Babylon NEOM

Saudi Arabia to begin building homes in futuristic city Neom (Babylon). Phase 1 will be completed by 2020 (There is that date again!). Neom means ‘new future.’

Blog note: NEOM (Babylon). The ‘Great City’. Built on ‘seven mountains’, the tallest of which is Mt. Sinai. Built near two seas and great shipping lanes. Built in the Beast’s kingdom. Built under the dictate of the Beast and protected by the Beast.  The ‘Great City’ which attracts all the nations, multitudes of the obscenely rich and famous. A ‘Great City’ of international trade and wealth. A $500 Billion ‘Great City’. A 10,000 square mile ‘Great City.’ A silicone valley in the desert and mountains. Great technology, great marvels, great miracles. A hedonistic, humanistic paradise that glorifies man. Built from the ground up with modern technology. Christ is not welcome. The gospel of Christ is not welcome. All the worlds false religions are welcome under the False Prophet’s guise of ‘inter-religious’ coexistence, tolerance and brotherhood (Mystery Religion Babylon). A secularized, compromised peace based on politics and not a peace based from Christ. Those who would witness of Christ and the gospel will be beheaded for their testimony and belief. A ‘Great Marvel’ that glorifies man, his technology, denies Christ, denies the gospel, allows the worship of all the worlds false, evil religions for three and half years. The ‘Great City’ is destroyed in one hour by the greatest cataclysmic earthquake on the Day of the Lord’s return (last day of the Great Tribulation). The ‘Great City’ is split into three parts, burning so high it can be seen from distant seas. Those who were enriched by trade with her, cry in anguish because their gravy train has ended. The ‘Great City’ will exist no more, never again. Cast like a millstone to the bottom of the sea. Never to be found again. End of note.

 Saudi Arabia to begin building homes in futuristic city Neom. Phase 1 will be completed by 2020 (There is that date again!).

Saudi Arabia plans to start work on Neom Bay in the first quarter this year

Arabian Business. January 17, 2019

Saudi Arabia said it will start building the first residential area in a proposed $500 billion futuristic city that’s become a symbol of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions for life after oil.

The kingdom plans to start work on Neom Bay in the first quarter this year, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The area will have “white beaches, a mild climate and an attractive investment environment,” SPA said.

Phase 1 will be completed by 2020, according to the agency.

The planned megacity, unveiled more than a year ago, is part of the prince’s grand plan to bolster non-oil revenue and attract foreign investment with eye-popping proposals to transform the economy, including two other tourism developments. Neom is to be financed by the Saudi government, its sovereign wealth fund, and local and international investors.

The project includes a bridge spanning the Red Sea, connecting the proposed city to Africa. Some 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometres) have been allocated for the development of the urban area, which will stretch into Jordan and Egypt.

Critics have questioned the mega-project after previous efforts to build industrial and financial cities have struggled to take off. Construction of the $10 billion King Abdullah Financial District in north Riyadh began in 2006 but the 73-building hub remains unfinished.

Prince Mohammed, in an interview with Bloomberg in October, referred to the first phase of the project as the Neom Riviera. “Neom city will be completed in 2025,” he said, adding without elaborating that “there are interesting partners in the Middle East and globally. Interesting names.”

A number of facilities will be opened at Neom by the end of this year, SPA reported, without providing further details. The private airport at the site will be used for commercial flights by year-end, it said.

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