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India-Pakistan NUCLEAR exchange would ‘immediately’ KILL 20 million – official claims. Rumors and Threats of Wars.

India-Pakistan NUCLEAR exchange would ‘immediately’ KILL 20 million – official claims

A NUCLEAR exchange between India and Pakistan would result in 20 million deaths “immediately” – a top Pakistani official has chillingly claimed.


President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir region Sadar Masood Khan warned this exchange would affect the whole world. Mr Khan said: “If there was a nuclear conflict between the two countries, 20 million people would die immediately.” Mr Kahn believes the long standing Pakistani-Indian conflict over Kashmir “should be resolved and peace should be established”

He added: “We have no other options.”

Speaking at a conference organised by the Centre for Islam and Global Affairs he stressed Kashmir is the main source of political and military conflict between Pakistan and India since 1947.

He also suggested the United Nations and neighbouring countries could contribute to the solution.

Jammu and Kashmir, a Muslim-majority Himalayan region is held by Pakistan and India and claimed by both in full.

One in 1948, 1965 and 1971- two of them were over Kashmir.

In northern Kashmir Indian and Pakistani troops have intermittently fought since 1984 until a cease-fire came into effect in 2003.

Mr Khan said: “The conflict in Kashmir is not related to politics, economy and geopolitics, but it is also human tragedy.”

A Pakistani armed forces spokesperson urged New Delhi earlier this week not to “test” Pakistan’s resolve.

The spokesperson also said nuclear weapons “were a weapon of deterrence that should not be mentioned lightly.”

The comments came after Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi told supporters at an election rally last month India had the “mother of nuclear bombs.”

Mr Modi also said India would never yield to what he was describing at Pakistan’s attempt at nuclear blackmail.

A recent estimate by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute showed Pakistan and India have a total of 140-150 and 1130-140 nuclear weapons.

Both sides also hold access to air-launched, sea-based and land-based nuclear delivery systems.

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