Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Divinely Determined Completeness of  God’s Plan or Purpose (7) (Part 14): Seven-fold Reference of God’s Wrath on Earth.

The Divinely Determined Completeness of  God’s Plan or Purpose (7) (Part 14)

Seven-fold Reference of God’s Wrath on Earth:

  1. Great Earthquake, sun becomes black, moon became as blood. (Rev. 6:12-14). Jesus Christ / 6th seal from book.
  2. Third part (1/3rd) part of trees and grass burned up by fire, blood and hail. (Rev. 8:7). 1st angel / 1st trumpet wrath.
  3. Third part (1/3rd) part of sea becomes as blood from a mountain burning with fire that was cast into the sea. Third part (1/3rd) part of sea creatures are killed and ships are destroyed. (Rev. 8:8). 2nd angel / 2nd trumpet wrath. Sea becomes totally dead as the blood of a dead man, everything living dies in the sea. (Rev. 16:3). 2nd angel / 2nd vial plague.
  4. Third part (1/3rd) part of rivers, fountains and waters are made bitter by a star named Wormwood. (Rev. 8:10-11). 3rd angel / 3rd trumpet wrath. Rivers, fountains and waters become total blood. (Rev. 16:4-6). 3rd angel / 3rd vial plague.
  5. Third part (1/3rd) of the sun, moon and stars are smitten with darkness resulting in sunlight for only 2/3rd of the day, and moon and star light for only 2/3rd of the night. (Rev. 8:12). 4th angel / 4th trumpet wrath.
  6. Total darkness of the beast’s kingdom and his “seat” (capital), men repent not. (Rev. 16:10-11). 5th angel / 5th vial plague.
  7. Great river Euphrates is dried up. (Rev. 16:12). 6th angel / 6th vial plague.

Commentary: God’s wrath is poured out on both the earth and man. The verses referenced above indicate the seven wraths poured out on nature, directly. These incrementally increasing wraths affect all of a nature. The sun, moon, stars, seas, freshwater systems, rivers, and the earth’s structural integrity. Everything that supports life for man on earth is affected. By affecting nature, God is affecting evil mankind’s ability to maintain life. Most of the wraths poured out in the trumpet and vial judgements affect nature directly. The seven-fold wraths of judgement poured out on the earth are complete, total and part of God’s divine purpose or plan. EVERYTHING on earth and in the immediate heavens (not heaven) are affected. Whereas Christ begins God’s wrath by opening the book seal judgements, angels are the entities responsible for administering God’s trumpet wraths and vial plagues upon the earth.

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