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Saudi Arabia revises plan to overhaul gov’t, economy by 2020. There is that date again!

Blog note: Coincidence? MbS is same age as when Christ came on the world scene to ‘remake the world’ (by offering salvation through the forgiveness of sins, his shedding of blood and his resurrection). The beast/antichrist will offer enslavement, forced control of economic transactions, shedding of blood by beheadings and a ‘false resurrection’ by the ‘lethal wound that was healed’ (via Satanic power). End of note.

Saudi Arabia revises plan to overhaul gov’t, economy by 2020. There is that date again!

Arabian Business. 11/2/2018

Saudi Arabia has quietly revised its plan to overhaul its government and economy by 2020, lowering some targets as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions bump up against the reality of implementation.

The scaled-back blueprint – posted unannounced online – doesn’t affect major fiscal or energy-related reforms. But the lowered bar is a sign that parts of the original plan were overly optimistic, and illustrates the challenges ahead for the prince.

The program, released in 2016, was designed to overhaul the Saudi economy and prepare for life after oil. The government had already been forced to backtrack on some of its more unpopular measures, including cuts to government workers’ allowances. It’s also set less challenging projections for lowering unemployment as the private sector struggles.

The government didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the modified plan posted online.

The National Transformation Program, announced with much fanfare, was the first initiative released under Prince Mohammed’s “Vision 2030” plan to remake Saudi Arabia as the kingdom grappled with lower oil prices.

It’s still a key part of the 33-year-old prince’s agenda, which is facing major challenges as the economy struggles to regain momentum.

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