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Court Ruling: Opposing Child’s Transgenderism Is Committing

Court Ruling: Opposing Child’s Transgenderism Is Committing
The day is rapidly approaching here in Canada when the transgender ideology will entirely trump the rights of parents.

We’re seeing that with the sex education curriculums in schools, we’re seeing that in several provinces in regard to parents being able to seek therapy that helps their children become comfortable in their own bodies if they suffer from gender dysphoria, and now a truly terrifying judgement has been passed down from British Columbia’s top court.

From Parents As First Educators (PAFE):

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge ruled that a 14-year-old child has the capacity to consent to their own medical treatments, specifically to receive hormone injections to “transition”.

The child’s father had sought to block medical treatments until a fuller hearing could take place on the implications of the treatment, saying he believes his child does not understand the risks and consequences involved, and he is concerned about the harm that can come to the child.

The father, who says the case is not about transgenderism but is about parental rights, is planning on appealing the court’s decision.

Perhaps the most chilling declaration from the judge’s statement is that any attempt to persuade the child to abandon treatment … “shall be considered to be family violence” under the B.C. Family Law Act.

Not only has the court denied the father his right to stop his child from receiving a controversial medical treatment, it has declared that it would be considered abuse if the father tries to discuss the matter with his child with anything less than an affirming attitude.

(Doesn’t this rhetoric remind you of Ontario’s Bill 89, which was brought in under Kathleen Wynne and still remains today with the Doug Ford government?)

The judge also called the father’s request for scientific evidence to be introduced into the case “disingenuous” and suggested it was a delay tactic. Yet, scientific evidence is the exact same thing doctors who treat children with gender dysphoria say is needed in this controversial area of medicine.

Perhaps the judge hasn’t read about a recent study published in the medical journal Circulation that found “gender-affirming” hormone therapy is linked with an increased risk of strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. Science is out, ideology is in, and parents who simply want the best for their children are being systematically cut out of the loop by dangerous ideologues who are deeply embedded in our education system, our courts, and our politics. It is a scary time to be a parent.

And don’t think this isn’t beginning to happen in the United States.

Late last year a Texas father who objected to his ex-wife pushing their 6-year-old son into identifying as a girl is in danger of losing custody of the child after he was accused of “abusive behavior.”  This “abusive behavior” was described as “non-affirming actions” such as cutting the son’s hair short and not wanting him to wear a dress.

In another story, parents of a 17-year-old girl in Ohio lost custody of their daughter for opposing her wish for transgender medical treatments. Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon of Hamilton County, Ohio has allowed the girl to be taken into the custody of her grandparents – who support her medical transition – allowing them to make decisions that will further along her physical transition to the opposite sex.

Americans can expect to see more cases like these as government officials side with transgender activists to promote a radical view of the human person and endorse entirely experimental medical procedures that often have effects that are irreversible.

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