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Gog/Magog Coalition Coming Against Israel: Why the United States does NOT come to Israel’s military defense when the coalition attempts to invade her. A Prophetic Discernment. Please read. It’s not long.

Gog/Magog Coalition Coming Against Israel: Why the United States does NOT come to Israel’s military defense when the coalition attempts to invade her. A Prophetic Discernment. Please read. It’s not long.

The True Cost of the Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supply. Saudi Arabia has been the kingpin of American strategy toward Iran. Any loosening of Washington’s ties with Riyadh redound to boomerang back to Tehran’s benefit.

The Independent. October 7, 2019, Mohammed Ayoob is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Michigan State University, and a senior fellow for the Center for Global Policy.

(Article excerpts):

However, this escalation seems to have produced unintended consequences. It seems Iran has been successful in sending the message that any attempt by the United States to attack Iran militarily would come at a great cost to the United States, then for its regional allies, in particular Saudi Arabia and Israel. This message was reinforced by the fact that while one heard a lot of bluster emanating from Washington the Trump administration failed to retaliate in concrete fashion for the attacks on the most sensitive Saudi targets.

This sequence of events has eroded the trust that the Saudis and other allies of the United States in the Persian Gulf had reposed in Washington that the latter will come to their aid if they felt their security was threatened. American inaction following the attacks on Saudi oil assets has sent the clear message that Trump does not intend to engage in another costly military involvement in the Middle East to provide security to its allies from their common foe, Iran. Furthermore, the message seems clear that the United States is unwilling to intervene militarily even to avert major global negative economic consequences such as disruption of oil supplies. Most observers in the Gulf perceive the American reluctance to act in the face of what they consider to be Iranian “provocations” as a corollary of Trump’s decision to keep the promise he made to the voters in 2016 to bring American soldiers back home. This interpretation has gained weight in light of the Trump administration’s desperate attempts to find a face-saving formula through talks with the Taliban, so far considered to be international pariahs, to disengage from the Afghanistan imbroglio.

All this seems to have led to serious rethinking among the rulers of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies. Recent credible reports assert that the de facto Saudi ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, has approached the Pakistani and Iraqi prime ministers to act as go-betweens to set up direct high-level talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran in order to reduce tensions between them and, consequently, the threat to Saudi security from Iran. Iran has welcomed the Saudi gestures, stating that it was open to talks with Saudi Arabia, since this could help Tehran to detach the Saudis from the United States and thus ease the regional pressure on Tehran.

Given America’s demonstrated reluctance to come to the aid of Saudi Arabia in case of a confrontation with Iran, the Saudi rulers seem to have calculated that it is in their interest to find accommodation with Tehran before the strategic situation becomes more disadvantageous for them. In this MBS seems to be following the lead of United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, also known as MBZ, who has taken steps to improve relations with Iran among other things by reducing the Emirati involvement in the Yemeni conflict. The beginnings of a Saudi-Iranian rapprochement could also lead to Saudi Arabia disentangling itself from MBS’s disastrous misadventure in Yemen.

Where does this leave the American policy of exercising “maximum pressure” on Iran to force the latter to completely renounce its plans for uranium enrichment, discontinue its ballistic missiles program, and stop its support to proxies and allies in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah and the Assad regime, which Washington perceives as being antagonistic to its strategic goals in the region? Saudi Arabia has been the kingpin of American strategy toward Iran. Any loosening of Washington’s ties with Riyadh is bound to redound to Tehran’s benefit. The prospects of this happening should induce the Trump administration to re-evaluate its own policy of total hostility toward Iran and seek avenues, including back-channel possibilities, to begin its own conversations with Iran in order to find a way to reconcile American demands with Iranian requirements.

