Why 2020-2027? Our redemption draws nigh.

Why 2020-2027

  1. Rise of the Beast. MbS’ Satanic 5 year rise to power from 2015-2020.
  2. Rise of the False Prophet. Francis’ 7 year development of ‘mystery religion’ and inter-religious dialogue with Islam from 2013-2020. The ‘cornerstone’ of his papacy.
  3. Israel ‘Fig Tree’ Completion (70th Anniversary). 2018
  4. Israel Agrees to Covenant of Peace and Safety. 2019
  5. MbS/Beast Confirms the Covenant among many Arab, Muslim, African and Gulf Council Countries. 2019
  6. Last Generation to see the growth of the ‘Fig Tree.’ (Israel)
  7. Revelation 12 ‘Great Sign in Heaven’ completed on September 23, 2017
  8. 10 year rise of NEOM Babylon. 2017 to 2027


5 = Satanic influence of men on earth.

7 = God’s divine completion to his plan or purpose.

10 = God’s allness or completion of those things on earth.


Our Redemption Draws Nigh. Are you ready?

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