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Falling Into Place: Top 12 Bible Prophecy-Related Stories Of 2018

Blog note: In addition to Jan’s “top 10”, I would add the following items to her list.

#11. Rise of the Gog/Magog Coalition (Russia/Iran/Turkey). Putin/Gog is salivating at Israel’s ‘great spoils’ (Ezekiel 38). Said great spoils are the massive natural gas fields found in Israeli territory. These are believed to be among the largest natural gas fields on the planet. Oh, by the way, Gog recently announced he was the world’s ‘Energy Czar’, his main energy product sales are natural gas to Europe and he has a ‘Bromance’ with non-other than MbS, Mohammed bin Salman. Gog is king of natural gas, MbS is king of oil. Both burn.

#12. Rise of the ‘beast/antichrist’. Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) I believe represents the evil one foretold of in the Bible’s book of Revelation. He is of the seven (kings) that came before him from the bottomless pit of evil known as the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia (out of 5,000 evil princes). He will be the eighth King. He came out of nowhere suddenly and unexpectedly. He came on the scene in June of 2017. International political analysts had no idea who he was. He came out of a pool (bottomless pit) of 5,000 House of Saud Royal Princes. He virtually controls the Middle East currently, with the exception of Iran and terrorists. He has been put into position to ‘confirm’ among the ‘many’ nations 2019’s coming covenant / deal /agreement of peace and security for Israel. He fits all the prophetic descriptions of the beast/antichrist. He is even the same age as when Christ walked the earth proclaiming his ministry. Oh, and MbS is building what appears to be the fabled ‘Babylon’ or ‘Mystery Babylon’ also described in the book of Revelation. NEOM, a high-tech, hedonistic paradise sitting on seven mountains near the Red Sea and Sea of Aqaba. This is literally being designed to be the largest city on the planet in terms of geography. The tallest of the seven mountains sitting underneath NEOM is Jabal al-Lawz, otherwise known at Mt. Sinai. MbS has already developed a ‘task-force’ to implement 5G technology to be the technological backbone of his coming kingdom. They already use biometric scanning for ‘border security’ and to look for ‘terrorists’.

What we don’t know is whether any of us will see these shadows of the future develop and strengthen further. 2019 WILL BE A PIVOTABLE YEAR. We may see MbS ‘confirm the covenant of peace and safety’ for Israel with the ‘many.’

We man see the seventh king (Salman) of Saudi Arabia die or become so incapacitated from Dementia/Alzheimers that MbS is given the throne. We also may see a coup attempt against the beast from within by those who do not want him to be the next king of Saudi Arabia. Will he receive a lethal blow by a sword and yet miraculously live (false, satanic resurrection)? We may see this. The world will wonder in amazement at the beast whose wound healed and did live. His survival will cement his authority over fighting factions of Islam, as they will all come to be believe that Allah (Satan) sent him (MbS) to rule as a prophet on earth because of his miraculous survival. They will believe that Islam has won over Christianity and embolden them to increase be-headings of Christians. It all fits the Biblical narrative in the book of Revelation.

I agree with Jan Markell, that the False Prophet does in fact come out of the Vatican. I will take a step further and indicate that I believe Francis to be The False Prophet. He is meandering all over the world meeting evil politicians like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Abbas, and will be going to the Arabian countries in February, to preach his gospel of social goals, political goals, brotherhood, coexistence among evil false religions and to have “inter-religious’ political dialogue between religions and politicians. Francis is the ‘prophet’, Mbs – Mohammed bin Salman will be the King (beast/antichrist). Together they will merge a form of pagan Christianity with Islam and accept all the other world’s false religions under the pretext of peaceful co-existence, brotherhood of humanity, political solutions and the mantra of ‘peace.’

MbS (and Francis the false prophet) presumably won’t be ‘revealed’ (people may come to realize who they really are) to the world until after the rapture of the true church of Christ also known as the child and the Bride of Christ.

MbS and Francis are like evil buds on an evil vine that are starting to bud as the weather (world) gets hotter and hotter. A bud doesn’t blossom when its cold. It has to be hot, so the bud knows it is time to blossom, to come out, to be revealed. We who have discernment can see the budding (shadows of this coming). We will not be here to see the actual evil blossoming of these two evil buds from the same satanic, evil vine growing out of the pit of hell?

End of note.

Falling Into Place: Top 10 Bible Prophecy-Related Stories Of 2018

Almost one-third of the Bible relates to eschatology or Bible prophecy. I think we can conclude that a lot of what is happening today foreshadows “things to come.”

Here are my observations on activities that relate to Bible prophecy in 2018. I am just discerning the times, not engaging in newspaper exegesis. I encourage everyone to be like the sons of Issachar in I Chronicles 12, who understood the times. Some of the predicted signs will manifest in the Church Age. Most are Tribulation events that are casting a giant shadow today.

  1. Nationalism is Scorned and Globalism is Celebrated

Globalism took center stage in 2018, so much so that President Donald Trump stuck it to the globalists by once against stating that he is a nationalist.

Additionally, Europe is reeling. The yellow-jacket rioters are stirring up trouble thanks to the globalists as they move from country to country, destabilizing Europe. Europe almost needs a savior.  France’s Emmanuel Macron keeps making astounding one-world statements, including wanting to offer Israel a peace plan.  If the Antichrist is to come out of Europe, that continent is preparing the way for him.

