Does Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman have Alzheimer’s disease? How soon will MbS ascend to the throne? 2019-2020? King Salman will only have been king, five short years.

Note. This article was written in 2015, shortly after Salman became the 7th King from the lineage (house) of Saud. He will have been king only five (5) short years if he makes it to/through 2019. Strange coincidence? The number five represents Satan’s number that reflects Satanic influence in the world. The beast or antichrist is prophesied to come from a bottomless pit of evil. If the bottomless pit of evil is Saudi Arabia and the ‘House of Saud’ (and its 5,000 evil princes), it would be logical that Satan has control over both Salman (the father) and Mbs (the son, or crown prince of evil).

My hypothesis is that the current King Salman will either die in 2019 or be incapacitated in a way that requires him to abdicate his thrown to MbS. When this event takes place, it is also likely that those internal in the House of Saud, who do not want MbS to become king will strike at Mbs (an internal coup). He will be lethally injured, only to be ‘miraculously’ healed and survive five (5) days later. The world will wonder in amazement and awe at how someone so lethally injured could survive. This will be a false, satanic resurrection of MbS used to deceive many in the world and the region. This ultimately is a mockery of Christ’s resurrection and a deceitful, counterfeit ‘resurrection’ that again is used to project MbS as ‘someone’ special … under the protection of Allah. They will say that god – Allah (Satan) protected him and he should be worshiped as an Islamic prophet sent by Allah (Satan). This event will have an extremely strong effect of solidifying and greatly strengthening his power in the country and throughout the Arab/Islamic world. They will trip over themselves following every decree, comment, wish, policy that comes from MbS. End of note.

Does Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman have Alzheimer’s disease?

by Charlie Smith on January 23rd, 2015 at 3:54 PM

(Article excerpts)

It’s not a very auspicious sign when commentators start zeroing in on the health of the new king of the world’s largest oil producer.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Saud, 79, has assumed the throne after the death of his half-brother, 91-year-old King Abdullah.

According to the Washington Institute’s Simon Henderson, Salman’s brain is “evidently ravaged by dementia”.

“Visitors report that after a few minutes of conversation, he becomes incoherent,” Henderson wrote on December 31.

David Hearst, editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye, came to a similar conclusion in an article posted today.

“Aged 79, Salman is known to have Alzheimers, but the exact state of his dementia is a source of speculation,” Hearst wrote. “He is known to have held cogent conversations as recently as last October. But he can also forget what he said minutes ago, or faces he has known all his life, according to other witnesses. This is typical of the disease. I understand the number of hospital visits in the last few months has increased and that he did not walk around, as he did before.”


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