Forgiveness and Salvation Through Jesus Christ

God’s Divine Mathematics: 7, 10, 70 are important numbers! Prophecy in Math (…easy math), not rocket science. Part 2. The evidence is piling up! Confirmation by another watchman who knows the same math that I do!

seven (7) is God’s divine completeness to his plan or purpose

ten (1) is God’s allness or physical completion of things on earth.

7 x 10 = Seventy.

Certain numbers have not only statistical, mathematical value…but also descriptive and prophetic value. God’s wisdom and knowledge is contained within layers, not only within his word but also in his divine mathematics. A simple understanding of basic numbers plus a lot of studying God’s word will enable you to ‘see’ the sequencing and repetitive use of certain numbers throughout the Bible. There is nowhere else in the Bible than in Revelation, where God’s use of  his ‘Divine Mathematics’ is on full display and used to help us in the ‘latter days’ to understand what is happening and what is coming.  With that being said, another watchman did a nice job analyzing a few more events that are unfolding before our eyes … as I write this.  Again, he did this using God’s ‘divine number 7’. I will confirm that I believe his use to be correct and based in truth. You can decide for yourself.  I have written an entire analysis, (book to be exact) shown at the top of this blog, that looks at God’s Divine Mathematics in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ (last book in the Bible).

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, and 24. When you understand that these numbers have ‘descriptive’ meanings, you can have a much greater knowledge and appreciation for God’s word and wisdom. Numbers don’t detract from God’s word, but enhance it.

It is looking increasingly likely that this peace plan will be revealed to the world before the end of Israel’s 70th year.  Go figure—the deal that may trigger the 70th Week, unveiled in Israel’s 70th year by a modern day Cyrus who was born 700 days before Israel’s reestablishment during a blood moon, was 777 days old when Israel was 77 days old, was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old upon inauguration, and celebrated the two year anniversary of his inauguration in Israel’s 70th year during another blood moon.

This is all…not a coincidence.

If the Tribulation was Christmas, the removal of the Church from the earth would be akin to Thanksgiving.  Since we’re now seeing all the Christmas decorations going up, including the monumental Revelation 12 Sign and virtually everything needed for construction of the Third Temple, we should really stop to think about the seriousness of it all and what we and the ones we love are about to experience momentarily.  And how could it be anything but Divine orchestration that Trump-Pence (“Trumpets”) would be the administration in place over the world’s chief Gentile nation and the very administration unveiling what may be the prelude to Daniel 9:27 as all of this unfolds.

more to come, and very soon! 2020-2027.

Are you looking up? Our redemption draweith nigh. Our blessed hope comes soon.

God’s wrath is NOT intended for the Bride of Christ, true children of God or the ‘child’ that is caught up to God in Revelation 12. All those who call on the name of Jesus Christ will be saved. I pray that you will do so. The ‘nano-seconds’ in the ‘age of grace’ are coming to a close. God will soon be focusing on Israel’s redemption and those who rejected their Messiah at his first coming.

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