goggles to protect their eyes from the sand.

(Note: Their goggles will protect them from the sand, but not from the ‘son’ whom they reject.)

See all pictures here: Decide for yourself.|

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