False Prophet Update

Prophecy in Pictures: Mystery Religion Babylon. No mention of the gospel of Christ. A good summary of what’s coming from a religious perspective. Please read. Your eyes will be opened.

The Beast tolerates the Mystery Religion of Babylon for the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation Period. He uses this to solidify a false, political peace among major religions as he ascends to power. At the midpoint of the total seven year period, he ‘destroys’ the mystery religion and demands to be worshiped as god in the rebuilt Jewish 3rd Temple. This is known in the Bible as the Abomination of Desolation. The Mystery Religion serves as a ‘means to an end’ for the Beast. It helps him expand his political and religious control and acceptance among many nations and within his own kingdom and scope of power. Just as his confirmation of the ‘covenant of peace and safety’ for Israel does to help him solidify his status in the region among many Muslim, Gulf and African countries. Under ‘moderate Islam’, the Beast can justify peacefully co-existing with ALL THE WORLD’S other non-Islamic religions (Catholicism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism, all the world’s ‘ism’s’, et.al). The Beast is NOT threatened by Pagan Catholicism since it is false, compromised Christianity (it is not viewed as religious extremism since the False Prophet does not proselytize or promote the true gospel of Christ). The False Prophet is more interested in political and worldly influence and in spreading the ‘Mystery Religion’ as foretold in the Bible’s last book known as the ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ.’ The False Prophet supports the Beast as a means of increasing his political/diplomatic presence on the world stage as a false, deceiving ‘Church/State.’ For the False Prophet, it’s all about spreading his influence of the Church (and Vatican) around the world and not in spreading the true gospel of Christ.

The Beast uses the False Prophet’s Mystery Religion for 3.5 years and then destroys it like a used communion napkin or a worn-out Muslim prayer rug. When true Christians refuse to disavow their belief in Christ, the Beast views this as defiance to his authority and tags them as ‘religious extremists’ who threaten his rule. Accordingly, they are beheaded during the Tribulation for their ‘witnessing of Christ and gospel.’ The Beast views this as proselytizing (trying to convert someone from Islam to Christianity). This is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, and punishable by death (beheading). The Bible calls these beheaded Christians who remain faithful to Christ, even unto death, as ‘Tribulation Saints.’ They withstand everything that Satan and the Beat and the False Prophet can throw at them. They are not deceived by the False Prophet’s lying theology. They do not cave into worshiping the Beast or whatever image of the Beast the False Prophet tells people to worship. The Tribulation Saints stand fast and firm in their belief in their salvation and forgiveness from Jesus Christ. They will not trade truth for lies from the Beast or the The False Prophet.

There are only several things left for the False Prophet to do. One, he must establish ‘formal’ ties to the Beast. Vatican and Muslim officials have indicated that a future visit by the False Prophet to Saudi Arabia (and Mohammed bin Salman by logic) will be forthcoming. Date not specified. The False Prophet will sign historic documents with the Beast, indicating his stance against religious extremism (hard-core, militant Islam coming from Iran). Once the Beast sees that the False Prophet is on ‘his’ side against “those who give Satan’s religion a bad name,” the Beast will be ‘good to go’ with accepting the False Prophet’s brand of Mystery Religion that was crafted along with the input of the Moderate Islamic Grand Imam. The Grand Imam’s involvement in assisting in the crafting of the Mystery Religion serves the purpose of ‘validating’ the Mystery Religion in the eyes of the Beast. If the Moderate Islamic Grand Iman was not involved in crafting the Mystery Religion, the Beast wouldn’t come anywhere near it and would not accept it. The False Prophet and the Grand Imam work to build a political/religious bridge to the Beast in the form of the Mystery Religion.

At some point, the False Prophet will demand that men build and image unto the beast and worship it and the Beast. Not unlike building an image unto the Queen of Heaven and worshiping it. The False Prophet will also require compliance to the Mystery Religion and the Beast’s political control over economic transactions via a special mark, number or name of the Beast. For the False Prophet, the mark-number-name of the beast confirms acceptance and adherence to the Mystery Religion. For the Beast, his mark-number-name confirms and validates the recipients allegiance and worship of the Beast and/or his image. For the Beast, its all about political control, political rule and economic dominion over his kingdom and those he can forcefully influence, and monitor through biometric surveillance.

I don’t believe I can explain this in any simpler manner. There are very logical reasons why God’s word refers to all of this as a “Mystery Religion.” By the way, Mystery Religion Babylon will be on full display where she sits…in NEOM, on the seven mountains. Mt. Sinai being the highest of the seven, if the Beast doesn’t bulldoze it as he builds NEOM (last Tower of Babylon).

Last words. Notice that I have written five paragraphs about ‘Mystery Religion Babylon.’ What is missing in all of this? Christ. The Gospel of Christ. Salvation. Forgiveness. The Cross. The Resurrection. Eternity. The Lamb. He who is Faithful and True. Everything of Christ has been deceivingly hidden by the most evil, Satanic blending and creation of the Mystery Religion of Babylon through political/religious blending. Satan’s goal is to prevent as many in mankind as possible, through deception and lies, from ever coming to a knowledge of their salvation through Lord Jesus Christ. Satan’s goal is to prevent men from knowing the truth so they will die not knowing of and accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness and salvation.

Do not be deceived by the False Prophet or the Beast. Do not take the mark-number-name of the Beast. Do not worship the Beast and/or his image(s) as God.

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