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Pennsylvania Library to Host ‘Drag Queen Story Fun Time’ Featuring Man Who Goes by Stage Name ‘Annie Christ’

Pennsylvania Library to Host ‘Drag Queen Story Fun Time’ Featuring Man Who Goes by Stage Name ‘Annie Christ’

By Heather Clark on January 30, 2019

LANSDALE, Pa. — A prayer gathering and rally is scheduled for Saturday outside of a Pennsylvania library in response to a “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” for children that will feature a man who goes by the stage name “Annie Christ”—a play-on-words of Anti-Christ.

“Trusted officials and library staff are promoting a foul-mouthed adult entertainer named ‘Annie Christ’ (a discriminative attack on Christianity) as a role model to our small children, and we must take action. Why is our library taking on such a politically controversial issue—especially when receiving our tax dollars?” asks the page for the prayer gathering.

According to reports, Eric Torres of Philadelphia chose the name “Annie Christ” for his stage name out of his “love of gothic themes, horror movies, and bands such as NIN.” His Instagram page features a mix of photos from his everyday life as Eric—such as his interest in mudding—and his alter persona as a drag performer—some of which are gory, some with grandiose wigs and makeup, and one where Torres painted an upside down cross on his forehead.

Torres is scheduled to read to children at the Lansdale Public Library on Saturday for “Drag Queen Story Fun Time”. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was Torres who reached out the library to reserve a room for the event. The library, after conducting a background check, agreed.

Library director Tom Meyer told the outlet that he has received a number of calls of complaint, but also remarked that he believes the event has much support and will perhaps exceed capacity.

“There’s definitely more complaints about this than any other event we’ve done,” he stated. “But the amount of support for having it is also overwhelming.”

“One of the tenets of our mission here is to celebrate cultural diversity in the community, and I think a lot of the parents are interested in that and also the message of the story time, about acceptance and inclusion,” Meyer remarked.

Lansdale Mayor Garry Herbert and Councilman Leon Angelichio also defended the children’s event with Annie Christ.

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