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New Orleans floods ahead of possible hurricane. Videos.

New Orleans floods ahead of possible hurricane

By Veronica Rocha, Elise Hammond and Meg Wagner, CNN Updated 5:19 p.m. ET, July 10, 2019

The latest: The city of New Orleans was put under a flash flood emergency this morning.

About the storm: The National Hurricane Center predicts Tropical Storm Barry will form in the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday and strengthen to a hurricane by Saturday, when it’s expected to make landfall in Louisiana.

18 min ago

The shelves are empty at this Walmart ahead of the storm

From CNN’s Jamiel Lynch

The bread shelves are empty at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ahead of the impending storm.

Will Kaglear told CNN that there were long lines at Walmart as residents stocked up on bread, water and canned goods.

30 min ago

Hurricane watches issued for parts of coastal Louisiana

From CNN’s Dave Hennen

The National Hurricane Center has issued hurricane watches for parts of coastal Louisiana.

The watches extend from the mouth of the Mississippi River, west to Cameron, Louisiana. The watch does not currently include the New Orleans metro area.

About the tropical system: It is forecast to become Tropical Storm Barry sometime late tonight or tomorrow, then intensify into a hurricane sometime late Friday or early Saturday. 

Landfall is still forecast to occur along the Louisiana or upper Texas coast sometime on Saturday as a hurricane. Storm surge, hurricane force winds, and extensive flooding is forecast along the Gulf Coast region into the weekend.

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Here’s where the system is now — and where it’s going next

Current projections show this tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico, just south of the Florida Panhandle.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that it will become Tropical Storm Barry by Thursday. It is then expected to strengthen to a hurricane by Saturday, when it likely makes landfall in Louisiana.

1 hr 50 min ago

There’s a goldfish swimming on the sidewalk in New Orleans

During severe flooding in New Orleans today, one man saw something unusual: a goldfish swimming on the sidewalk.

This video, shared on instagram by DRIFT design+build, shows the fish swimming through flood waters.


1 hr 59 min ago

Louisiana declares a state of emergency ahead of possible hurricane

From CNN’s Amanda Watts

The state of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency.

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued the proclamation this afternoon as the Gulf Coast braces for another storm.

“This is going to be a Louisiana event with coastal flooding and heavy rainfall potentially impacting every part of the state. No one should take this storm lightly. As we know all too well in Louisiana, low intensity does not necessarily mean low impact,” Edwards said.

He also tweeted the system will “likely produce storm surge, hurricane-force winds & up to 15 inches of rain across the state.”

Edwards said in a press release that Louisiana residents should start to prepare for the storm and that his office would be in contact with FEMA.

“Now is the time to check your emergency supplies and get a gameplan for your family and pets. I urge the public to continue monitoring local media for weather developments and follow the directions of local officials,” he said.

The order shall remain in effect from July 10, 2019, to August 8, 2019, unless terminated sooner.

2 hr 43 min ago

This is what it looks like over over Louisiana right now

This image, taken by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, shows the system strengthening near the coast of Louisiana. The National Hurricane Center said the system could develop into a tropical depression by Thursday.

NOAA also tweeted out a video of the satellite images, adding that the storm already prompted flash flood emergencies for areas like New Orleans Wednesday morning.

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