Update of Lawlessness and Violence

Increasing Civil Unrest, Violence: Thousands of protesters to bring chaos to Britain’s streets in mass protests against Parliament shutdown

Increasing Civil Unrest, Violence:  Thousands of protesters to bring chaos to Britain’s streets in mass protests against Parliament shutdown

Brittany Vonow 31 Aug 2019, 16:40 Updated: 31 Aug 2019, 20:35. TheSun.co.uk

THOUSANDS of placard-waving, Corbyn-backed Remainers have brought chaos to Britain’s streets today in mass protests against the Parliament shutdown.

Protesters chanted “shame on you” as streets around Government buildings in Westminster were brought to a standstill in a backlash against Boris Johnson’s plan to shutdown Parliament to get Brexit through.

Demonstrators – who had been called on to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” – flooded areas across 32 areas including London today to voice their unhappiness at the plan.

And protest signs, bearing signs including “Stop Boris” and “Defend Democracy” were seen along the streets of London this morning ahead of the protests.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 protesters gathered in cities including York, Manchester and Newcastle.

The rallies come after Friday night events, with plans to “march to Buckingham Palace and protest the Queen”.

The Metropolitan Police said three people have been arrested at the demonstration in London.

Among them was London Assembly member Caroline Russell, according to a spokeswoman for the Green Party.

Footage posted on social media appeared to show the politician being led away from the crowds in handcuffs after she had been sitting and blocking the road.

Jeremy Corbyn threw his support behind the protests, saying: “The public outrage at Boris Johnson shutting down democracy has been deafening. People are right to take to the streets – and I encourage everyone to join the demonstrations in London and across the country.”

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott addressed the London protesters from a stage near Downing Street.

She told the crowds: “We cannot allow Boris Johnson to shut down Parliament and to shut down the voice of ordinary British people.”

But the PM blasted the mob, saying they should respect the views of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit in 2016.

He told Sky News:  “My message to them is that I think the worst thing for democracy now would be to cancel the referendum which is what some people are now suggesting – to nullify, to annul that result, to tell people that they were going to be ignored, after all the promises that have been made.

“It will do lasting and catastrophic damage to the major parties in this country and I think this political generation won’t be forgiven for failing to honour that promise.”

It comes after it was revealed one of the organisers of the protests is a hard-leftist who called Remembrance Sunday “insidious”.

Momentum member Michael Chessum, 30, is one of the leaders calling for activists to “march to Buckingham Palace and protest the Queen”.

He is most well-known for boycotting Remembrance Sunday while he was president of the University of London student’s union – calling the event a “political statement” and “insidious”.

Speaking yesterday in the wake of today’s anti-Brexit protests, he said “disruption is the only form of leverage protesters can rely on”.

He added: “We would go further than anticipate (civil disobedience). We would defend it.”

Momentum has called on their members to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” in an attempt to force the Government’s hand into reversing prorogation.

However, the foundation in memory of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in broad daylight by Nazi-obsessed murderer Thomas Mair before the 2016 Brexit vote, has called on protesters not to let their anger turn to violence.

The foundation said: “Emotions are running very high across the country this weekend, with many people extremely angry about the latest parliamentary moves over Brexit.

“While this is understandable, we are concerned that this anger should not spill over into something more dangerous.”

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