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More evidence of ‘gay agenda’ push by pope and his ‘universalist agenda.’

More evidence of ‘gay agenda’ push by pope and his ‘universalist agenda.’

By Scott Lively Published October 28, 2019 WND

Recently, WND covered a Breitbart story about self-identified LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin, who on Oct. 23 questioned publicly whether the Bible is wrong on homosexuality. The Breitbart article features a picture of Martin with Pope Francis, who granted him a private audience earlier in October, raising the question of whether Francis expressly or implicitly granted Martin permission to advance “gay theology” in Catholicism by undermining the authority of Scripture.

It is today no secret that Francis strongly supports the LGBT agenda, though I was attacked by some Catholic allies for suggesting that at the beginning of his papacy. I was one of the first Christian writers to publicly opine that the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict and election of Francis was likely a “palace coup” orchestrated by a “Gay Mafia” in the Vatican, and that Benedict has been their de facto prisoner in Vatican City ever since. There is a significant faction of conservative Catholic activists that makes that same assertion.

Benedict’s predecessor, Pope John Paul, had hinted that such a network of powerful “gays” existed, and Pope Benedict suspiciously “resigned” after receiving the official report of three investigators (cardinals) confirming that it did, and presumably taking action on it. In his pre-papal identity as Cardinal Ratzinger, this stalwartly pro-family pope had literally written the “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” for Pope John Paul, which I consider the gold standard for balancing truth and compassion on the problem of same-sex attraction disorder. It holds the line firmly against the normalization of homosexual sin.

The supposed memoirs of Pope Benedict (2016), which I have suggested were edited by his Vatican minders to whitewash and minimize the influence of the Vatican’s “gay” cabal, admit such a cabal existed, but dismiss it as tiny and quickly disbanded.

Given what I know about homosexuals and their affinity for and adeptness at political intrigue throughout history, it is far more likely that the homosexual “deep state” in the Vatican outmaneuvered Benedict, orchestrated his replacement by one of their own and is using Francis to slowly and incrementally normalize “gay theology” in the church while he pays lip service to tradition in order to prevent the conservatives’ smoldering resentments of his machinations from breaking out into full-scale revolution.

In support of that assessment, I offer a more thorough exposé and chronology of the “Gay Mafia” saga, which was published Nov. 13, 2013, by Vanity Fair (though it is predictably heavily biased in favor of the LGBT perspective). Here is a tidbit from it:

“In February of this year, not long before the College of Cardinals gathered in the Sistine Chapel for the conclave to choose the 266th Pope [Francis], the largest Italian daily newspaper, La Repubblica, reported that a ‘gay lobby’ – a more or less unified cabal of homosexual power brokers – might be operating inside the Vatican. According to the newspaper, the possible existence of this gay lobby was among the many secrets described in a two-volume, 300-page report bound in red and presented to Pope Benedict XVI by three cardinals he had appointed to investigate the affair known as ‘VatiLeaks.’ That scandal, which raised fresh suspicions of endemic corruption within the Curia, had broken the previous year after Paolo Gabriele, the papal butler, made off with some of Benedict’s private papers and leaked them to the press.”

The article then implies that the butler’s intention was to expose what Vanity Fair characterizes as a “blackmail” plot being led by Benedict, but which I would call simply an anti-corruption housecleaning.

To me Vatileaks is strong evidence of a “gay” regime-change campaign very similar to what the globalists are running against President Trump. And significantly, the beneficiary of the alleged Vatican coup, “Pope” Francis, may be the world’s most powerful globalist. In my March 2016 article titled “Pope Francis and Global Government,” I noted:

On Sept. 25, 2015, “Francis, after meeting with Obama at the White House, gave the historic keynote speech at the U.N. that endorsed and launched its so-called ‘new universal agenda’ – a 17-point list of priorities for global governance – in commemoration of the U.N.’s 70th anniversary. Here are his own words, reported by the Vatican: ‘The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development … is an important sign of hope. I am similarly confident that the Paris Conference on Climatic Change will secure fundamental and effective agreements.’ … And then Obama invoked that speech just days later in a global call to fight ‘climate change’ and ensure ‘sustainable development.'”

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that the increasingly ubiquitous phrases “sustainable development” and “climate change” are the key codewords for globalism in this generation. And it is no small matter that this globalist power-grab, unprecedented in its scope, was formally launched by this pope.

There are many Catholics of all stripes who defend Pope Francis as the victim of media misrepresentation, and I, of all people, cannot be unsympathetic to that argument. Yet, the scripture says, “By their fruit you shall know them,” and James Martin is (no pun intended) the latest fruit of Pope Francis’ pro-LGBT tendencies. That he would grant a private audience to a man who symbolizes the campaign to normalize “gay clergy” in Catholicism speaks volumes.

In my book “The Petros Prophecy” (which I offer freely in PDF form by email request), I argue that “gay theology” is the heresy of the last days warned about by the Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 2 and catalog the scriptures addressing homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation – all of which harshly condemn it. It should alarm every believer that this heresy, which directly and blatantly challenges what Catholics call the Deposit of Faith (the moral authority of the Bible), is being systematically advanced in Christendom’s largest denomination. It is all the more significant that the purported successor to Peter himself is the one inviting this wolf into the sheepfold.

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