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Prominent Ex-Israeli Diplomat Calls for Establishment of NATO-Like Body to Thwart Iran’s ‘Dreams of Regional Hegemony’. Shadows of the need for ’10 nation military alliance’ to counter Iran and Terrorism?

Blog note: The rumblings indicating the need for a multinational (10 nation?) military force in the Middle East is growing louder. As I have shown in previous blogs, Saudi Arabia (Mbs) has also expressed strong interest in forming ‘Nato-Like’ military block that could counter Iran AND fight against ISIS like terrorism throughout the region. Coincidentally, the European Union is likewise threatened by Russia and recently Iran, who stated that they have rockets capable of hitting Europe. Terrorism is also a growing threat for Europe. So…. It seems everyone feels threatened by the Iranian ‘boogeyman’ and terrorism, in its many forms. Will at 10 nation army form out of Europe that will one day do the bidding of the beast throughout his empire? Time will tell, however, the Bible in the book of Revelation indicates that this will happen. The ten nation military and political alliance will be the ‘backbone’ of the beast’s kingdom in enforcing his policies. This ten nation coalition will give him their will to act in unison on his behalf. The original impetus for the military forming of this group will most likely come from perceived combined threats from perhaps Russia, Iran and Terrorism. But once this military group is formed, what will they do when Russia’s and Iran’s militaries are destroyed in Ezekiel 38-39? Will they ‘volunteer’ to fight terrorism throughout the world at the beast’s request? This is a very plausible scenario. End of note.

JANUARY 1, 2019 2:23 PM. Algemeiner

Prominent Ex-Israeli Diplomat Calls for Establishment of NATO-Like Body to Thwart Iran’s ‘Dreams of Regional Hegemony’

Prominent former Israeli diplomat Dore Gold called on Tuesday for the establishment of a NATO-like body in the Middle East to “guarantee that Iran’s dreams of regional hegemony will never be realized.”

Gold — now the president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs think tank — said the withdrawal of US troops from Syria could be viewed in “a larger regional context of the strategic struggle over postwar Syria between Israel and Iran.”

“Iran is not standing still with the defeat of the ISIS caliphate, but rather it seeks to fill the vacuum that has been created,” he noted.

“The most tangible expression of the Iranian interest in Syria has been its plan to complete a land corridor from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea,” Gold went on to say. “The land corridor would allow Tehran to re-supply Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria without being dependent on potentially vulnerable air transport of weapons and manpower across the Middle East.”

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