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Cardinals endorse campaign to stop homosexual networks in Church

Cardinals endorse campaign to stop homosexual networks in Church

February 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller – the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – commented on a recently launched campaign to Stop homosexual networks in the Catholic Church as organized by the Swiss organization Pro Ecclesia and LifeSiteNews, calling it “legitimate.”

“One cannot escape this reality” of the fact that “the vast majority of abuses committed by priests are homosexual acts,” he said in a recent interview.

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, one of the dubia Cardinals, writing to LifeSiteNews, also lent his support to the campaign. “Of course, I support your initiative!” he said, adding: “Jesus Himself says: ‘The truth will make you free!’”

The campaign, launched Jan. 16, asks the heads of the bishops’ conferences worldwide — who will be meeting in Rome next month with Pope Francis — to take the necessary steps to stop homosexual networks in the Catholic Church, especially the networks that are connected with the clerical abuse crisis and that have recently come to light. The petition has of this writing been signed by 7,500 people.

Riccardo Cascioli, editor-in-chief of the Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, explicitly asked Cardinal Müller in his February 3 interview (here a shortened English version of it) with him about the Stop Homosexual Networks campaign, especially its call to stop such networks and to reintroduce into canon law a canon that would punish clergy who commit homosexual acts. The German prelate further responded: “I believe that this petition is legitimate; there are those who want to deny the statistical truth that the vast majority of abuses committed by priests are homosexual acts. One cannot escape this reality.” “He who denies it [this sad fact],” Müller added, “does not want to solve the problem.”

The German prelate also discussed another aspect of the petition, namely the punishment of those clergymen who abuse young and vulnerable adults such as seminarians or novices. Müller pointed to the “abuse committed against seminarians” that “should not be underestimated: it is an enormous sin, a crime against the dignity of these men, but also against the parents who entrust their children to the priesthood, the bishop, the seminary.” A bishop who fails on this level “is an enormous scandal,” he added. “Can we imagine what Jesus would have done if one of the Apostles had done this with some other disciples? It is absurd alone to think about it,” the German prelate stated.

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller told LifeSiteNews in a recent e-mail that he, too, supports the campaign. He wrote: “Of course do I support your initiative! Jesus Himself says: ‘The truth will make you free!’”

Other prominent lay Catholics from Europe and the U.S. also expressed their public support for the campaign that aims at removing any practicing homosexual priest from the priesthood, and at dissolving – and, if needs be, punishing – any network within the Catholic Church that is aimed at spreading the LGBT agenda and the practice of homosexuality. To this purpose, the petition proposes a clear set of changes in canon law.

Gabriele Kuby – a German Catholic sociologist and book author who just wrote a book on the abuse crisis – commented that the “abuse crisis is the ugly face of the global sexual revolution that managed to infiltrate the Catholic Church.” For her, there is only one way out of this crisis: “Acknowledging the truth, cleaning the Church of homosexual networks and returning into the arms of the merciful Father.”

Dr. Taylor Marshall, a renowned U.S. theologian and scholar in St. Thomas’ writings who has been active in the current discussion on the abuse crisis, said that he studied Canon Law with regard to this topic. “I was sorely disappointed by the vague definitions therein with their vague  [punitive] consequences for clergy. After purchasing a Latin edition of the 1917 Code of Canon Law and comparing it with the 1983 version, I was horrified to see how watered down the new Code had become on this topic,” he explained.

Marshall said that the Church needs to return to a more strict Canon Law in this regard so that it includes a clear punishment for bishops who cover up for abuser priests. Dr. Marshall said he signed the petition which asks the Holy See to “return to the prior law of the Catholic Church regarding clerical delicts against the Sixth Commandment.”

Italian journalist Dr. Riccardo Cascioli – one of the co-sponsors of the petition – said he supported the petition “because we are clearly facing an attempt to instrumentalize the abuse scandal to promote a pro-gay agenda.”

“Since the start of La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana in 2012,” he said, “we have been denouncing the gay lobby in the Church that tries to change the Catholic doctrine. So, of course we support this petition.”

George Neumayr – a investigative journalists who helped reveal the developments in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. under Cardinal Donald Wuerl – stated that the recommendations contained in the campaign “represent the only real solution to the abuse crisis, which is defined overwhelmingly by cases involving male teen victims.”

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