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Spain joins France and Germany’s plan to EXPAND EU powers to rival US and China. Calls for an ‘EU Army.’ Video.

Spain joins France and Germany’s plan to EXPAND EU powers to rival US and China. Calls for an ‘EU Army.’ Video.

SPAIN has joined forces with EU heavyweights France and Germany in its bid to expand the  influence of the Union across the world.

By REBECCA PERRING. PUBLISHED: 11:36, Wed, Mar 20, 2019 | UPDATED: 16:33, Wed, Mar 20, 2019


Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made his case to reform the Brussels bloc saying “we either promote or deflate Europe” in a bid to rival global superpowers such as China and the US. Getting behind Emmanuel Macron’s plans for greater integration, Mr Sánchez put forward of EU reform proposals, including a eurozone budget, and an EU Army. He said the EU must be able to “compete globally” and “rival the vigour of the US, China or India”, but warned this “can’t be done at the expense of weakening competition policy or concentrating economic power in the most privileged regions and broadening differences within the union”.

Ahead of May’s EU elections, Mr Sanchez said to protect Europe and allow Europe to protect us “we have to recover the lost strength and face the new challenges”.

He said Spain “wants to be, and already is in fact, in the centre of the new momentum that the European Union needs”.

And he added: “The EU will be felt by ordinary Europeans as their own project, and not as the heritage of an enlightened and cosmopolitan class.”

On Brexit, the Spanish leader insisted Spain was ready for Britain’s exit from the EU, but warned: “Walking in circles is not the solution.”

He said having an EU withdrawal agreement was the “best possible” option and if the UK proposes an extension, it must indicate why, for what purpose, and for how long.

The president said Spain was prepared for a disorderly exit, adding “we hope will be endorsed by the majority of the Parliament”.

Mr Sanchez’s rallying cry comes as France’s ambitious president Emmanuel Macron ploughs ahead with plans to see more pan-European policies, which would allow financial transfers between countries, which he believes would better prepare the eurozone for a future crisis.

During his electoral campaign, the French leader pledged to overhaul not only France but the EU an attempt to revamp the institution with a new vision of a stronger union.

His reforms to further integrate the bloc have always been welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on her way out of German politics, as she battles to maintain power.

Earlier this year, Germany and France renewed their vows of postwar friendship in a desperate bid to seek strength at the top of the bloc.

The pair signed the Aachen treaty, in their latest attempt to take full control of the European Union and create a bloc-wide army.

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed the renewed alliance would allow Europe to become the “new shield” against the “tumults in the world”.

The French leader argued the two nations’ partnership will provide EU citizens with the “real protection” they need.

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