Let’s dig a little deeper to see if there is any ‘correlation’ or ‘causation’ between ‘events.’ Maybe, just maybe, your eyes might be opened. Part 3 of 3 parts. Australia, ‘correlation’ or ‘causation.? More of Part 3 is to come!!!

There might be very logical, literal and figurative and symbolic reasons why Australia (or the United States for that matter) are experiencing such monumental calamities. Yes, these might be a result of ‘climate change’, however, God (historically has used natural disasters as one form of his wrath against evil mankind. (Snickering, I hear snickering, and its not someone eating a Snickers candy bar – which is literally my favorite candy bar!). Anyone who has done any serious amount of reading in their Bible will CLEARLY confirm and agree with my statement regarding God’s use of natural disasters and calamities against men’s hearts being ‘continuously wicked and evil’ and men’s minds ‘continuously thinking wicked and evil thoughts’. The only difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ is that modern man attributes everything to logic and science and rationale, however, he neglects the fact that there ‘is’ a God in control. Modern man just doesn’t want to admit it.

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