The globalists will recover as they will get their “paradise” during the 7-year Tribulation. This year they even enlisted entertainer Celine Dion to seduce children with New World Order children’s clothing.  They are desperate. Donald Trump is the disrupter-in-chief. Disrupter of the New World Order.

  1. Israel Celebrates Her 70th Anniversary and America Moves Her Embassy to Jerusalem

In Matthew 24:34 Jesus gives a prophecy  that the generation living during predicted events  will not pass away until the events occur. Israel became a nation in 1948. Psalm 90 says a generation is 70 years.  The Bible refers to the Tribulation as the “70th Week of Daniel.”

Israel’s re-birth is a reminder that God keeps His promises.  Donald Trump kept a promise and moved the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on her 70th anniversary.

The dry bones came to life in May of 1948 and the country celebrated it’s 70th anniversary last May. This is the miracle of all time. They stood up on their feet a great army and in 2018 were declared the eighth strongest nation in the world!


  1. In 2018 “Birth-Pangs” Became Apocalyptic

Throughout the year, we watched heart-wrenching photos and videos of unprecedented disasters that are just a foretaste of what will happen in the Tribulation or the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”  Many commentators called these global disasters “apocalyptic” or “of biblical proportion.”

  1. U.S. Troops Pull Out of Syria

In late-December President Trump stated that he will pull all U.S. troops out of Syria. While opinions vary and Christians and Kurds will be further slaughtered by evil forces, this opens a pathway from Iran to Israel. Iran now has a perfect land bridge to Israel. Russia, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, “and many nations”, will join in this attack.  This action could further cause Israel to strike Damascus and fulfill the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy.

  1. The Decline of the Character of Mankind;

A Depraved Mentality (Romans 1); Lovers of Self (II Timothy 3); Godlessness, Immorality and Lawlessness Abound – A Return to the Days of Noah.

In 2018 we watched:

  • Massive voter fraud
  • Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is falsely accused in the name of politics
  • Witches curse Kavanaugh and President Trump in public ceremonies
  • Literal demonic hatred expressed towards Christians and Conservatives
  • Clergy bless abortion clinics
  • Drag queens appear everywhere and heavily at children’s events and one seminary in St. Paul, MN
  • Child drag queen performer “Desmond the Amazing” is declared by some to be the “the future of America.”


#6. The Tragic Rise of Evil

The Bible says that in the last days “evil will wax worse and worse.” (II Tim. 3:13) This year we have seen paganism and witchcraft soar as Christianity declined and Millennials said they did not need God.

More than 60% of Americans embrace some kind of “New Age” belief.

It is now cool thanks, in part, to Hollywood, to believe in things that are dangerous. This is a foreshadowing of the sorceries of the Tribulation.


There is a growing love of evil while good is denounced (Isaiah 5:20).

The perpetrator of mass shootings such as the incident in Florida last February, state they heard voices telling them to perpetrate such acts.

And the Arch of Palmyra that was a part of the Temple of Baal appeared in Washington, D.C. in September.

#7.  Shocking Escalation of Apostasy and Mocking of Bible Prophecy

Just when you think apostasy and false teaching can’t get any worse, it does! The New Apostolic Reformation is a global movement ravaging many churches with strange signs, wonders, and miracles that are not of God. Some of these folks celebrate their out-of-control “drunk-in-the-spirit” activity. Who could have imagined that India’s Kundalini spirit would actually enter the evangelical church?

Evangelical churches have almost all caved to social justice rather than sound preaching. People are left without a church as they appeal to church leadership, but in vain.

Many churches are willing to “refashion Christianity” thanks to Andy Stanley and “unhitch from the Old Testament” as he recommends.

Bible prophecy is almost impossible to find in a church pulpit. Even my annual conference is regularly hung as a “hysteria conference” where all such signs as those outlined here are proven year after year.

#8. Intrusive Technology Invades Homes and Paves the Way for the Antichrist

This year we have learned we are being watched or listened to 24/7 by big tech. This was also the year the tech companies admitted they had an agenda.

Artificial intelligence can far exceed the human brain and A.I. can make images of people that look human.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and more, are the new “masters of the universe” but hate righteousness and will likely hand their tools over to the Antichrist.

#9. The Crisis in the Vatican

If the False Prophet comes out of Catholicism, we have seen its evil in the last year with one scandal after another. Pope Francis seems to look the other way, focusing on his own agenda.  The Pope is the ultimate globalist who could easily slide into the role of the sidekick to the Antichrist. Even some Catholics protest that their leader focuses only on global warming, immigration and Socialism.  This is the Catholic Church’s worst crisis since the Reformation.


#10. Third Temple Talk Activity Accelerated

The Antichrist will allow the third Jewish Temple to be built in Jerusalem early in the Tribulation. Preparation for that Temple accelerated in 2018. The Temple Institute announced the birth of a perfect red heifer in Israel that could be used in Temple ceremonies.  The Sanhedrin hosted the dedication of the altar for the Third Temple with 70 nations invited to observe in December.   While the third Temple has nothing to do with believers, still such activity is again a Tribulation event that is casting a shadow today!

These are just ten issues that I felt needed to be highlighted as we begin a new year. Things are all falling into place.  Jesus is coming, perhaps today. God has allowed some to see the stage being set that indicates we are in the last hour. We are privileged to know what time it is. Many do not! It is one-minute to Midnight. Headlines are a herald of His coming. Somebody get excited about that.

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