(Night Watchman Notes)

Note 1: Ezekiel 38-39 clearly states that NO country, NO ally comes to Israel’s aid when the Gog/Magog coalition attempt to invade Israel. Not even the United States, who is Israel’s strongest ally. A year or 18 months ago, this was unthinkable. Today, it is clearly not unthinkable and the reason has been unfolding in front of our eyes in the past couple of months. The US NO longer wants to provide military defense and support of allies in the Middle East. Trump does NOT want to get involved in another Arab tribal war or skirmish. He wants to bring troops home, and pull out of the Middle East. This occurred about a week ago, when Trump pulled US troops out of Syria, which lead to Turkey (one of the Gog participants) to ‘invade’ Syria. Trump did not respond to, or retaliate against Iran when it attacked Saudi Arabia’s Aramco facilities and oil tankers. Trump even publicly stated that he wants to ‘help Saudi Arabia defend itself.’ Translation: the US will stop becoming Saudi Arabia’s mercenaries. Trump is looking for LESS engagement in the Middle East, and not more. This will ultimately be the case as well for Israel. The thinking is that ‘the fig tree is mature enough’ to defend itself and has the best military and defense capabilities in the Middle East. Netanyahu has already expressed concern that the US will not come to his aid, militarily, if needed. This is part of God’s plan, that no one else (Israel’s allies) can take or share in the glory of saving Israel from Russia/Turkey/Iran. Israel will quickly realize that it is God who saved them, not the U.S. or someone else. This is believed to be one of…if not the first major event that indicates God is turning his attention back onto Israel and her redemption. It is as if God is coming out from behind the eternal veil or curtain, surprising everyone and visibly entering into the affairs of Israel. ‘So that the world would know He is God.’ The scourge that will come against Israel will be overwhelming, but God resoundingly destroys 5/6th of each oppressor’s armies through supernatural means. It can only be viewed as a supreme miracle, one that occurs through the hand of God, the protector of Israel and Jerusalem (the apple of his eye, that which bears His stamp of ownership).

Note 2: As the US is pulling out of military involvement in the Middle East, and in also defending Saudi Arabia, who is the Beast going to rely on to be his “mercenaries”? The answer is obvious and foretold in scripture by the ‘Ten Kings who give their will and strength to the Beast for one hour.’ This of course is the ‘revived’ 10 Nation European Military Coalition. The Beast will rely on them for military assistance (as I have explained in depth previously), instead of the US (who is out of the picture militarily, for several reasons.) The 10 Nation European Military Coalition will work at fighting ISIS (and other terror groups) in Europe and MENA. “Those who give Islam a ‘bad name’” (MBS). The Beast’s coalition will enforce artificial, religious ‘peace and stability’ among cultures and religions, forged between Catholicism and Islam (Mystery Religion). This has the intended effect of allowing various people of different cultures and religions to be in Saudi Arabia, and to be collectively working on building NEOM Babylon, in ‘peace’ amongst their conflicting, false, religious ideologies. Then, the coalition will be used to destroy the false religious security around the world, half way through the tribulation, via the Beast’s ‘Abomination of Desolation’. Lastly, the Beast will pull the 10 Nation European Military Coalition to Armageddon, to fight Christ and the armies of heaven on The Day of the Lord (Christ second coming to earth and the destruction of his earthly enemies).

Note 3: With the geo-political relationship and sovereignty aligned between the Beast and the 10 nation military coalition, the Beast will be the unchallenged, supreme ‘power’ in the Middle East. No one ‘can make war against the Beast.’ How so? Remember, virtually all (5/6th) of Iran’s military is decimated by God. This allows the Beast to almost overnight, assume supreme authority (and dictatorship) throughout MENA. MBS no longer has to be confronted by, or worried with Iran’s military aggression or hegemony in the region. He is now the ‘Beast’, Iran no longer is in the region. His rival is vanquished and defeated by God. With the military defeat of both Turkey and Iran, and the alliance with the 10 nation coalition, MBS will have military supremacy over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. MBS is NOT threatened by the ‘Kings of the East’ because they are his biggest customers. They HAVE to buy his oil. They can’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Note 4: The quick and sudden rise of the 10 Nation European Coalition Army will likely result immediately after the Ezekiel 38-39 military defeat of Russia/Turkey/Iran. The current European Union is already anxious about potential Russian invasion of the Ukraine and other ‘Eastern’ European and Scandinavian countries. When the E.U. watches Russian/Turkey/Iran invade Israel, they will think “will Russia invade us from the East? Or will Turkey invade us from the South?” They will have to arrange their military coalition with haste, with a sense of urgency, purpose and single-mindedness (act with ‘one mind.’) In other simpler terms, they had better get ‘their act together quickly’ or they might be ‘next on the list to get invaded.’ No one will trust Russia, Turkey or Iran (with their ‘nukes’ or ballistic missiles).

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