Israel’s Roboteam to Supply Robots to Italian Military Police. The ‘Fig Tree’ is sprouting figs.

Israel’s Roboteam to Supply Robots to Italian Military Police

by Meir Orbach / CTech MARCH 6, 2019 11:07 AM

CTech – Israeli defense robotics company Robo-Team (known as Roboteam) announced Wednesday it won a $10 million bid to supply robots to the Arma dei Carabinieri, Italy’s military police force. According to the deal, Roboteam will provide the Italian law enforcement agency with 40 tactical robotic systems.

Roboteam develops ground robotic systems for law enforcement and military use, such as handling of suspicious objects and dangerous materials and intelligence collection. Founded in 2009 in Israel and headquartered in Maryland with additional offices in Tel Aviv and a factory in Pennsylvania, the company lists military and government arms from the US, Israel, the UK, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland among its clients. Roboteam has raised $62 million from investors including Chinese investment firm FengHe Fund Management.

In 2016, Roboteam spun-off personal assistant robot company Roboteam Home USA, also known as Temi. Temi develops wheeled, voice-activated robots that can recognize and follow people around the house, make video calls, play music, and carry small objects from room to room.

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