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Kushner and Netanyahu agree on borders?

Kushner and Netanyahu agree on borders?

Times of Israel. March 3, 2019

US and Israel see eye-to-eye on fate of Israel’s borders?

Oraib Rantawi, the director of the Quds Center for Political Studies in Amman, contends that US Middle East peace envoy Jared Kushner’s recent comments to an Arabic TV station about borders align with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position on the issue.

“Kushner’s most dangerous and recent talk was about ‘establishing borders.’ He did not mention the two-state solution; he did not refer to the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and building a livable, sovereign and independent state,” Rantawi writes in a Saturday opinion article in Dunya al-Watan, a Gaza Strip-based news site.

“The man said the goal of establishing borders is removing them — that cannot be interpreted in any other way than a proposal to create a Palestinian entity that is less than a state and more than an autonomously ruled area; that is the same way that Netanyahu and the Israeli right-wing leaders define a two-state solution,” he argues.

Netanyahu has long said Israel must maintain control over the Jordan Valley in any peace settlement between the Jewish state and the Palestinians.

Kushner spoke to Sky News Arabia last week in ambiguous terms about the US administration’s apparently forthcoming peace plan, noting it deals with the final-status issue of borders.

“The political plan, which is very detailed, is really about establishing borders and resolving final status issues,” Kushner said.

“The goal of resolving these borders is really to eliminate the borders. If you can eliminate borders and have peace and less fear of terror, you could have freer flow of goods, freer flow of people and that would create a lot more opportunities,” he added.

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