Babylon NEOM

Neom Babylon is one of Saudi Arabia’s (MbS’) and the world’s most impressive construction schemes, but how has the project progressed in 2018? Video proof.


NEOM Babylon

Last Babylon of the Last Antichrist

Great City

Great Whore

The Great City that sits on seven crowns or seven mountains

High Technology in the desert and mountains

Hedonistic Paradise in the sand

Ships and merchants grow wealthy trading with her

Promise of great wealth and luxurious living

Deification of man’s technology

Solar Power

Artificial Intelligence


5G network technology

Genetic Engineering

Driverless Vehicles

Cashless, Digital Economy

3D Manufacturing

Biometric Markers

$500 Billion Fabulous City

Christ is nowhere to be found

Babylon is destroyed by a great earthquake

Destroyed into three parts, burning

Destroyed on the Day of the Lord’s Second Return

Destroyed on the Last Day of the 7 Year Tribulation

NEOM is built by the Beast, Antichrist

Babylon is built by the Beast, Antichrist

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