10 nation confederation

Prophecy in Pictures: Prophetic Puzzle Pieces Falling Together. The Beast, The False Prophet, The Covenant Maker, The Covenant Confirmee, The Covenant Confirmer, Mystery Religion, 10 Nation Military Alliance. Connect the dots. Follow the arrows. What does all this mean? Read on.

The world is not falling apart, but ‘falling into place’ – prophetically speaking.

A word to the wise. Consider what has been provided above.  Add to that… the increasing  levels of natural disasters, violence, lawlessness, pestilence, hatred, civil unrest, income inequality, fearful sights in diverse places, earthquakes, volcanoes and the increasing level of evil in the world today. ALL increasing in size, frequency, duration and strength… like the pains of a woman in labor before she gives birth. Jesus has given us many prophecies that attest to these things that will be happening in the ‘season before is appearing.’ “Ya-butt…these have always been,” so some say. Perhaps, but not in the scope, size, ferocity and prevalence of today. No one can possibly deny this or of the severity of the things happening in ‘diverse places around the world.’

If you are a naysayer, denier or mocker, I would politely ask you to reconsider these things and perhaps spend some time researching them for yourself.  I would also be errant if I didn’t ask you to consider the implication of these things and for you to give consideration to accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness and salvation … before its too late.  I don’t want you to have to experience the great ‘weaping and gnashing of tongues’ of those who will regret for eternity that they mocked Christ’s FREE offer.

Look at Israel becoming a mature ‘fig tree’ among the many withering trees / nations nearby.

No, we are not in the Tribulation/Great Tribulation period. However, we are in the ‘season of the times’ just prior  to the Tribulation/Great Tribulation. What does this mean?

Our Redemption Draweth Nigh. Soon. Very Soon. Maybe in 2019. Be looking up. Be watching. Be alert. Pay attention. Wake up. Be ready. Be sober and not children of the darkness or night, but of the light. Christ want’s us to be faithful, even unto his appearing. This is why he doesn’t give a specific date or time, but rather a ‘season of the times.’  If people knew the exact day and hour of his appearing, many would be tempted to stay in bed, push the snooze button and wait until just a few seconds before the Lord’s arrival before ‘waking up’ and getting their ‘act together’. He wants us awake NOW!!! He will be here soon!!! He is coming soon!!! Perhaps after the beast/antichrist confirms  Israel’s ‘covenant of peace and safety’ this spring? Perhaps on Pentecost? Perhaps on the Feast of Trumpets in the fall of 2019? Perhaps sometime early in 2020?

We don’t know. But that is not the point. He want’s to know who is really looking forward to his return, who is prepared and excited.

We are down to the last few ‘nano-seconds’ in eternal time of this this age of grace coming to a close. God is starting to switch his attention and gaze on Israel, his chosen people, his ‘apple of his eye.’ He has covenants and promises to fulfill with Israel. He also has Israel’s redemption planned. Also, make no mistake, he has wrath planned out for the rest of the world that is embracing everything evil and shuns Christ’s offer of salvation and forgiveness.

I pray that I am ready and you as well!!! Are you?

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