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The Divinely Determined Completeness of  God’s Plan or Purpose (7) (Part 10): Seven-fold Book Seals Opened by Christ (1st of 3 “Wraths”)

The Divinely Determined Completeness of  God’s Plan or Purpose (7) (Part 10)

Seven-fold Book Seals Opened by Christ: (1st of 3 “Wraths”)

  1. White horse (of the apocalypse) representing the Antichrist and his promise of false peace. (Rev. 6:2)
  2. Red horse (of the apocalypse) representing War. (Rev. 6:4)
  3. Black horse (of the apocalypse) representing Pestilence & Famine. (Rev. 6:5)
  4. Pale horse (of the apocalypse) called Death and Hell. (Rev. 6:8)
  5. Tribulation Saints, souls representing those who were martyred for their testimony of the Word of God. (Rev. 6:9-11)
  6. Great earthquake, sun/black, moon/red, stars of heaven (fallen angels) fall to earth, heaven departing as a scroll, every mountain and island moved out their place (great earthquake). (Rev. 6:12-14)
  7. Silence in Heaven for about half an hour, 7 angels given 7 trumpets for the next wraths, prayers of saints ascending to the throne of God, censer filled with fire from the alter cast to earth, voices, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake. (Rev. 8:1-6)

Commentary: First series of the three (3) wraths characterized as strong wrath. God is starting to dole out his wrath on the earth and sinful mankind. It starts with the appearance of the antichrist who promises false peace to those who follow him. God allows mankind’s sinfulness to run its course via wars, the famine and pestilence that always follows war, and ultimately death that follows. The Seven (7) book seals are unique because God is allowing man to war against man as a means of God’s wrath. The other wraths that follow in Revelation are predominately aimed at the earth and mankind directly by God via supernatural means. In the seven (7) books seals, God does introduce supernatural wonders in the heavens and the earth. The last seal judgement (7th) is somewhat of an enigma as to what it represents. I will suggest relatively simple interpretations. This seal indicates a brief interlude between what just happened on earth resulting from the book seal judgements to the next series (7 trumpets) of wrath. It is almost as if the heavenly host were given a chance to catch their breath from what they just witnessed in anticipation of what is to come next. The heavenly host know that forthcoming judgement will be much worse than what was just witnessed and being experienced on earth. This brief interlude also provides emphasis that God is now giving seven angels special trumpets that when blown, will unless the next catastrophes. The passage that talks about the prayers of the saints ascending to the throne of God, has a very simple and practical application. As a result of the redemptive process throughout Revelation, God takes this specifically mentioned time to listen to his saints being persecuted and crying out for judgement against the beast and his system during the Tribulation. These prayers are specifically offered up to the throne of God.

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