False Prophet Update

Mystery Religion Babylon. So it begins. Falling for the lie since they won’t stand for the truth.

True religion (Christian faith in Christ) is synthesized with the worship of the militant warrior culture (Islam faith in Allah)

So it begins… False Prophet reveals Satan’s ‘Mystery Religion’ strategy of the end times. An ‘interreligious’ political theology based on the coexistence and brotherhood of the world’s two largest false religions (Pagan Christianity + Militant Islam). A false political peace based on a false religious peace via a satanic blending of Catholicism and Islam. In this strategy, Satan can effectively deceive the world’s spiritually inclined to follow a ‘syncretic’ form of religion that is not in any way-shape-or-form contingent upon faith in Christ, in the belief of Christ, in the gospel, in the forgiveness of sins through the cross and his resurrection. This is a ‘handshake’ or covenant with hell and Satan that compromises the original gospel of Christ with the world’s foremost evil, deceptive, false, militant religion foisted on mankind … Islam. Additionally, the False Prophet can promote this ‘syncretic form of religion’ around the world with any other false, evil religious doctrine because it is not based on religion or faith, but rather it is based on political underpinnings of religious peace. At it’s most evil baseline, this is a blending of evil religions with politics to achieve a false (deceiving) sense of spirituality, a false (deceiving) sense of peace and a false (deceiving) sense of salvation.

This all comes at the expense of the False Prophet denying Christ’s power over fallen mankind and the true faith in the gospel of salvation that can only come from Christ Jesus. This Satanic strategy continues to deceive men from ever coming to a saving knowledge of why Christ came into the world and what to provide fallen mankind. FORGIVENESS AND SALVATION. Satan has deceived the False Prophet, who in turn will be deceiving billions around the world, with a deceptive gospel of a false hope of salvation through “interreligious” political dialogue and coexistence of evil religious doctrines. Pope Francis has been monitored closely over many of his ‘pontifications’ with world leaders, in speeches, announcements and proclamations. Hauntingly, he ALWAYS states that he comes in his own name (via the office of papacy) and not in the name of Christ. If he is not representing the true gospel, then what and who is he representing? Satan’s NUMBER ONE STRATEGY over history is to prevent mankind from learning of Christ and his salvation. Satan hates us. He wants to destroy us and his best strategy is in preventing billions of souls from ever being exposed to the true gospel. The book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, clearly indicates that Satan will be very successful in deceiving billions of people via his empowered False Prophet and his Beast/Antichist. The False Prophet and the Beast/Antichrist are ‘political/religious’ special-ops team from hell.

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